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How the IRS and Department of Homeland Security are Expanding Undercover Work (IRS Agents Can Even Pose as Clergy)

Those guidelines apply only to the law enforcement agencies overseen by the Justice Department. Within the Treasury Department, undercover agents at the I.R.S., for example, appear to have far more latitude than do those at many other agencies. I.R.S. rules say that, with prior approval, “an undercover employee or cooperating private individual may pose as an attorney, physician, clergyman or member of the news media.”

US-Armed Syrian Opposition “Surrenders” to Al Qaeda?

Al Qaeda affiliates are suddenly now Islamic State (ISIS) affiliates, and entire groups of militants the US has been arming, funding, and training are “surrendering” to Al Qaeda, bringing along with them a large number of US weapons. Is this a failure of US foreign policy? Or is this simply a rhetorical means to explain away what appears to be an immense army of extremists the US is once again building up to direct at one of its enemies, just as it did in Afghanistan in the 1980’s?

Illinois Pension Debt Soars To $111 Billion

Pension debt in the Land of Lincoln is a big problem. So big, in fact, that it would take three years of a complete government shutdown, during which the entire general fund went toward pensions, just to break even. No funding for schools, no money for public safety and nothing for health care and human services.

Tanzania evicting 40,000 people from homeland to make room for Dubai royal family

40,000 Masai people will be evicted from their homeland in Tanzania, because the Dubai royal family has bought it with the intention of using it as a reserve to hunt big game. Last year, the Tanzanian government had resisted the purchase, proposing instead a “wildlife corridor” dedicated to hunting near the Serengeti national park. However, the deal will still reportedly go through, and the Masai will have to leave by the end of the year.

Strict Anti-Drug Governor Pardons His Son For Felony Marijuana Trafficking Charge

Arkansas Gov. Mike Beebe recently announced that he is planning to pardon his own son for a drug charge that he received over a decade ago. In 2003, the governor’s son Kyle Beebe was arrested for possession of marijuana “with intent to deliver”, and was later convicted for the offense, but avoided jail time by completing 3 years of probation and paying over a thousand dollars in fines.

War on terror has turned police into occupying armies acrosss America

The war on terror has essentially turned police into occupying armies in some American communities, said a police and criminology expert. Thomas Nolan, an associate professor of criminology at Merrimack College and former senior policy analyst with the Department of Homeland Security, said the focus of police work had shifted greatly since he was a Boston police officer in the 1980s and 1990s.

The Reality of America’s “Superpower Democracy”

Genuine democracy — a system of government by representatives elected by all eligible citizens of a state — is only possible through an active and knowledgable electorate so that those who are uninformed or do not vote are deserving of the rotten and corrupt government they get

Justice Department Investigation Shows Rampant Fraud, Corruption In US Military

Fabian Barrera found a way to make fast cash in the Texas National Guard, earning roughly $181,000 for claiming to have steered 119 potential recruits to join the military. But the bonuses were ill-gotten because the former captain never actually referred any of them. Barrera’s case, which ended last month with a prison sentence of at least three years, is part of what Justice Department lawyers describe as a recurring pattern of corruption that spans a broad cross section of the military.

Even McDonald’s Rejects New GMO Potato in French Fries

Ever since the USDA recently approved the first genetically modified potato for planting in the US, individuals across the country became concerned that their supermarket potatoes, as well as potato-based restaurant meals, would be tainted with a new GMO creation. Though while the GM potato may soon be found in many supermarkets and restaurants, fast food giant McDonald’s has surprisingly announced that it would not be sourcing these GMO potatoes.

25% Of Americans Prefer Socialism Over Capitalism

While Americans are preached that ”free market capitalism is the best path to prosperity,” it appears that not everyone is buying it. Whether it is the failure of prosperity to trickle down (and the inequality that has been created) or just the herd-like need to be told what to do (and never take risks), Pew Research finds a stunning 25% of Americans do not believe people are better off in a free market system – implicitly preferring centrally-planned lives. Ironically, belief in the free market tends to be highest in developing countries while in Japan and Spain, a majority prefer to be managed than free.

Monsanto’s GMO Creations Caused 291,000 Suicides in India

It is no secret that Monsanto is making life difficult for countless farmers in America with its parented seeds. After all, the biotech giant has already filed 145 lawsuits, or on average about 9 lawsuits every year for 16 straight years, against farmers who have “improperly reused their patented seeds.” But did you know that Monsanto is also leading hundreds of thousands of farmers to suicide?

