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Snowden fallout hits China and Russia

When Edward Snowden leaked documents about US surveillance activities earlier this month, the 29-year-old former intelligence contractor said he wanted to start a debate about privacy protection for Americans in a new technological era.

The Great Pipeline Face-Off

It was no coincidence that the president of Azerbaijan visited Brussels Friday: in a week his country and Europe will learn how they will be linked by one of the strongest bonds known to man–fossil fuels.

BIS Warns The Monetary Kool-Aid Party Is Over

When a month ago the Central Banks' Central Bank, aka the Bank of International Settlements (or BIS) in Basel where the MIT central-planning braintrust meets every few months to decide the fate of the world, warned that the Fed-induced collateral shortage is distorting the markets, few paid attention.

EU bank bail-out talks deadlocked over saver protection

Talks in Luxembourg aimed at ensuring shareholders and bondholders bear the brunt of bank failures rather than taxpayers, failed in the early hours of yesterday morning after almost 20 hours of negotiations. They were described as “chaotic”.

US-EU Free Trade Agreement: A Corporate Stitch Up By Any Other Name

The Transatlantic Free Trade Agreement (TAFTA) between the US and EU is currently being negotiated. The deal plans to create the world’s largest free trade area, ‘protect’ investment and remove ‘unnecessary regulatory barriers’. All well and good for big business, but the treaty poses a serious threat for ordinary people as it could weaken labour, social, environmental and consumer protection standards. Given the issues at stake, just how much transparency and democratic accountability is there regarding these negotiations and who is driving the agenda?

EU finance ministers fail to agree on bank rules

European Union finance ministers negotiating almost around the clock broke up unsuccessful talks on Saturday on how to downsize or close banks without letting taxpayers foot the bill and faced a danger that the divisive issue could undermine trust in Europe's ability to stabilize its financial system.

Potent Weapon Against Superbugs Is ... Silver

Researchers trying to figure out how to stop superbugs—strains of bacteria resistant to antibiotics—may have found a silver bullet of sorts. Actual silver. In studies involving mice, researchers found that antibiotics became up to 1,000 times more effective when silver was added to the mix, reports the Los Angeles Times.

Controlling The Implosion Of The Biggest Bond Bubble In History

In theory, the Fed could continue to print money and buy Treasuries and mortgage-backed securities, or even pure junk, at the current rate of $85 billion a month until the bitter end. But the bitter end would be unpleasant even for those that the Fed represents – and now they’re speaking up publicly.

Britain’s spy agency GCHQ Taps Fiber Optic Cables

This includes recordings of phone calls, the content of email messages, entries on Facebook and the history of any internet user’s access to websites – all of which is deemed legal, even though the warrant system was supposed to limit interception to a specified range of targets.

Doug Owen's Blacklisted Radio Podcast 6.22.2013

In this episode we launch into ground breaking info on Obama's Syrian False Flag, that alt the media totally missed. Credit to Mike Vail for tipping us to another main focus of this podcast, the UN emergency / martial law police force, Eurogendofor. Other topics: Drones over the US, NDAA 2014, Brazilian Riots and more. Special thanks to David and Karl for generous donations to the show.

Lawyers eye NSA data as treasure trove for evidence in murder, divorce cases

The National Security Agency has spent years demanding that companies turn over their data. Now, the spy agency finds the shoe is on the other foot. A defendant in a Florida murder trial says telephone records collected by the NSA as part of its surveillance programs hold evidence that would help prove his innocence, and his lawyer has demanded that prosecutors produce those records.

Municipal Bond Market Rocked As Interest Rates Spike

The possibility of rising interest rates rocked the U.S. municipal bond market on Thursday, with prices plunging in secondary trade, investors selling off the debt, money pouring out of mutual funds and issuers postponing nearly $2 billion in new sales.

Face-Scrambling Glasses to Go With Your Drone-Proof Cloak

In early 2013, the engineer/artist Adam Harvey unveiled a drone-proof burqa he called Stealth Wear. The garment cloaks the wearer in "nickel-metalized fabric designed to thwart IR-detection by thermal cameras," as Kelly Bourdet explained after interviewing Harvey. Just one problem: It leaves your face exposed.

Indefinite Surveillance: The National Defense Authorization Act of 2014

Passed in 1978, the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) set the groundwork for surveillance, collection, and analysis of intelligence gathered from foreign powers and agents of foreign powers, up to and including any individual residing within the U.S., who were suspected of involvement in potential terrorist activity.

Next Phase of Syrian Invasion Begins -- The Central Bank Connection

As the secular Syrian government continues to mop up the mobs of death squads made up of mercenaries, religious fanatics, and the criminally insane (as well as cannibals), the second phase of destabilization is quickly taking shape - that is, the establishment of “no-fly zones” and the arming of the death squads by the West with even heavier weapons than they have previously been given.

'Nobel of agriculture' goes to Monsanto executive

Though not nearly as high profile, the annual World Food Prize award is often referred to as the “Nobel Prize” for agriculture, and this year’s winners - scientists with key roles in developing genetically engineered crops - may bring unwanted attention.

Kurdistan: Pipeline to ‘Independence’

As Kurdish authorities in Northern Iraq announce they will begin exporting crude oil by pipeline to Turkey as soon as the last link is finished in September, Gulf Keystone Petroleum launches a new exploration round that could reveal the best resource potential in the region.

Think the Anti-GMO Movement is Unscientific? Think Again

"Anyone that says, 'Oh, we know that this is perfectly safe,' I say is either unbelievably stupid, or deliberately lying. The reality is, we don't know. The experiments simply haven't been done, and now we have become the guinea pigs." ~ David Suzuki, geneticist

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