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Video: Saudis Pledge Allegiance To Full-Size Cardboard Cutout Of The New King

Following the death of Saudi King Abdullah, Saudis are now pledging allegiance to their new ruler, King Salman, by “shaking hands” with full-size cardboard cutouts of the monarch.
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Get your loved ones off Facebook

It’s not just what Facebook is saying it’ll take from you and do with your information, it’s all the things it’s not saying, and doing anyway because of the loopholes they create for themselves in their Terms of Service and how simply they go back on their word. We don’t even need to click “I agree” anymore. They just change the privacy policy and by staying on Facebook, you agree. Oopsy!
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ICE: We Have ‘Special Housing Unit’ in L.A. For ‘Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Detainees’

An official with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement testified Friday during a discussion on immigration detention facilities, hosted by the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights, about a “special housing unit in the Los Angeles area dedicated to the gay, bisexual and transgender detainees.” “We have a special housing unit in the Los Angeles area dedicated to the gay, bisexual and transgender detainees,” said Kevin Landy, assistant director of the ICE office of detention policy and planning.
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Anti-porn crusader faces new charges of having sex with minor

A man who claimed to be an anti-porn crusader is facing new charges related to having sex with a minor. Donny Pauling Jr. faces nine new charges in relation to a second victim, according to Sutter County Deputy District Attorney Anu Chopra.
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Why Would Seahawks Coach Pete Carroll Question 9/11?

The coach of the Super Bowl winning Seattle Seahawks is in the media again as his team prepares for a second championship game. Coach Pete Carroll is getting special attention in the news because he is known to have questioned the official account of the 9/11 attacks. Even today, he is still looking for answers about those crimes, saying, “I will always be interested in the truth.”
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Westminster child abuse scandal: KGB and CIA kept secret dossiers on Britain's VIP paedophiles

Russian and US spies compiled their own secret dossiers on paedophile MPs and other VIP abusers , it has been claimed. Police are investigating missing files put together by UK campaigners which allege a powerful network at the heart of Westminister in the 1970s and 80s. The Sunday People can reveal that agents from the Russian KGB and the American CIA were also said to have compiled their own intelligence in search of “dirt” on key individuals at the height of the Cold War.
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Americans on hook for millions spent on Super Bowl's over-the-top security while NFL still pays no taxes

That's right -- even though the NFL teams raked in about $9.5 billion in revenues last year, and the CEO of their industry association takes home one of the highest paychecks in the land, the sports league pays no taxes.'
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New regs say passengers cannot fly without biometric ID card

Beginning in 2016, passengers attempting to pass through a federal TSA checkpoint will be subject to the requirements of the REAL ID Act. To that end, the TSA will put higher scrutiny on travelers’ identities, and will only accept a federal passport or a “REAL-ID” card, which is issued by the states to meet federal requirements. Passengers will not be allowed to fly through an American airport without submitting to the advanced federal specifications.
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Left Wing Anti-Bankster Party Flips: Hires Bankster to Advise on Debt

This is a strange twist from the pre-election anti-bankster posture of the Syriza party. The Greek government, now run by Syriza officials, has hired US investment bank Lazard to advise it on its debt negotiations with the troika of international lenders, the IMF, World Bank and ECB.
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VIDEO: New Rochelle police officer holds teens at gunpoint over a snowball fight

In a video uploaded by New Rochelle’s Talk of the Sound, a New York police officer can be seen holding several teens at gunpoint after being called out for a disturbance which turned out to be a snowball fight earlier this week. In the video, the officer can be seen pointing his weapon at the kneeling teens, telling them “Don’t f*cking move, guys,” as he approaches them while speaking into his shoulder-mounted radio mic.
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Former IMF chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn to face trial on pimping charges

Former IMF head Dominique Strauss-Kahn to face trial in France on pimping charges related to sex parties attended by the man whose presidential hopes were dashed by a separate 2011 U.S. sex scandal. Mana Rabiee reports.
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Venezuela troops to use lethal force at protests

As Venezuelans face chronic food shortages and their country’s economic crisis deepens, its government has authorised its armed forces to use lethal force against protesters if they believe their lives are at risk during demonstrations. Ordinary people have been angry for months at having to wait in long queues and pay increasingly higher prices for basic goods and food such as meat, rice, butter, wheat flour and sugar. If the shortages persist, the government fears people may become more desperate, more violent.
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Dublin Anti-Water Tax Protests Bring City To A Halt

Around 15,000 protesters brought Dublin to a standstill and thousands more marched around the country yesterday - dashing Government hopes that anti-water charge anger has gone away.
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3D Printed Invisibility Cloaks Now Shields People from Sight

Invisibility cloaks began in the microwave regime using arrays of metamaterials to bend light around an object, thereby rendering it invisible to microwaves. While useful for hiding missiles and the like from radar, no one -- until now -- has successfully made one work like Harry Potter's to cloak people in the visible spectrum of light.
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Wisconsin Judge Orders Cops To Snatch People Off The Street, Force Them Into Jury Duty

A judge in Eau Claire County, Wisconsin ran out of potential candidates for jury duty, so he sent the sheriff to randomly pick up people off the street and force them into jury duty. And under Wisconsin law, it’s perfectly legal.
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China’s Louisiana Purchase: Environmental concerns in ‘Cancer Alley’

No one asked Lawrence “Palo” Ambrose if he wanted a Chinese company with a controversial environmental record to build a methanol plant in his neighborhood. But if they had, the 74-year-old Vietnam War vet would have said no. A town hall meeting about it in July at St. James High School, which is close to the site of the plant, in a sparsely populated area with mobile homes and a few farms, took place only after the St. James Parish Council approved the project.
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Did German companies assist Syria to make chemical weapons?

A list of German companies that may have assisted Syria build up the country’s chemical weapons arsenal over several decades is reportedly collecting dust. According to Der Spiegel, German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s government has been in possession of this list for 16 months but no investigation has been launched yet.
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Rise of the robots at AOL lead to job cuts

Media company AOL laid off roughly 150 employees Friday, or 3% of its staff. The bulk of the layoffs, or close to 100, were in sales, a result of the company’s surging growth in so-called programmatic ad sales, according to a person with direct knowledge of the situation who was not authorized to speak on the record.
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Bankers Are Becoming An Endangered Species

Who is killing the Great Bankers of Europe? This was almost the name of a good Ted Kotcheff movie about a jealous chef (spoiler alert) who poisoned all his competitors in order to become the best. The person or persons behind the litany of mysterious deaths of bankers worldwide in the last two years must have their motives, but I doubt they are philanthropic. It has been said that the best way to clean up the legal system, as Shakespeare wrote in Henry VI, is to "Let's kill all the lawyers".
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Libya's Rebel General Haftar confirms military support for Operation Dignity from Egypt and UAE

Many international observers have now pledged support for a political solution in Libya. However, Libya’s former renegade general Khalifa Haftar confirmed this week that his forces had received military assistance from the UAE and Egypt.
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