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Canada to implement national carbon price

Canada will implement a national policy to charge polluters for emitting carbon dioxide by the end of the year, a top government official said. Catherine McKenna, Canada’s environment minister, told Bloomberg TV Canada that the goal of the policy is a uniform national carbon price, along with new requirements for companies to disclose emissions.

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Cop Enters Wrong Home, Murders Family Dog in Front of Children at 5-year-old’s Birthday

Wynnewood, OK — Gruesome. Infuriating. Tragic. Incompetent. Cowardly. Murderous. These are a few of the words that come to mind in regards to the recent puppycide by an Oklahoma cop.

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US-Backed Syrian Rebels Film Themselves Beheading 10 Year-Old Boy

One video shows five men posing with the frightened child, who could be as young as 10, in the back of a truck. One of the men grips him by the hair.

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‘Bloody massacres’: Syria appeals to UN after French; US airstrikes ‘kill over 140 civilians'

Syria is demanding the UN take action after it says French war planes killed more than 120 civilians during airstrikes on Tuesday near the Turkish-Syrian border. The deaths came just a day after US air assaults killed a further 20 people in Manbij.

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Globalization's Few Winners And Many Losers

Quality, quality of life, and well-being are not easily quantified, so they are ignored. I often write about the Tyranny of Price, the rarely examined assumption that lower prices are all that matters. Thanks to the Tyranny of Price, the quality of many goods has plummeted. Obsolescence is either planned or the result of inferior components that fail, crippling the entire product. As correspondent Mark G. has observed, the poor quality we now accept as a global standard wasn't available at any price in the 1960s-- such poor quality goods were simply not manufactured and sold.

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Pakistan moves to ban 'honor killings' after murder of social media star

Pakistan's ruling party plans to pass legislation against so-called "honor killings," Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif said following the murder of social media celebrity Qandeel Baloch.

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School forbids clapping, allows "silent cheering," face pulling, and air punching

In recognition of students who are “sensitive to noise,” a Sydney primary school has banned clapping and cheering at school events. Instead of clapping and cheering, students will be prompted by teachers when it is appropriate for “silent cheering,” “pulling excited faces,” and “punching the air.”

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The Oddly "Inconsistent" Event That Has Turkey Wondering If The Entire Coup Was Staged

The question marks around the failed Turkish "coup" continue to pile up.

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Turkey Blocks Wikileaks After It Dumps Nearly 300,000 Turkish Gov't Emails

Turkey has a pretty detailed history of banning websites that it doesn't like, so the news that it's now blocking Wikileaks hardly comes as a surprise. After all, following the failed coup attempt, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan wasted no time in moving forward with what appears to be a somewhat vicious crackdown on tens of thousands of people. So, when Wikileaks suddenly released 300,000 emails from the Turkish government for anyone to search and explore, it's no surprise that all access to Wikileaks was quickly blocked.

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Nebraska Law Ends “Policing for Profit” Via Asset Forfeiture

Today, civil asset forfeiture officially ends in Nebraska as reforms to asset forfeiture laws passed in the spring go into effect. Under the new law, the state can no longer take property without a criminal conviction. The legislation also takes on federal forfeiture programs by banning prosecutors from circumventing state laws by passing cases off to the feds in most situations. Sen. Tommy Garrett (R-Bellevue) introduced Legislature Bill 1106 (LB1106) in January. The new law reforms Nebraska law by requiring a criminal conviction before prosecutors can proceed with asset forfeiture. Under the old statute, the state could seize assets even if a person was never found guilty of a crime, or even arrested.

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Over One Third Of Nice Attack Victims Were Muslim

Out of the 84 victims who died in the Nice attacks on France’s Bastille Day, at least 30 were Muslims, figures based on the types of funerals required by relatives released by local Nice authorities revealed Tuesday.

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Top HSBC manager 'arrested in New York'

A senior HSBC executive has reportedly been arrested in New York for his alleged role in a conspiracy to rig international currency markets.

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Latest Guccifer 2.0 Leak Reaffirms Primaries Were Rigged for Clinton

On July 18, hacker Guccifer 2.0 released a new batch of documents obtained from DNC servers. Among the files given exclusively to The Hill is a DNC memo to Clinton political operatives on March 24, 2015—before she formally announced her candidacy—outlining how to legally solicit pro-Clinton super-PACs. “The memo was sent to political consultant John Podesta, now Clinton’s campaign chairman; Clinton fundraising guru Dennis Cheng; and campaign manager Robby Mook,” reported The Hill.

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AUDIO: Chilling Radio traffic from the shooting in Baton Rouge

Chilling Radio traffic from the shooting in Baton Rouge edited to 9 min from 30 min of traffic Three of our offices are dead. Its a bad day in LA

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France confirms troops in Libya after three die in combat

France confirmed on Wednesday for the first time that it had troops fighting jihadists in Libya after three were killed on a mission in the country. Three French soldiers have been killed in Libya, the defence ministry confirmed Wednesday, in the first official confirmation that France has troops in the country.

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All Turkish academics banned from traveling abroad amidst widening post-coup purge from RT Headlines

The Turkish higher board of education has prohibited all academics from traveling abroad, according to local broadcaster TRT. The ban will be in effect till further notice, the state-run broadcaster said giving no further details. It comes shortly after the government ordered the resignation of all university deans – namely, 1,577 people.

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How ‘Black Boxes’ In Autonomous Cars Will Be Used to Blame Humans

In the wake of a Tesla car’s fatal crash while on autopilot, German lawmakers are proposing mandatory “black boxes” for self-driving cars, similar to the devices in airplanes that record the moments before a fatal accident. The idea is that this type of recorder would help authorities piece together what happened in the moments before a collision, and determine whether a human or a machine was to blame.

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Urban Farmers Targeted By City, Issued Multiple Threats After Their Property Was Vandalized

Southeast Oklahoma City residents Charles and Julie Henry face a blatantly unconstitutional invasion of their rights thanks to a stifling change to a city ordinance making vandalism to their property essentially a crime — by them. Though the Henrys complied with the code, albeit a bit late due to a prohibitive financial situation, an opportunistic code enforcer triggered a chain of events no law-abiding property owner should ever be subjected to — including the possibility their property may be raided by Oklahoma County Sheriffs under a blanket warrant in direct violation of the Fourth Amendment.

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Civilian Death Toll From Coalition Airstrikes in Syria Could Be Single Largest in U.S.-Led War on ISIS

Scores of civilians trapped in Islamic State-controlled territory in northern Syria were reportedly killed Tuesday by airstrikes from Western coalition aircraft. The reported death toll, potentially the highest ever to result from a coalition bombing in the international campaign against ISIS, continued to climb as The Intercept reached out to monitoring groups tracking operations in the area.

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US public education: Bullshit to train stupefied work animals. Physical Education fails to declare US national emergency of unfit, unhappy humans in body and mind

This 11-part series addresses an overarching fact about public education: its design of intentional curricular lies of omission and commission to keep our children and the general public powerless, relatively stupid, and controlled work animals. Importantly, I do not blame education professionals working in good-faith effort to produce high-quality learning from our children; public education exists in a matrix of control for ongoing empires that I’ll explain in detail within the series’ sections. That said, anyone truly educated in one’s field gradually discovers that public education is a ridiculous substitute for what’s most important to teach and learn. This is Emperor’s New Clothes obvious when pointed to, with this paper’s content including factual assertions that no counterarguments exist outside of shallow and misleading bullshit.

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