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Police Brutality Victim Mysteriously Killed a Day Before Receiving $450K Settlement

Robert Hinton, 28, was killed just before midnight on Thursday, the day before he was scheduled to receive a $450,000 settlement from the city. Hinton had won the settlement roughly two months ago when it was decided in court that corrections officers used unjust force against him during his stay at Rikers Prison. Surveillance footage at the prison revealed that corrections officers hog-tied Hinton and assaulted him, all while he was already shackled and not threatening them harm in any way. Hinton was being transferred to another part of the jail but refused to leave his cell. According to the lawsuit, that is when five corrections officers, including a captain, entered his cell and assaulted him.
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French police clash with climate protesters in Paris

About two hundred protesters, some wearing masks, fought with police on a street leading to the square, which has become a gathering place for Parisiens since the attacks in the capital on Nov. 13 that killed 130 people.
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Your Fingerprint Is All Someone Needs to Know You Used Cocaine

Call it a line detector—law enforcement agencies may soon have a way to test for cocaine use through a quick, non-invasive fingerprinting technology. Rather than looking for trace amounts of cocaine itself, a new test developed by a team of researchers led by the University of Surrey looks for the products of cocaine metabolism. When the body breaks down cocaine, it produces benzoylecgonine and methylecgonine which are detectable in blood, urine—and even the sweat.
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Israel To Coordinate With Google, YouTube, To Censor Palestinian Videos Of Conflict

Israeli daily Maariv said Hotovely will be working with Google and YouTube officials in a joint mechanism that will be in charge of “monitoring and preventing” any publication of materials deemed by Tel Aviv to be “inflammatory.” Hotovely announced in a Hebrew-only press release that she met with YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki, and Google’s Director of Public Policy, Jennifer Oztzistzki, at Google’s Silicon Valley Offices.
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Saudi Arabia and ISIS – A Side by Side Comparison

Just yesterday, I published an article highlighting the latest deranged idea floated by Saudi Arabia’s monarchs to sue Twitter users comparing the barbaric kingdom to ISIS. Today, I present to you a power graphic courtesy of Middle East Eye, which demonstrates precisely why the Saudis are so sensitive about the topic. Namely, because the accusations are true.
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Biometric Military Tattoos Explore ‘Human Circuit Board’

The tattoo could also be used to relay information about a soldier’s environment, such as whether he or she is being exposed to biological agents. According to TechCrunch, the tattoos are part of a new trend of “biowearables.” Chaotic Moon CEO Ben Lamm said, “This is not something that can be easily removed like a Fitbit. It can be underneath a flack jacket, directly on the skin to be collecting this data and being reported back.”
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Walmart Used Defense Contractor Lockheed Martin To Monitor Employees, Protesters, Activists

A section of the Lockheed Martin brochure for its “LM Wisdom” product that Walmart used to track dissident employees and pro-union activists in 2012. As a growing number of Walmart employees began demanding higher wages, with some also calling for workers to unionize, the nation’s largest retailer hired one of the world’s largest defense contractors to follow the online activities of critical employees.
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Portugal: Missing MP found buried in yard

The body of the former centre-right wing CDS-PP/Madeira MP, Carlos Morgado, who had been missing since the end of February last year has been found in a private yard, the local police said.
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Inside France’s ‘Air Cocaine’ Scandal

Politicians in high places helped two French pilots escape the Dominican Republic, where they were convicted of smuggling 1500 pounds of cocaine. Dubbed the “Air Cocaine Affair,” the latest scandal in France reads like it could have sprung from the pages of an Ian Fleming novel. In late October, two French pilots facing a 20-year sentence for flying 26 suitcases of cocaine into the Dominican Republic mysteriously fled Latin America for their homeland.
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Donald Sutherland Reveals The Real Meaning Of The Hunger Games

Donald Sutherland, the actor who plays President Coriolanus Snow, a totalitarian dictator in the hit movie The Hunger Games just explained in no uncertain terms what the movie is about.
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5-minute video: 2 US State Dept officials squirm, lie, REFUSE to provide evidence that ‘Russia bombs hospitals’