30 Years Later, America Truly Is Becoming A ‘1984’ Society

If only George Orwell could see us today. When he wrote “1984” back in 1948, he probably never imagined that the “totalitarian, bureaucratic world” that he imagined would ever actually become a reality. But that is precisely what is happening. We live at a time when the government monitors billions of our phone calls and emails and hardly anyone gets upset about it.

Is JPMorgan’s $9 Billion Witness Letter Under Seal in the Dracula Fraud Case?

It’s called the Dracula fraud case against JPMorgan because no matter how many times JPMorgan’s lawyers try to kill it, the case rises up from the dead to find new life. Now, with former JPMorgan insider Alayne Fleischmann revealed by Matt Taibbi in Rolling Stone as someone who has critical firsthand evidence that a jury needs to hear in this case, a potential $1.6 billion jury award against JPMorgan is looking winnable – if the case can ever get in front of a jury.

USAID: A Wolf In Humanitarian Clothing

Senate subcommittee on State, Foreign Operations and Related Programs Chairman Sen. Patrick Leahy, D-VT., right, talks with US Agency for International Development (USAID) Administrator Dr. Rajiv Shah on Capitol Hill in Washington, Tuesday, April 8, 2014, following the committee’s hearing of the USAID’s fiscal 2015 budget. Leahy demanded to know who came up with the idea to launch a secret “Cuba Twitter” social network system. Speaking at the subcommittee hearing, Leahy called the project “cockamamie.”

Bird flu confirmed at Yorkshire duck farm

A case of bird flu has been confirmed at a duck breeding farm in East Yorkshire, officials have said. The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) said the risk to public health was very low. Some 6,000 birds will be culled and a 10km (6 mile) exclusion zone is in place.

Rent A Cop: The Shady Business Of Secondary Policing

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics’ May 2013 Occupational Employment and Wages report, police officers across the country make, on average, just $28.23 an hour. Paid details nearly match that and ultimately supplement an officer’s annual income. Perhaps most important though is that residential communities and businesses want the security. In fact, a 2013 United Nations report found that the private security industry is booming globally, growing at 7.4 percent a year and on target to balloon to a $244 billion by 2016.

Do Wars Really Defend America’s Freedom?

U.S. politicians and pundits are fond of saying that America’s wars have defended America’s freedom. But the historical record doesn’t bear out this contention. In fact, over the past century, U.S. wars have triggered major encroachments upon civil liberties.

Obama Comments On Grubergate: "I Did Not Mislead Americans" Even As Gruber Pocketed Millions

The last thing Obama needed brought up during the just concluded G-20 conference, where world leaders generously agreed to boost global GDP by $2 trillion (let's all hold our breath while they "just go find a cash machine") while bashing Putin pretty much non-stop for 48 hours to the point where the Russian leader left early (due to "lack of sleep"), was the whole "Gruber thing", i.e., the recent revelations that the architect of the "Affordable" Care Act, Jonathan Gruber, relied on the "stupidity of American voters" to pass Obamacare. Sadly for the American president, not even halfway around the world could he get away from the humiliation that has clouded his one and only domestic policy "success" in his 6 year tenure.

Philosopher’s Stone of the Candy Crush World Order

The transition to a fully synthetic society brings with it a mundane, infinitely boring version of everything. Fake food, fake (abridged, digital) books, fake news, fake breasts, fake Darwinian narratives, fake history, fake religions and preachers, false environments, even fake drugs – nothing is exempt from the irrational drive to overlay all of reality with a meaningless digital copy.

This "Putin Isolated" Nonsense Is Dangerous

Those leaders who did not "isolate" Putin by grandstanding in front of the media were from Argentina, Brazil, China, France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Italy, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Republic of Korea and Turkey. Many of the leaders of those countries had one on one talks with Putin. Merkel alone had a three hour talk with Putin. Did that make him feel lonely?

More Federal Agencies Are Using Undercover Operations

The federal government has significantly expanded undercover operations in recent years, with officers from at least 40 agencies posing as business people, welfare recipients, political protesters and even doctors or ministers to ferret out wrongdoing, records and interviews show.

