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Trending Articles:

Lady de Rothschild Tweet’s: Hillary lost because Podesta was “arrogant” and “out of touch”

A tweet made by the host of Showtime’s The Circus John Heilemann garnered an unanticipated response from a well-known elite Wednesday.

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Sean Spicer just said we should expect an anti-marijuana crackdown under Trump

Over the past few years, eight states and Washington, DC, have legalized marijuana for recreational purposes, and 20 more have legalized it for medical uses. President Barack Obama’s administration took a hands-off approach to these states, deciding not to enforce federal laws that prohibit marijuana use as long as states followed some rules.

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Not Just Standing Rock: Protesters Just Arrested for Blocking Pipeline in Florida

As protesters at the site of the Dakota Access Pipeline make their last stand against police crackdowns ordered by North Dakota’s governor to evacuate their campsites, protesters in Florida are also continuing their fight against another contentious pipeline. Two protesters, Nicolas Segal-Wright, 26, and Karrie Kay Ford, 29, were arrested Wednesday after placing themselves 250-feet into a segment of the Sabal Trail Transmission pipeline, a joint project between Spectra Energy Corp., NextEra Energy Inc., and Duke Energy. According to ClickOrlando, a local Florida outlet, Marion County Sheriff’s office said Segal-Wright and Ford used a “device to lock each other up making it harder for law enforcement to get to them.”

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China Prepares For "Regime Collapse" In North Korea

Over the weekend, following reports that China has banned all North Korean coal imports which marked a troubling escalation in relations between the two formerly "amicable" nations in the aftermath of last week's North Korean ballistic missile launch, we noted that the move not only led to Kim Jong-Un potentially losing a "very big ally", but that it could also result in jeopady for his regime, and a potential political coup in the dictatorship.

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An Algorithm Is Replacing Bail Hearings in New Jersey

New Jersey is trying a new algorithm to fix its broken bail system, a flashpoint for criminal justice advocates who argue that court-assessed fines can discriminate against low-income and highly policed communities—most often, people of color. Guidelines for how judges set bail vary across the country, but generally use a combination of a bail schedule, which prices out fees for specific offenses, and their own assessment of whether the defendant will appear at their hearing or commit a crime before their trial. If you can't pay up, you stay in jail until your trial date, sometimes for up to a month.

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AI Learns to Write Its Own Code by Stealing from Other Programs

OUT of the way, human, I’ve got this covered. A machine learning system has gained the ability to write its own code. Created by researchers at Microsoft and the University of Cambridge, the system, called DeepCoder, solved basic challenges of the kind set by programming competitions. This kind of approach could make it much easier for people to build simple programs without knowing how to write code.

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Shadow CIA Group Warns the End of the Eurozone May Be Near; Including a Collapse of the Currency

Stratfor, referred to by Barron's as "The Shadow CIA," is out with a video clip providing insight into its concerns that the end may be near for the Eurozone and that the euro may collapse.

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John McCain Makes Secret Trip to Syria in Midst of U.S. Assessment

The unusual visit, which officials said was organized with the help of the U.S. military, came as the Trump administration is debating plans for an accelerated military campaign against Islamic State, also known by the acronyms ISIS and ISIL.

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Divided federal appeals court rules you have the right to film the police

A divided federal appeals court is ruling for the First Amendment, saying the public has a right to film the police. But the 5th US Circuit Court of Appeals, in upholding the bulk of a lower court's decision against an activist who was conducting what he called a "First Amendment audit" outside a Texas police station, noted that this right is not absolute and is not applicable everywhere.

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Trump administration instructs CIA to halt support for anti-Assad rebels in Syria

The White House has instructed the Central Intelligence Agency to halt military support to armed groups that are associated with the Free Syrian Army (FSA), a group opposed to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. Some believe that the move indicates a change in American policy under United States President Donald Trump. But Syrian rebel commanders say they believe the move is temporary, and that military aid will be restored. For several years, the CIA has Text and other forms of assistance to rebel groups in Syria, such as the New Syrian Force, which operate under the umbrella of the FSA. Aside from training, the assistance has included light and heavy ammunition, including antitank missiles, mines and grenades.

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Video: Off-duty cop drags kid into his yard, draws and fires gun

An off-duty cop got into a fight with a group of children who walked on his lawn, dragged a 13-year-old unarmed boy into his yard, pulled his firearm, then fired a shot. Thankfully, he missed. The incident in Anaheim, California, was captured on camera and has already led to protests.

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CIA Cables Detail Its New Deputy Director’s Role in Torture

Gina Haspel, President Trump’s choice for the CIA’s number two position, was more deeply involved in the torture of Abu Zubaydah than has been publicly understood, according to newly available records and accounts by participants. In August of 2002, interrogators at a secret CIA-run prison in Thailand set out to break a Palestinian man they believed was one of al-Qaida’s top leaders.

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Jeffrey Epstein, pedophile procurer of young girls and co-founder of the Clinton Foundation.

Epstein is close friends with Bill Clinton, they Started the Clinton Foundation together.

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Liberal Ad Agency Drops Infowars, 1st Amendment Assault On Conservative Media Heating Up

Most websites survive on advertising revenue, product sales, or a combination of both. Ads are placed on websites by digital advertising agencies - which are overwhelmingly run by liberals (90% of the industry by one ad exec's estimation).

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New Study Finds That Trump's Immigration Crack Down Could Cost $5 Trillion In GDP Over 10 Years

Earlier today we wrote about the impacts that Trump's immigration policies may have on the U.S. housing market (see "Could Trump's Immigration Ban Cause Another Housing Crash?"), but that's just the beginning of the story. No matter where you come down on the immigration debate, like it or not, there are millions of low-skill jobs in this country, particularly in the Southwest, that our pampered, snowflake millennials wouldn't touch with a 10-foot pole and are thus filled by "undocumented" workers primarily from Mexico and other portions of South America.

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How the Corporate Media Continues to Use the Russia Scapegoat as a Distraction from Status Quo Failure

Countless observers have noted the obvious fact that the corporate media’s all-encompassing obsession with anti-Russia hysteria is partly just a shameless campaign to prevent change within the Democratic Party by blaming its loss on an outside enemy as opposed to the oligarch-coddling, corrupt disaster it nominated. While true, the strategy is far bigger than that. So called Western elites have failed miserably across the globe, and the only way to retain their undeserved positions of power (many should be in jail), is to create and promote a mindless, highly emotional, non-domenstic distraction. Enter Russia.

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French Military Trains Eagles to Hunt Drones

In a battle between ancient arts and modern technology, France’s army is teaching birds of prey to bring down remote-controlled drones when they enter no-go urban airspace.

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Mika Brzezinski: “Our Job” Is To “Control Exactly What People Think”

MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski just erased any lingering doubts the corporate press serves almost wholly to vomit propaganda in order to control public perception, in a rather stupefying statement during an exchange with Morning Joe host Joe Scarborough about President Trump possibly “trying to undermine the media.” 

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EXPOSED: 5 latest fake news stories on Russia by mainstream media (Feb. 11 – 20)

Fake and unsubstantiated news about Russia is published by the mainstream media on an almost daily basis. The Russian Foreign Ministry has set out on a mission to identify and expose such stories, launching a special section for it on its official website. The following is a list of news stories that have thus far been identified by Russia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs as containing misleading, inaccurate or false information.

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Tucker Carlson Takes on Typical Leftist Who Says Trump is 'Worse Than Hitler'

Quick question for you retards out there: who'd you rather have with the nuclear football, a billionaire who loves women, hotels and golf or this bitch?

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