Russia Today’s Gayane Chichakyan questions spokesperson for the United States Department of State Admiral John Kirby, former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense: “Do you have any evidence that Russia bombed hospitals in Syria?” The admiral’s answer, amid “ummm, and ahhh,” claims to have seen “press reporting,” testimony of un-named sources, and other unspecified reporting.
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Using New "Pre-Crime" Laws France Arrests 24 Climate Activists

As Intellihub's Shepard Ambellas writes, one-hundred and fifty heads of government, a.k.a. the elite, are gathering over the course of the next few weeks for a massive climate summit that’s anticipated to attract and indoctrinate over 40,000 visitors from around the globe. The summit, dubbed COP21, is sponsored by the United Nations (UN) and will reportedly focus on combating climate change. However it’s doubtful that geoengineering, which ironically is mostly to blame for current climate patterns, will even be a topic of interest to scheduled speakers. To boot any chance of that information making it out to the general public is limited as 24 activists have already been placed under house arrest."
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How A Secretive Elite Created The EU To Build A World Government

Voters in Britain's referendum need to understand that the European Union was about building a federal superstate from day one As the debate over the forthcoming EU referendum gears up, it would be wise perhaps to remember how Britain was led into membership in the first place. It seems to me that most people have little idea why one of the victors of the Second World War should have become almost desperate to join this "club". That's a shame, because answering that question is key to understanding why the EU has gone so wrong.
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1 Journalist Dead, 3 More Arrested After Exposing Turkey Arming Syrian Extremists

Just over a week after Cumhuriyet Editor-in-Chief, Can Dündar, represented the Turkish daily news outlet in receiving a press freedom award, he and another top editor were arrested and jailed on charges of espionage. In question was a controversial article exposing arms shipments from Turkish intelligence to Syrian extremist rebels. “We have been arrested,” tweeted Dündar on Thursday. “Don’t worry, these are medals of honor for us.”
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Spending Was At An All Time Low For Black Friday This Year And Corporations Lost Billions

For years, Black Friday brawls and rampant materialism on the day after Thanksgiving have become a sort of twisted American celebration. However, each year the excitement continues to die down as people reject the Black Fridayantics and instead do their shopping online or on other days. According to a survey by the National Retail Federation, Black Friday attendance was down over 3%, from 58.7% last year to 55.1% this year. The survey noted that the average shopper was expected to spend $380.95, which was down from $407.02 the previous year. According to the group’s estimates, sales slipped from $57.4 billion to $50.9 billion.
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COP21: Security crackdown in Paris sees climate change protesters under house arrest

Public demonstrations are banned in France under the state of emergency that was declared after the Paris terrorist attacks two week ago, in which 130 people were killed. Green groups have described the move as "an abuse of power" but the French Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve said the activists were suspected of planning violent protests.
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France Shutting Down Prepaid Debt Cards

France is using the terror attack as the excuse now to shut down pre-paid debt cards. Terrorists can circumvent any restriction. It is like gun control. Criminal do not buy guns at a store.
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Danger is imminent, we need to bomb Syria - UK defense secretary

Ahead of the vote on expanding the UK’s air operation against Islamic State to Syria, the British defense secretary said terror attacks similar to Paris and Brussels could ‘easily happen’ in London. He called for preventive airstrikes on terrorists in Syria. In an exclusive interview with the Telegraph, Britain’s Defence Secretary Michael Fallon said: “The threat to the UK is extremely high. An attack is highly likely so we have to respond.”
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Scientists turn gold into foam as light as air & malleable by hand

The new material has taken the form of a foam, which is a thousand times lighter than solid gold. Yet, according to the researchers, it's next to impossible to tell the difference with the naked eye, because the so-called aerogel also boasts a metallic sheen. The gold foam is soft and malleable by hand. It consists of 98 parts air and only two parts of solid material. Of this solid material, over four-fifths are gold, and less than one-fifth is milk protein fibrils. This corresponds to around 20 carat gold, according to the researchers at ETH Zurich (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology).
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The World's Fastest Growing Cities (Urban Growth per Hour)

Goodbye, Chairman Mao. By 2025, the Chinese city of Shenzhen will be home to more than 12 million people. In 1950, it was a fishing village with only 3,148 citizens.
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