State Department Hacked, Shuts Down Worldwide Email System

As the G-20 meeting comes to a 'successful' end with back-patting congratulations having agreed to create $2 trillion more GDP out of thin air (or maybe hookers and blow), it appears that someone - or more than one - among these nations was less than diplomatic towards every nations' best friend - America. As AP reports, The State Department has taken the unprecedented step of shutting down its entire unclassified email system as technicians repair possible damage from a suspected hacker attack. Earlier attacks have been blamed on Russian or Chinese attackers, although their origin has never been publicly confirmed.

BRICS discuss ratification of new Bank, $100 bn CRA

Leaders of the five BRICS nations have met in Brisbane on Saturday ahead of the annual G20 Summit, aimed at boosting trade and economic ties between the group. The leaders, including Chinese President Xi Jinping, Russian President Vladimir Putin, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, South African President Jacob Zuma and Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff discussed ratifying the newly formed $100 billion BRICS Bank and the $100 billion Contingency Reserve Arrangement (CRA) by parliaments in the five countries.

Obama's Mercenary Attacks On Syria Are Breaking The Law

The Obama administration has been weighing plans to escalate the CIA’s role in arming and training fighters in Syria, a move aimed at accelerating covert U.S. support to moderate rebel factions while the Pentagon is preparing to establish its own training bases, U.S. officials said.

Egypt warplanes bombing Libyan militias

Egypt deepened its involvement in the fight against Islamist militias that have taken over key parts of Libya, with officials saying Wednesday that Egyptian warplanes have bombed militia positions in the eastern city of Benghazi.

Canada’s PM To Putin: “I Guess I’ll Shake Your Hand…” Putin’s Response “Was Not Positive”

Following last week’s (humiliating for the US) APEC meeting in Beijing, in which the BRIC nations clearly distanced themselves from the “developed world” and the topic of the “Russian invasion of Ukraine” was largely missing as it is clearly not in the interest of the Pacific nations to warmonger when the two key nations, Russia and China are obviously not complying with the western media ‘straight to populism‘ narrative, it was time for another major world summit, this time in the quite “western” Brisbane, Australia.

Mexico protesters torch state congress over kidnapped students (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

Members of the media record and take pictures of a fire set alight at the principal hall of the City Congress by members of CETEG (State Coordinator of Teachers of Guerrero teacher's union), in Chilpancingo, November 12, 2014.(Reuters / Jorge Dan Lopez)A crowd of about 500 protesters set ablaze the state congress building in the southern Mexican state of Guerrero in a violent rally over the alleged massacre of 43 college students.

Russia says MH17 was shot down by plane missiles

Russian state television has produced a "satellite image" that allegedly showed Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 being shot down by a fighter jet yesterday, in what appeared to be a crude fake deliberately released on the eve of the G20 economic summit.

US Brings Brush Fires and Broken Promises to Beijing

In reality, nothing was intended to be decided during US President Barrack Obama's visit to Beijing, China. US policy regarding China has been more or less set for decades and only superficial, rhetorical changes are made year-to-year for a variety of shorter-term political reasons.

How Porn Is Re-Wiring Your Brain: How Short Term Pleasure Might Cause Long Term Damage

What happens when you drop a male rat into a cage with a receptive female rat? First, you see a frenzy of copulation. Then, progressively, the male tires of that particular female. Even if she wants more, he has had enough. However, replace the original female with a fresh one, and the male immediately revives and gallantly struggles to fertilise her. You can repeat this process with fresh females until he is completely wiped out.

Russia to G-20: We’re here. So are our warships

Vladimir Putin is underlining his presence at a major summit of world leaders in Australia by stationing warships in waters off the country’s northeastern coast, prompting the Australian prime minister to angrily accuse Russia of trying to reclaim the “lost glories” of the Soviet Union.

Russia to place global navigation stations in China

Several ground bases of Russia's Global Navigation Satellite System (Glonass) will be deployed in China, a Russian company said on Tuesday. "We with our Chinese colleagues have already inspected the sites near Chinese cities of Urumqi and Changchun. In December we'll start joint works at the chosen sites," said Andrei Tyulin, general manager of the Russian Space Systems company.

U.S. Navy Deploys Its First Laser Weapon in the Persian Gulf

The U.S. Navy has deployed on a command ship in the Persian Gulf its first laser weapon capable of destroying a target. The amphibious transport ship USS Ponce has been patrolling with a prototype 30-kilowatt-class Laser Weapon System since late August, according to officials. The laser is mounted facing the bow, and can be fired in several modes -- from a dazzling warning flash to a destructive beam -- and can set a drone or small boat on fire.

