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How the NFL Fleeces Taxpayers

Taxpayers fund the stadiums, antitrust law doesn't apply to broadcast deals, the league enjoys nonprofit status, and Commissioner Roger Goodell makes $30 million a year. It's time to stop the public giveaways to America's richest sports league—and to the feudal lords who own its teams.

BACK TO BASICS: Oil Helps Unfreeze US-Iranian Relations

Missing in the diplomatic and media hoopla surrounding US-Iranian relations, for example the missing “photo op” handshake between the USA’s Obama and Iran’s new president Rouhani at the UN General Assembly, that dirty, three letter word,O-I-L, was also absent.

Golden Dawn leader Nikolaos Michaloliakos arrested

Authorities said some 25 counter-terrorism units were trying to track down two other MPs almost nine hours after Michaloliakos was arrested in his Athens home at 7am. Greek media quoted the politician as telling police "what you are doing is not right. The truth will shine," as he was taken away in handcuffs.

H-1B workers in line for Obamacare work

Computerworld - Some state governments are willing to hire offshore IT service providers to work on healthcare IT projects under controversial contracts that don’t bar use of temporary foreign labor, or workers on H-1B visas.

Will Dianne Feinstein Investigate Her Own Leak Of Classified Info? Will She Face Espionage Act Charges?

So, we just discussed how it appears that Dianne Feinstein accidentally confirmed what was widely suspected: that the NSA is tapping the internet backbone to get access to emails. This is interesting on many levels, not the least of which is that Feinstein herself has been famously harsh against any kind of leak, regularly arguing that the leaks themselves are more damaging than what the leaks may reveal about US government abuse.

Qatar’s Slave Trade Death Toll

The Egyptians dispensed with the life of their slaves in the construction of the pyramids as if they were nothing but throw-away products before that had even been invented in the modern day and age in which we live.

Who Wants to Fish in Fukushima?

Let's say you were to conduct an entirely informal poll to a crowd of people, wherein the question featured was "At which location would you rather fish: Off the coast of Fukushima, home of the most famous melted-down nuclear reactor core of the last 25 years, or literally anywhere else on the planet?" My hunch is that you would get plenty of respondents selecting the latter.

FHA may need bailout

The Federal Housing Administration (FHA) may need a $1 billion bailout to bolster its balance sheet, which has been hit hard by bad mortgages, according to news reports.

Detroit spent billions extra from pensions

Detroit's municipal pension fund made payments for decades to retirees, active workers and others above and beyond normal benefits, costing the struggling city billions of dollars and helping push it into bankruptcy, according to people who have reviewed the payments.

FBI Releases Information on Michael Hastings

The FBI has posted a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) release regarding Michael Hastings, the reporter who died in a fiery car crash in June. The bureau released what it says is the only material found in FBI records that mention Hastings.

The NIS Gave Advance Westgate Attack Warning

Two NIS officers who did not want their identities revealed yesterday told the Star that their organisation had given advance warning of the attack to Inspector General of Police Service David Kimaiyo and Criminal Investigations Department director Ndegwa Muhoro.

Engineers build first carbon nanotube computer

Move over silicon. There’s a new player in town in the semi-conductor category. Meet the carbon nanotube. Its use in electronics means faster and more efficient devices. And now, engineers at Stanford University have successfully built the first computer to ever use carbon nanotube technology.

Wall St. A$$holes and the 'Triple-F*&^ing' of the American Worker

Wall Street financiers and hedge fund barons have managed to convince those who control state workers' pensions to hand over hundreds of millions of dollars in public funds to hedge fund billionaires while simultaneously demanding huge cuts to the earned benefits of current and retired public employees

Sophisticated U.S. Arms Flowing to Jihadists

Fox News is reporting a stunning theft of U.S. arms by jihadist salafists in Libya. This news item will be made much of by critics of Obama on the right. However, military and government blunders, cost overruns, unneeded weapons systems, and general mis-management are par for the course.

Food Stamp Growth 75X Greater than Job Creation

With the latest jobs report, it is now the case that “Under Obama, Food Stamp Growth [Is] 75 Times Greater Than Job Creation,” according to statistics compiled by the Republican side of the Senate Budget Committee. “For Every Person Added to Jobs Rolls Since January 2009, 75 People Added To Food Stamp Rolls.”

Sophisticated U.S. Arms Flowing to Jihadists

Fox News is reporting a stunning theft of U.S. arms by jihadist salafists in Libya. This news item will be made much of by critics of Obama on the right. However, military and government blunders, cost overruns, unneeded weapons systems, and general mis-management are par for the course.

Henry Rollins: Chemical Weapons for Sale

The "enemy of my enemy..." scenario gets played over and over. It's a proven moneymaker. This gospel is a component part of the Western World's relentless and ever-so-classy hegemonic obligation to tame these damn savages by selling both sides the tools necessary to destroy each other. Sticks and stones are cheaper but not nearly as profitable.

Europe warns France to stop kicking Roma out of the country

The EU threatened tough sanctions against France on Wednesday over its hardline policy towards Roma migrants, reminding Paris that as European citizens the Roma have a right to free circulation. Amnesty International also slammed Paris over its Roma evictions.

Video: FBI Footage of Navy Yard Shooter

“Video footage from closed-circuit video cameras shows Aaron Alexis, now deceased, at the Washington Navy Yard on September 16, 2013,” reads the FBI’s description of the 30-second clip.

Hundreds of U.S. security clearances seen falsified

Federal prosecutors have documented at least 350 instances of faulty background investigations done by private contractors and special agents for the U.S. Office of Personnel Management in recent years, illustrating what some lawmakers call systemic weaknesses in the granting of federal security clearances.

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