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Gunman, Security Guard Dead in Shooting at N.Y. Federal Building

Detectives were investigating what prompted the shooting of FJC Security Services guard Idrissa Camara, who was supposed to have gotten off work at 4 p.m. but agreed to stay on for an extra shift.
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World’s Richest People Lose $182 Billion

The weekly drop for the Bloomberg Billionaires Index, a group that includes Warren Buffett and Glencore Plc’s Ivan Glasenberg, was the biggest since tracking of the expanded list began in September 2014. The combined net worth of the index members fell by $76 billion on Friday alone, when the Standard & Poor’s 500 Index of U.S. stocks ended its worst week since 2011.
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New Planned Parenthood Video Shows CEO Joking About WHOLE BABIES

CEO Cate Dyer jokes about shipping entire dead babies to labs from Planned Parenthood
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France Train Shooting: Video Shows Mayhem Inside Train Carriage During ‘Terrorist’ Take Down

The footage shows the dramatic scene inside the carriage where four men, three from the US and one British man living in France, tackled and restrained the gunman. Alek Skarlatos, on holiday in Europe with fellow serviceman Spencer Stone and student Anthony Sadler, said he and his companions heard a gunshot and breaking glass while on their Thalys train at around 3.45pm on Friday.
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The Sad Truth About Today's World Illustrated

Art isn’t all fairytale photoshoots and landscape shots – it can also act as catalyst of change. And Steve Cutts thinks that many things in the world should be different. Work shouldn’t be a grinding, soul-crushing rat race for the almighty dollar. Consumerism shouldn’t hold a vice-like grip on our lives. And social media, well, we need to throw-off the shackles we so eagerly put on ourselves. Wouldn’t life be better then?
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Cop Threatens To “Drag” Teens Out Of Car For Smiling And Not Taking Him Seriously Enough

Police officer Jeff Willis is facing disciplinary action after a video surfaced of him violently threatening teenagers because they were smiling at him and not taking him seriously enough. Luckily, one of the passengers in the car was able to get some video footage of the encounter to expose how completely ridiculous officer Willis was acting. The teenagers were at a car meet near the Dallas North Tollway and Spring Creek Parkway when Willis pulled them over because one of the passengers allegedly flipped him the middle fighter from the window.
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Operation Choke Point: The Government’s Covert War on Small Business

Banks are sending notices of account closure out to small businesses across the country, to clients they’ve done business with for years, even decades. The reason? They often don’t provide one. But a growing number of business owners believe they know why they’re being cut off from the financial system. It’s Operation Choke Point, ostensibly an attempt to crack down on fraudulent businesses, but in reality a dragnet that has ensnared innocent entrepreneurs unfairly classified as “high-risk” players.
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Comcast releases username that suggested U.S. politician molested children

CHAMPAIGN, Ill. -- Comcast Cable Communications has given a northern Illinois politician the identity of an Internet service subscriber whose account was used to post an anonymous comment online suggesting the politician molests children. Comcast turned over the name of the subscriber on Aug. 14, attorney Andrew Smith said Thursday, almost two months after the Illinois Supreme Court upheld lower court rulings that Internet service providers have no obligation to withhold the identity of a commenter if their comments could be considered defamatory.
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JP Morgan Hires Recently Retired U.S. General, Raymond T. Odierno

How can you ensure that the interests of TBTF Wall Street mega banks and the military-intelligence-industrial complex remain aligned? Create a revolving door of course. This is a trend I’ve been following over the past several years. Below are a couple of notable examples:
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Israel blames 3 different countries for impotent rocket strike in occupied Palestine - joins ISIS in bombing beleaguered Syria anyway

All of the rockets exploded without causing injury.
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United States Just Passed up Old Soviet Union Gulags For Largest Prison System

For decades, the Soviet Gulags under Joseph Stalin had been considered some of the worst prisons in all of history. But now things have changed. The United States has far exceeded the horrific tolls of the gulags. In the Soviet example, there were more than 18 million victims during the gulags’ use over four decades. Around a million people died in the gulags over the years.
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German government charges CIA spy with treason

