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Podesta Email Exposes Ariana Huffington "Using Huffpo To Echo Hillary's Message Without Any Perceived Conflicts"

A few months ago we wrote about a Huffington Post contributor, David Seaman, who had his publishing rights revoked after he had the audacity to write an article questioning Hillary's health. Ironically, he was fired on August 30th, less than two weeks before Hillary collapsed at the 9/11 memorial service in New York essentially confirming every "conspiracy theory" that Seaman mentioned in his article. Of course, the whole situation was bizarre and an obvious attempt to censor a journalist for daring to report negative news about the Huffington Post's chosen candidate.

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U.S. Military Successfully Tests Electrical Brain Stimulation to Enhance Staff Skills

US military scientists have used electrical brain stimulators to enhance mental skills of staff, in research that aims to boost the performance of air crews, drone operators and others in the armed forces’ most demanding roles. The successful tests of the devices pave the way for servicemen and women to be wired up at critical times of duty, so that electrical pulses can be beamed into their brains to improve their effectiveness in high pressure situations.

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Ron Paul: Regardless Of How America Votes, Americans Want A Different Foreign Policy

I have said throughout this presidential campaign that it doesn’t matter much which candidate wins. Both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are authoritarians and neither can be expected to roll back the leviathan state that destroys our civil liberties at home while destroying our economy and security with endless wars overseas. Candidates do not matter all that much, despite what the media would have us believe. Ideas do matter, however. And regardless of which of these candidates is elected, the battle of ideas now becomes critical.

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Canada: Police Caught Spying on Journalists to Uncover Source of Leaks

Problematically, this is not the first time police in the province of Quebec have been caught spying on the press — it is only the first time that the provincial police have been implicated. Earlier in 2016, a new report found that the SPVM (or Montreal Police) were spying on and surveilling a reporter forLa Presse. This, they reasoned, was in an effort to uncover which one of their fellow officers was passing information to the press. Moreover, the practice seems long-standing with Montreal police as a similar program, with similar motives, was ongoing as early as 2014. Since then, the undermining of the free press has become broader in scope.

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Police State Elections, 2016

According to NYPD Deputy Commissioner of Intelligence and Counterterrorism John Miller, the threat of terrorism is a constant. Following yet another empty threat by the Islamic State floated out on the amorphous social medium—somebody said terrorists should kill voters—Miller said the state has “come to a place where we take these things in stride and almost expect them.” So there will be cops and a lot of them.

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‘Arab Spring’ and the Washington-Brussels-Riyadh Axis

When the “end of history”, meaning the establishment of a permanent Western hegemony over the entire international system, was proclaimed in the early 1990s, it was not yet obvious how the pursuit of said hegemony would evolve over the succeeding decades. The “velvet” expansion of the 1990s into the post-Soviet vacuum gave way to the “iron fist” for which the 9/11 terror strikes provided the excuse and which meant invading whichever country Washington desired. However, the “iron fist” efforts in the post-9/11 world demonstrated West’s weakness , as sustaining operations in Iraq and Afghanistan proved too much for NATO. This failure ushered the post-“post-9/11″ world, and the “Arab Spring” became the first, though far from the only, demonstration of the evolved Western strategy which fuses the earlier approaches.

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Amid Clinton Controversy, FBI Documents Show Why Americans Should Worry About Intelligence Gathering

FBI Director James Comey took some heat off of Hillary Clinton Sunday when he said that recently discovered emails do not warrant new action over her handling of classified information. But questions linger around Comey, who reanimated the investigation into Clinton just before the election — questions about the power now concentrated in his organization and about its gathering and handling of sensitive intelligence.

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The Quasi-Legal Coup-Hillary Clinton Information Operations In Election 2016

“The purpose of ” Inform and Influence Operations” is not to provide a perspective, opinion, or lay out a policy. It is defined as the ability to make audiences “think and act” in a manner favorable to the mission objectives. This is done through applying perception management techniques which target the audiences emotions, motives, and reasoning. These techniques are not geared for debate. It is to overwhelm and change the target psyche. Using these techniques information sources can be manipulated and those that write, speak, or think counter to the objective are relegated as propaganda, ill-informed, or irrelevant.”

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America’s Ruling Elite Has Failed and Deserves to Be Fired

America’s Ruling Elite is freaking out because a significant percentage of the American public is trying to fire them. The Ruling Elite has failed and deserves to be fired, and deep down, they know it–and this awareness of their self-serving failure fuels their panic and their loathing of the non-elite Americans who are trying to fire them. If you think this chart of soaring student loan debt is a sign of “success,” you are 1) delusional 2) protected from the dire consequences of this failure 3) getting your paycheck from this failed system. That in a nutshell is the state of the nation: those who are protected from the consequences of failure are loyal to the Establishment, as are the millions drawing a paycheck from systems they know are irredeemable failures.

