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A Conspiracy Theory About Conspiracy Theories

One of the funny things about conspiracy theories, including false flag attacks, is how often they are proven to be true. You have to wonder how long the shame-inducing slam, “That’s a conspiracy theory,” will keep working. But that’s not my point for today. Today, I want to introduce a conspiracy theory of my own, a conspiracy theory about conspiracy theories. Here it is: The powers that be – the elite, the deep state, whomever – want wild conspiracy theories to spread. Because after these wild theories set the “outrage meter” very high, they can get away with almost anything below that line.

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US to Arm "Rebels" with Anti-Aircraft Missiles Despite Open Ties to Al Qaeda

An already disturbing prospect proposed by the United States has been compounded by shifting alliances among supposed "moderate rebel" groups waging war in Syria. Militant groups backed by the United States and its Persian Gulf allies were presented with an oblique promise of anti-aircraft missiles revealed across several statements from US officials.

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Russia: U.S. Controlling an “International Terrorist Alliance”

Senior Russian officials blasted the United States on Thursday for what they said were Washington’s “invitations to use terrorism as a weapon against Russia.” Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov and others were reacting to comments made the previous day by Pentagon spokesman John Kirby, who suggested terrorists could use the chaotic battleground in Syria to plot and launch attacks “against Russian interests, perhaps even Russian cities.”

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Stock Fraud, Drug Trafficking, & the ‘Alt-Right’

When Donald Trump’s campaign manager Steve Bannon was recently exposed for using a vacant house in Miami as his legal residence, he hastily changed his legal address toa beach house in Sarasota, Florida owned by a writer at his website. His hurried move— made more urgent by Trump’s adoption of ‘voter fraud’ as one of his signature issues— has unexpectedly given a gift that keeps on giving to investigators probing the financing of the newly-emergent “Alt-Right.”

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The FBI Wanted to Target Yemenis Through Student Groups and Mosques

The FBI envisioned infiltrating mosques and Muslim student associations to look for young Yemenis to serve as informants, according to an internal presentation obtained by The Intercept. The document suggests that agents scour Facebook “to find individuals who are dramatically increasing their levels of piety — that’s the demographic you want.” “Since we’re looking for young people re-engaging with their Islamic faith,” it continues, “the local MSA [Muslim Student Association] is a great place to start.”

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The Loophole for Deutsche Bank’s Bailout: Game almost Over?

Judging by the slow-motion meltdown of a growing number of large banks in Europe, including Deutsche Bank (in the IMF’s words, the “world’s most important net contributor to systemic risks”), confidence in their solvency is evaporating. And the denial and blame games have begun. Deutsche Bank CEO John Cryan denied any need to raise capital or ask for a bailout. That was followed by furious denialsfrom Mario Draghi that the ECB’s low rates are partly responsible for Deutsche Bank’s current woes. Roughly half of all of Deutsche’s profits have traditionally come from loan interest; now, thanks to the madcap negative-interest-rate policies, that source of income is disappearing.

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City Passes Law Banning Pit Bulls — Will Take and Kill All ‘Pit Bull-Type’ Dogs Without a Permit

The city council of Montreal recently voted to ban ownership of pit bulls, causing outrage from dog lovers everywhere. The measure was voted by a 37-23 majority, in response to controversy caused by a random dog attack, which was an isolated incident. Mayor Denis Coderre issued a statement after the vote saying, “My duty as mayor of Montreal is making sure I am working for all Montrealers. And I am there to make sure they feel safe and that they are safe.”

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US To Suspend Syria Diplomacy With Russia, Prepares "Military Options"

In the most dramatic diplomatic escalation involving the Syrian conflict in the past years, yesterday John Kerry issued an ultimatum to Russia, in which he warned his colleague Lavrov to stop bombing Aleppo or else the US would suspend all cooperation and diplomacy with Russia.

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House delays contempt vote on Hillary Clinton IT aide Bryan Pagliano until after the election

The House Oversight Committee is giving Platte River Networks some great free advertising lately. If you need IT services, and you really need a company whose staff can be counted on to keep their damn mouths shut, they seem to fit the bill. At a recent hearing before the House Oversight Committee, two staffers, including the man believed to have wiped Hillary Clinton’s email archive using BleachBit, took the Fifth, and Clinton’s IT aide Bryan Pagliano didn’t even show, despite having been subpoenaed.