A German intelligence officer, who is accused of spying for the United States Central Intelligence Agency, has been officially charged with treason by authorities in Berlin. The 32-year-old man, identified in court papers only as “Markus R.”, worked as a clerk at the Bundesnachrichtendienst, or BND, Germany’s external intelligence agency. He was arrested in July 2014 on suspicion of having spied for the CIA for approximately two years. German prosecutors say they have evidence that shows Markus R. supplied the American spy agency with around 200 classified German government documents in exchange for around €25,000 —approximately $30,000.
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Fears Of Another Mid-East War After Israel Conducts Air Strikes In Syria

“Israel is trying to divert attention from the defeat that it suffered in the face of the determination of the hero prisoner, Mohammed Allan.” That’s from a spokesperson for the subtly named Islamic Jihad, a rebel group whose leadership is based in Damascus. Mohammed Allan had been starving himself for more than two months while in Israeli detention. He apparently decided to start eating again on Wednesday after Israel’s high court suspended his arrest warrant.
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TSA At The Movies: Theater Chain Looks To Bring Security Theater To The Movie Theater

Following two recent deadly incidents at movie theatres in the US, the Regal Entertainment Group – the nation’s largest movie theater chain – this week added a bag and purse check policy as a security measure in some of the 569 theaters it operates. “Security issues have become a daily part of our lives in America. Regal Entertainment Group wants our customers and staff to feel comfortable and safe when visiting or working in our theatres,” the chain said in a statement.
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 What Drought? Nestle Pays Only $524 To Extract 27,000,000 Gallons Of California Drinking Water

Nestle has found itself more and more frequently in the glare of the California drought-shame spotlight than it would arguably care to be — though not frequently enough, apparently, for the megacorporation to have spontaneously sprouted a conscience. Drought-shaming worked sufficiently enough for Starbucks to stop bottling water in the now-arid state entirely, uprooting its operations all the way to Pennsylvania. But Nestle simply shrugged off public outrage and then upped the ante by increasing its draw from natural springs — most notoriously in the San Bernardino National Forest — with an absurdlyexpired permit.
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UK Police Target Schoolchildren As Young As FOUR With Tax Payer Funded, Transgender Propaganda

Police and local government agencies in the United Kingdom are distributing a “pioneering” document for “empowering teachers to encourage and support” transgenderism in schools at the “earliest stages” after a four-year-old child identified as transgender. The “School Transgender Guidance” document has been distributed to all schools in the Cornwall area, and been named as “best practice” by the UK government’s Department of Education. It says transgenderism can potentially be identified in those as young as two, and discusses powerful, irreversible and controversial treatments for prepubescent children.
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US boxer Roy Jones Jr. asks for Russian passport over cup of tea with Putin in Crimea

During their brief meeting in Crimea, famous boxing champion Roy Jones Jr. has asked President Putin for a Russian passport which would help facilitate business. Putin noted that fans would be thrilled, promising assistance if the champ spends enough time in Russia. The 46-year-old US boxer and rapper who will take part in a show in Sevastopol this weekend, opted to stay away from politics during a meeting with Vladimir Putin in the Black Sea city, and said that sport could help “build a bridge” between the US and Russia.
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UK Orders Google To 'Forget' News Articles Discussing Previous Right To Be Forgotten Requests

Google has been ordered by the Information Commissioner’s office to remove nine links to current news stories about older reports which themselves were removed from search results under the ‘right to be forgotten’ ruling. The search engine had previously removed links relating to a 10 year-old criminal offence by an individual after requests made under the right to be forgotten ruling. Removal of those links from Google’s search results for the claimant’s name spurred new news posts detailing the removals, which were then indexed by Google’s search engine.
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New Sex Drug is Definitely not “Viagra for Women”

After decades of men getting their “sex drugs” approved by the government, women finally got one of their own. Sort of. The announcement this week that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) had approved the female sexual-dysfunction drug Addyi (generic name flibanserin) was characterized by many as “Viagra for women.”
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You’ve Been Warned – Spotify Wants to Spy on You in Every Way Imaginable

I clearly remember the moment several years ago when my closest friend from NYC was at my place pleading with me to download and use Spotify. The pitch was compelling and I was open minded about the concept, until I learned that you had to login through Facebook to use it (no longer the case I believe). I immediately found this creepy and refused to use it.
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