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Power Moves: US-Cuba Deal Isolates And Weakens Russia

Lurking behind the mainstream media's portrayal of a diplomatic victory lies the real story. On the surface it appears as if the Obama administration has finally done some needed landscaping on its backyard but this is more of a vehicle to remove allies from Russia and damage it economically. The Ruble is in free fall after the oil cartel took a hit albeit most likely a temporary one to damage its rivals. The most powerful government agency you have never heard of the Office of Foreign Assets Control has used sanctions like the most deadliest weapon on Putin associates and oil conglomerates. Cuba has deep relations with Russia going back decades and has much to offer the US otherwise there would be no reason for any relations.

Attorney General Downplays Ties To MPAA... Just As NY Times Reveals MPAA Actually Wrote The Letter He Sent Google

Last week, we wrote about how some of the leaked emails from the Sony hack revealed that the MPAA was funding and coordinating various Attorneys General attacks on Google, even over topics that have nothing to do with copyright infringement. In response, Mississippi AG Jim Hood told the Huffington Post that he barely knows anyone at the MPAA, and has no idea who their lawyers are -- and that the MPAA has "no major influence" on what he's working on

Russian Bank Run Could Be ‘in the Cards,’ UralSib Capital Says

“A full-blown currency and financial-crisis scenario seems to be unfolding in Russia in what was supposed to a quiet week as we head into the holiday season,” Slava Smolyaninov, deputy head of research, wrote in an e-mailed report today. “There is a risk that the economy will come to a sudden stop, along with the banks and the overall financial system. Hence, we may have underestimated the level of financial risk in the event of a full-fledged panic. A bank run could be in the cards.”

The Green Goons Want To Convert Your Grandmothers Remains Into Earth Friendly Soylent Snacks

Why use precious real estate to bury your beloved family members when these grotesque inhuman dirt bags will convert them into fertilizer. This is going beyond the extremes, will you remember your precious family whenever you pull vegetables from their corpses? How can someone even try to bring this idea to fruition? Anyone in their right mind who has a shred of humanity left might get violent when you bring your 'concept' to them at the local town hall.

New York State Bans Fracking

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced on Wednesday that the state will not lift its ban on fracking. The long-awaited decision marks a decisive turn in the years-long battle over fracking in New York State. Energy companies are eager to unlock potentially vast reserves of natural gas in rock underlying the state in the Marcellus Shale

Giant military blimps set to defend the East Coast from attack

The U.S. military is just days away from the first real-world deployment of two huge radar-laden blimps meant to spot air- and seaborne threats from distances of up to hundreds of miles. Sometime next week, weather permitting, the military will launch the blimps, known as the Joint Land Attack Cruise Missile Defense Elevated Netted Sensor System, or JLENS, from the U.S. Army’s Aberdeen Proving Ground in Maryland.

Buffett’s Smart-Grid Idea Takes Over Your Washing Machine

Warren Buffett wants to tell you the best time to wash your clothes. Or at least his energy company in the U.K does. Buffett’s Northern Powergrid Holdings Co. is working with Siemens AG (SIE) to test a so-called smart grid that has the ability to control when consumer appliances will be used in the home.

As Ruble Dies, Russia Sells Crown Jewels to Stem the Chaos

On Wednesday, the frazzled Russian Ministry of Finance tried to get a grip on the currency crisis that is annihilating the ruble by announcing through the Russian news agency Interfax that it began selling its crown jewels, the already dwindling foreign currency reserves, in order to buy rubles. It had an impact, at least for the day. This came after the utterly desperate Central Bank of Russia announced after midnight Tuesday Moscow time that it increased its benchmark rate by 6.5 percentage points to 17%, after having already jacked up rates last week to 10.5%. It was supposed to put a floor under the plunging ruble.

US Targeting Hundreds of Millions of Russian Civilians

White House officials are openly expressing happiness with their siege/war tactics that they say are throwing Russia into an economic collapse and are, as a scholar defending the siege notes, “hurting the Russian public’s ability to buy food or heat homes”. This eagerness to starve and freeze children is particularly relevant given the recent publicity of the US’s tactics of starving and freezing innocent detainees as well as people claimed to be “suspects”.

5 Reasons to Question the Official Story of the 'Sydney Siege'

In the aftermath of yet another highly publicized terror attack (or at least the potential for a high profile attack) in Australia by foreign-born jihadists, the Western public is once again experiencing a variety of emotional reactions that they have carefully been trained to experience whenever such events take place at home or abroad.


Almost 200 Americans have been kidnapped in Mexico this past year; 79 of those kidnappings took place just south of the Texas border in the Mexican State of Tamaulipas, according to an FBI interview with Breitbart Texas. While the Mexican government continues to praise their security campaign in Tamaulipas, shootouts, kidnappings, extortions and highway robberies continue to plague the border state.


With the federal government engaged in a de facto unconstitutional occupation of some two thirds of Utah’s territory, citizens of the state and their elected representatives have had just about enough. So, on December 31, the State of Utah is formally demanding that Washington, D.C., relinquish control over more than 30 million acres of valuable land currently controlled by various federal bureaucracies.

Nothing to See Here: Black Special Forces Helicopters With No Lights On Circle Dallas Skyline

Dallas residents have taken to social media to express alarm over a swarm of black helicopters that have descended upon their neighborhoods, part of a US Special Forces drill to prepare for future engagement in urban areas. Beginning Monday morning, Dallas residents went online to report a surreal spectacle that seems more consistent with conspiracy-theory lore than reality: Black helicopters with their lights switched off buzzing the rooftops of this Texas city of 1.2 million people.


President Obama will sign legislation imposing new economic sanctions on Russia, the White House said Tuesday, as the U.S. claimed some credit for sparking Moscow’s roiling currency crisis and moved to deepen the pain. Still, White House officials acknowledged there were no guarantees Russia’s economic woes and another round of sanctions would compel Vladimir Putin to curtail aggressive actions in Ukraine. The Russian economy has been in a downward spiral for months, but Putin has managed to maintain political support at home.

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