AT&T Hits Pause on Privacy-Busting ‘Perma-Cookie

AT&T says it has stopped using a controversial mobile technology that could be misused by advertising networks to track online users regardless of their wishes. Until last week, the company had been inserting a unique identifier in web traffic sent by phones and other devices on its wireless network. It was doing this as part of a test program, which has now been stopped, says Emily Edmonds, an AT&T spokeswoman. News of this change was first reported by Pro Publica.

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel Accepted Campaign Contributions From Financial Firms Managing City Pension Money

Executives at investment firms that manage Chicago pension funds have since 2011 poured more than $600,000 in contributions into Mayor Rahm Emanuel's campaign operation and political action committees (PACs) that support him, according to documents reviewed by International Business Times. These contributions appear to flout federal rules banning companies that manage pension funds from financing the campaigns of officials with authority over pension systems, say legal experts.

UK to censor citizens seeing online material deemed "extremist"

Government sources also told me that Facebook, Google, Yahoo and Twitter have agreed to “raise their standards and improve their capacity to deal with this material.” The U.K.’s big internet service providers, including BT, Talk Talk, Virgin Media and Sky, have agreed to filter out terrorist and extremist material at the government’s behest, in order to stop people seeing things that may make them sympathetic towards terrorists.

Selling Fear: The First US School Installs A Shooting Detection System

Authorities fired tester blanks Tuesday in the Methuen, Mass. school, which authorities did not name for security reasons, to demonstrate the Guardian Active Shooter Detection System, which alerts police of gunfire within one second, according to Reuters. Police officers and Democratic congresswoman Niki Tsongas attended the demonstration, but students were not present, as schools were closed for Veteran’s Day.

Obamacare architect discussed misleading public in 4th newly uncovered video

As Congress voted on the Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare, in 2010, one of the bill's architects, MIT economist Jonathan Gruber, told a college audience that those pushing the legislation pitched it as a bill that would control spiraling health care costs even though most of the bill was focused on something else and there was no guarantee the bill would actually bend the cost curve.

Feds paid Jonathan Gruber millions to dream up Obamacare schemes to fool

The videos of Obamacare architect Jonathan Gruber are stunning to watch. He repeatedly calls the American voter “too stupid” to understand and oppose Obamacare. He talks about his meeting with Obama where they dreamed up the tax on “cadillac plans” as a way to trick Americans into supporting another tax mechanism. He talks about how making the states set up insurance exchanges was designed to pack the state legislatures with Democrats in future elections. He returns to this basic premise over and over again: We lied to the American people about Obamacare, and they’re too stupid to ever find out.

EU-US trade deal could threaten GMO labels

TTIP, the EU-US free-trade agreement, could harm the EU's right to label genetically modified organisms, the scientific service of the German parliament warns in an internal report, according to Der Spiegel. The mandatory labels could prompt US lawsuits against an EU "trade barrier", the German report warns.

Pentagon Crowdsourcing Ideas For A “Flying Aircraft Carrier”

The Department of Defense wants to build a flying aircraft carrier, but they seem to be having trouble getting the idea off the ground. The Defense Advanced Research Products Agency, a branch of the Pentagon, is now crowdsourcing thinkers and engineers from the private sector to help them build the flying war machine.

UN Outraged After More U.S. States Nullify Global Pot Regime

After two more states and the District of Columbia nullified the marijuana prohibition regimes of the United Nations and the federal government, the UN blasted the move as not being “compatible” with what the dictator-dominated organization likes to describe as “international law.” The UN’s drug czars said the same thing after Colorado and Washington State nullified federal statutes and UN agreements in 2012, when voters in those states became the first in America to end the decades-old ban on the controversial substance.

Chairman Of Joint Chiefs Tells Congress Considering Boots-On-The-Ground In Iraq

Despite President Obama's "promise" that there would be no combat troop boots-on-the-ground in the fight against ISIS in Iraq (and his doubling of 'military advisor' troop levels last week), The Guardian reports that General Martin Dempsey, the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, indicated to the House of Representatives armed services committee that the strength of ISIS relative to the Iraqi army may be such that he would recommend abandoning Obama’s oft-repeated pledge against returning US ground troops to combat in Iraq.

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