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How Big Banks Can Steal Your Home From You Even If Your Mortgage Is Totally Paid Off

Did you know that the big banks have a way to legally steal your house from you even if you don’t owe a single penny on your mortgage? Big banks and hedge funds are buying billions of dollars worth of tax liens from local governments all over the nation, and they are ruthlessly foreclosing on homeowners when they can’t pay the absolutely ridiculous penalties and legal fees that are tacked on to the original tax bill.

Shanghai Five establishes a Bank and Development Fund

The Heads of Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO) Member States will discuss the establishment of the Bank and Development Fund of the organization, KyrTAG reported with the reference to Kyrgyz Deputy Foreign Minister Askar Beshimov.

Russia Issues Ukraine Threat Against Joining EU Trade Bloc

Ukraine will be barred from joining a customs union of former Soviet states if it signs a free-trade pact with the European Union this November, warned Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev on Monday, urging Kiev to make the right political choice for the sake of its businesses and citizens.

Israel’s secret intel unit spawns high-tech tycoons

The Israeli military’s top-secret Unit 8200, the Jewish state’s equivalent of the U.S. National Security Agency, has spawned a generation of high-tech start-ups and more technology millionaires than many business schools, and these days the cyber security sector is booming.

Tiny kidneys are world's first 3D printed organs living

Two years ago, Anthony Atala took to the stage at TED and showed the world that human organs could be 3D printed. Now, a team from eastern China has successfully printed a series of living kidneys. This is a huge step forward in the quest for 3D printed replacement organs.

Putin To Meet Iran President Rouhani In The Coming Days

While the US president is spinning his Nobel Peace Prize-backed case on the national media to garner support for yet another "defensive" war of moral and ideological US aggression against Syria, his Russian counterpart is already planning the next steps in the middle east, and solidifying his anti-western alliance, whose key oil-producing member is Iran

US Covered-Up for Decades the Largest Use of Biological & Chemical Weapons in History

There are many reasons why one should oppose the military action against Syria being planned by the Obama administration. But given that the action is being trumpeted as a righteous response to the alleged use of chemical weapons by the Syrian government, there is one reason to oppose the U.S. action that carries with it more than the usual amount of painful irony.

Guest Post: Move Over, Obamacare. Here Comes Obamaschool

"Reza Kahlili" is not his real name. Appearing either masked or silhouetted, "Reza Kahlili" is a reoccurring character in the US Neo-Con's long-running pro-war, anti-Iranian propaganda campaign, stretching all the way back to the Bush administration.

NSA Can Access Data on All Smartphones

The United States’ National Security Agency intelligence-gathering operation is capable of accessing user data from smart phones from all leading manufacturers. Top secret NSA documents that SPIEGEL has seen explicitly note that the NSA can tap into such information on Apple iPhones, BlackBerry devices and Google’s Android mobile operating system.

Depravity Redefined: Selling US Slaughter in Syria

The corporate interests driving the United States, its resources, and policy, have invoked dead children in the latest and grisliest propaganda campaign yet, directed at the American public to build support for an otherwise unjustified and universally unwanted war with Syria.

US evacuating diplomatic staff in Beirut, Adana

U.S. officials tightened security at diplomatic missions in Lebanon and Turkey on Friday, ordering personnel out of Lebanon and offering to evacuate those in Adana in southeastern Turkey, amid security threats against Americans.

Gov Wants to Sequence DNA of All Infants Born in US

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) has begun an initiative to discover the viability of sequencing American infant’s DNA through the “heel stick” blood drawn screening conducted on newborns in hospitals to determine the propensity toward life-threatening diseases.

Russia, China Close In On Multi-Billion Dollar Gas Deal

Russian energy giant Gazprom and state-owned China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC) have signed an agreement towards a potentially multi-billion dollar gas supply deal to China, reported Reuters, though both sides are yet to reach a final accord on price.

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