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The Establishment Will Get Its "F**K You" No Matter Who Wins

A mighty nausea wells up across the land as the awful day cometh. Who will receive the black spot of fate on Tuesday? I wouldn’t want to be him or her on that dreadful day. The flagship of Modernity has lost its vaunted mojo and nobody knows what to do about it as the USS-USA pitches and yaws into the maelstrom. Much opinion “out there” contends that we will have to suffer an election overtime, with the results contested on every hill and molehill from sea to shining sea. That scenario suggests various outcomes, all of them pretty bad

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Incredible response to my Podesta piece and naked teen “art photos”

Oh, I don’t know, maybe the point is photos of naked teenagers on walls for anyone to see, when those kids don’t have the capacity or the right to make those decisions, and when their demented immoral parents are making those decisions for them, blithely, with happy grins on their faces, is hideous and grotesque and it’s unbelievable that no one spoke out at the time and no one thought to prosecute the parents or the photographer or the dealer that represents the photographer…

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National Guard helicopter, seven cop vehicles sent to warrantlessly seize a single marijuana plant from an 81-year-old Massachusetts grandmother

81-year-old Peg Holcomb of Amherst, Mass wasn't home when a low-flying Massachusetts National Guard helicopter and seven ground-based law-enforcement vehicles raided her home, and demanded that her son allow them to seize a single marijuana plant she'd been cultivating in her back yard. Though the officers and Guardsmen had a lot of military-surplus gear, they didn't actually have a warrant.

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Scientists Conclude Fluoride Causes Hypothyroidism Leading To Depression, Weight Gain and Worse

Two damning studies on the effects of fluoride in our water have been released in the hope that people will wake up to this real problem. Researchers at the University of Kent are the latest establishment to have studied this growing problem. The extensive study involved them looking at data from nearly every single medical practice in England, and they found that fluoride may be increasing the risk for hypothyroidism, or an underactive thyroid, a condition in which the thyroid gland fails to produce enough hormones, resulting in symptoms such as fatigue, obesity and depression. The study, published in the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health, included the largest population ever to be analysed in relation to fluoride consumption.

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Israel Tracked ‘Anti-Government’ Journalists On Facebook

Israel’s ruling party used Facebook to spy on “anti-government” journalists, Likud parliamentarian David Bitan said in a public debate Saturday. Bitan openly said he and others had been scouring the Facebook pages of journalists hired recently to set up a new public broadcasting service, saying they were scorned by their left-wing politics. “We went and we checked the Facebook pages of these people. We saw what they are writing and I will tell you that we are talking about people who are leftist. They want to impose their own agenda on the new channel,” he said in the forum.

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Impeachment Process Starts On French President Hollande For Disclosing Classified Information To Journalists

French president François Hollande whose approval rating is a scant 4% now faces impeachment for disclosing classified information to journalists. Given national elections take place in 2017 and given socialists would be unlikely to convict him, one has to wonder “why bother?”, yet here we go: French Right Calls for François Hollande’s Impeachment.

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China passes ‘draconian’ cyber security law: Controversial bill is criticised for violating freedom of speech

China has today passed a controversial cybersecurity bill, tightening restrictions on online freedom of speech. The bill also imposes new rules on online service providers, raising concerns it is further cloistering its heavily controlled internet.

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Single Mom Charged with Multiple Crimes, Faces a Year in Jail for Participating in Facebook Food Group

A single mother of six is now facing down the possibility of being kidnapped by the state and thrown in a cage, away from her children, for a year — for participating in a voluntary Facebook food group. For years, Mariza Reulas and others enjoyed the fine recipes and food trading in the social media group called 209 Food Spot on Facebook. According to Reulas, this group was a place where people could share recipes, organize potlucks, and, on occasion, sell some of their food to willing neighbors.

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"Burn This Email After You Read It" - Memo To Podesta Says To "Leave No Fingerprints"

A few weeks back we were among the first report on Hillary's wall street speeches leaked by WikiLeaks. Within those speeches, Hillary's comments regarding the need for both a "public and private" position on policy issues drew a lot of attention from voters. But, with the latest WikiLeaks dump this morning came a new revelation that Hillary isn't the only one who struggles with balancing a "public and private" position. Apparently John Podesta has also struggled with the very same balancing act. The latest example came from an email regarding the Washington Center for Equitable Growth (WCEG) which Podesta founded as an arm of his liberal/progressive "advocacy group," The Center for American Progress.

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DNC Hack: A Cold War 2.0 False Flag

If elected this week Hillary Clinton will turn up the heat on brinkmanship with Russia. Democrats insist Russia is behind the DNC hack—never mind evidence, there is none—and Obama has directed the CIA to launch a cyber attack on Russia. The CIA’s RadioFreeEurope and RadioLiberty claim a Russian hacker group has taken responsibility for the October 21 internet outage in the United States, Europe, and Asia. (For more on the CIA’s Radio Free Europe, see: Persuasion, Propaganda, and Radio Free Europe: The New Archive).

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Leaked NASA paper shows the 'impossible' EM Drive really does work

The results of NASA's tests on the 'impossible' EM Drive have been leaked, and they reveal that the controversial propulsion system really does work, and is capable of generating impressive thrust in a vacuum, even after error measurements have been accounted for. The EM Drive has made headlines over the past year, because it offers the incredible possibility of a fuel-free propulsion system that could potentially get us to Mars in just 70 days. But there's one major problem: according to the current laws of physics, it shouldn't work.

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