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Student Suspended, Visited by Cops, Forced Psych Eval — For Pro 2nd Amendment School Project

Manville, NJ — Time out, lunch detention, and in-school suspension are all forms of discipline, among others, which teachers have employed to punish students for misbehavior. But after Frank Harvey, 17, a Manville, NJ, high school senior, completed a pro-2nd Amendment project, his school ordered him to get his head checked.

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Obama-UN Internet Takeover Is Just Hours Away

October 1 is D-Day for the start of the international takeover of the Internet, a scheme the Obama administration and the United Nations have been advancing for years. Why are GOP leaders AWOL as President Obama and the United Nations move to transfer critically important jurisdiction over the Internet to an unaccountable UN-aligned monopoly? Why are Ryan and McConnell doing nothing?

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Teen kills father, opens fire on South Carolina schoolyard: police

A 14-year-old South Carolina boy shot and killed his father then drove to an elementary school playground where he wounded two children and a teacher with a handgun before being tackled by a firefighter who held him for police, authorities said on Wednesday.

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Wisconsin Is Systematically Failing to Provide the Photo IDs Required to Vote in November

Madison, WI— Zack Moore, a 34-year-old African-American man, moved from Chicago to Madison last year. He worked at a car wash and then a landscaping job before breaking his leg and becoming unemployed. After staying with his brother, he’s now homeless and sleeping on the streets of Madison.

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China: Japan ‘Playing with Fire’ by Conducting Joint Naval Drills with US in S. China Sea

“Chinese Defense Ministry spokesman Yang Yujun, asked about Japan’s plans, said it had constantly been trying to stir things up in the South China Sea for its own purposes."

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Chelsea Clinton Uses Private Jet to Travel to ‘Clean Energy’ Roundtable

Chelsea Clinton opted to travel to a “clean energy” roundtable in Asheville, North Carolina on Wednesday afternoon in a private jet to campaign on behalf of her mother Hillary Clinton.

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UK Government Says Smart Meters Can Definitely Be Trusted Because GCHQ Designed Their Security

The idea behind smart meters -- that detailed information about how you consume electricity will allow you to use power more efficiently and thus cut your bills and your home's carbon emissions -- is a good one in theory. And yet smart meters are still not used very widely, even in countries like the UK, where the government has a strategy to install millions of them by 2020. Actually, the likely savings by users are small, but smart meters also promise to allow the electricity industry to lower salary costs by carrying out meter readings remotely, which is one reason why it is so keen on the idea. Another is because smart meters make it is easy to cut off someone's supply if they don't pay their bills.

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Mainstream Media Still Silent As Dakota Access Pipeline Protests Spread, Construction Blocked In Iowa

The media blackout of opposition to the Dakota Access Pipeline continues as widening protests, which have now blocked pipeline construction in Iowa, go unreported by the national corporate media. The “Mississippi Stand” water protector encampment in Sandusky, Iowa, successfully blocked Dakota Access Pipeline construction as of Saturday, September 24th. The protests are taking place where the pipeline is planned to cross the Mississippi River.

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Nuclear war with North Korea coming?

On Sunday, North Korea warned the United States that it could wipe out Manhattan with a single hydrogen bomb, and earlier this month North Korea threatened to make a “preemptive and offensive nuclear strike” on the United States in response to aggressive military exercises currently being jointly conducted by South Korea and the U.S. military.

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Here’s How the Government Is Turning the Entire United States into a Debt Prison

Since the United States was founded, citizenship has represented a safe haven from oppressive regimes around the world. By preserving the principles of small government and free markets, those who were willing to work hard found success, and America became a magnet for innovation.

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Anonymous To Facebook: Stop Censoring Journalists Who Expose Israeli Police State — “For Every Palestinian Account You Ban, We Will Hack An Israeli Website”

Anonymous has not taken too kindly to Facebook’s recent censoring of Palestinian journalists and activists, trying to get the word out about the brutal Israeli occupation and the police state apparatus that enforces it.

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