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FBI bypasses denial in FISA court by writing its own search warrants

The FBI has proven that it can legally dodge even the sparse amount of judicial checks and balances on its ability to search the records of Americans. After being denied twice in FISA Court for an order to collect records from an individual, a secret report reveals that the Bureau subsequently wrote its own order and went through with the surveillance, regardless of the court rejection.
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US Army report calls for ‘military support’ of Israeli energy grab

A new report by the US Army War College’s Strategic Studies Institute emphasises the need for “US security and military support” to its key allies in the Eastern Mediterranean, particularly Israel, over access to recent vast discoveries of regional oil and gas. The Army study, released earlier in December 2014, concludes that extensive US military involvement “may prove essential in managing possible future conflict” in case of “an eruption of natural resource conflict in the East Mediterranean,” due to huge gas discoveries in recent years.
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What if you don’t buy health insurance for 2015? Calculate your penalty for being uninsured.

Under the new health law, most Americans must have health insurance coverage starting in 2014, or pay a penalty when filing a federal income tax return. This penalty, known as the individual mandate, is calculated by considering income, tax filing status, and the number of people in a household. Try our calculator below to find out how much you might owe if you didn’t have insurance in 2014, or won’t in 2015.

Calculate the penalty for being uninsured under the Affordable Care Act by choosing a year and entering your household information.
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US Ally, Saudi Arabia Beheads 87 In 2014, Up Over 10% From 2013

It was a good year for those long ‘beheadings’. After a solid 79 head-removals in 2013, 2014 surged 10% higher with a recent record 87 beheadings overall (following a surge since August for crimes such as “drug smuggling, witchcraft, or sorcery”). The ‘State’ responsible for all these executions… not ISIS, but US ally, Saudi Arabia…
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Europeans Hoarding Cash Increased 6.4% in 2014

In the United States, there was approximately $1.29 trillion in circulation as of October 1, 2014, of which $1.25 trillion was in Federal Reserve notes. Interesting enough, this was nearly matched now by the Euro. According to the European Central Bank , which publishes its balance sheet every week, circulating euro banknotes has just crossed the €1 trillion euros, exactly €1.0172 trillion euros.
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Oliver Stone: Ukrainians are suffering from US 'ideological crusade' against Russia

In response to those who took exception with his claims that the Ukrainian crisis involved “outside agitators,” Oliver Stone took to social media to advance his argument, saying that Ukrainians are the victims of a US strategy akin to Cold War 2.0. This week, Stone stirred a political firestorm with his views on what he believed sparked the Ukrainian crisis, following a private interview with Viktor Yanukovich, the former Ukrainian president who was ousted in the February 2014 coup.
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Busted: BBC Taliban Report Contains Sandy Hook’s “Noah”

While much furor and speculation has surrounded the Sandy Hook event, those questioning mainstream media have turned up a great deal of subterfuge and trickery on the part of establishment outlets. As usual, no explanations of these oddities are ever offered beyond the usual ad hominem attack of “conspiracy theorist.” However, once again, as if an inside joke, the BBC has run a report on the Taliban and recent deaths that absurdly shows a picture of “Noah,” the child from the Sandy Hook massacre. The image is visible here at 2:03. They might as well have thrown in Elian Goanzalez to boot!
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Feds Sent Almost As Much Military Hardware to Local Cops After Ferguson Protests As They Did Before

The police response to protests in Ferguso over the fatal police shooting of 18-year-old Michael Brown brought the issue of militarized police into the forefront of national dialogue. The fight against police militarization became a sort of culture war thing. Eager to show that he sympathized with protesters and to distance himself from the actions and consequences of a federal government he’s indisputably at the head of, President Obama ordered a review of the Pentagon’s 1033 program, under which military surplus is sent to local law enforcement. Demilitarizing our cities and communities was always going to be an uphill battle; the police didn’t militarize of their own accord, the years-long process would be impossible without a level of support not just from politicians but voters too.
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Former US firm Blackwater to train Ukrainian military for street fighting

The US private military company Academi (formerly known as Blackwater) has confirmed its readiness to start training a Ukrainian battalion for street fighting, a military-diplomatic source told TASS.
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US Army report calls for ‘military support’ of Israeli energy grab

A new report by the US Army War College’s Strategic Studies Institute emphasises the need for “US security and military support” to its key allies in the Eastern Mediterranean, particularly Israel, over access to recent vast discoveries of regional oil and gas.
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Foundation Linked NGO to Drop “The Interview” DVDs in North Korea by Balloon

The move is little more than a publicity stunt designed to irritate Kim Jong Un and exacerbate tensions between South and North Korea. The vast majority of North Koreans do not have access to DVD players and computers. The annual GDP per capita in the authoritarian police state is $1,800 and approximately half the population of 24 million live in extreme poverty.
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Mining the Hive Mind: Implications Of Facebook Indexing 1 Trillion Posts

A whole wing of the Internet just got added to our collective conscience, like websites by Google or knowledge by Wikipedia before it. Yet the news cruised by with analysis focused simply on what Facebook’s new keyword post search does today. Yes, any post by you or any of your friends can now be dug up with a quick search from mobile. But I don’t think people realize how big a deal it is for tomorrow. Facebook just went from data rich to Scrooge-McDuck-swimming-in-a-tower-full-of data rich.
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UK banks 'too weak' to survive another recession

Former Bank of England governor Mervyn King has warned that British banks are too weak to weather another financial crisis, adding that government officials haven't “got to the heart” of what went wrong in 2008.
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A drug informant lied, SWAT pounced, a man died

A 50-year-old felon and drug addict, Coogle was the principal Tampa Police Department informer against at least five suspects this year. He conducted nine undercover operations. In their probable-cause affidavits, his handlers called him reliable. Even Tampa’s police chief praised his “track record.” Coogle said they were all wrong. He said he repeatedly lied about suspects, stole drugs he bought on the public’s dime and conspired to falsify drug deals.
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Eurozone no longer obliged to save Greece, Merkel ally says

Eurozone politicians are not obliged to rescue Greece as the country is no longer of systemic importance to the single currency bloc, a senior member of German Chancellor Angela Merkel's party was quoted as saying. In an interview with Rheinische Post newspaper published on Wednesday. Michael Fuchs also said Greek politicians could not now «blackmail» their partners in the currency bloc.
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Intel files patent for real-time facial recognition system

Intel recently filed an application with the United States Patent and Trademark Office for a new technology method of real-time facial detection using an image or video of the subject taken by a mobile device. Ryu writes that the method calls for the breaking up an input image into a set number of regions, then resizing those image regions and conducting both face detection and face tracking operations on the divided and resized regions.
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Chicago’s Dirtbag Anti-Gun Mayor Needs Armed Secret Service But Leaves Everyone Else Unprotected

Although he is affiliated with a nationwide network of mayors dedicated to implementing strict gun control measures on law-abiding citizens, recent reports indicate Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel is not opposed to firearms when used to protect him and his family.
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Baby starved to death ‘as parents ate at endless buffet’

Ruby Stephens, 23, and Roy Stephens, 48, of Indiana were eating at a an all-you-can eat buffet at a Golden Corral restaurant when they found their daughter dead.
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The truth is self-evident: We love surveillance

And here are 7 very good reasons why you should love it, too!
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Can Police Use Radar Devices To Scan Homes For Searches, Judge Weighs In

Tenth Circuit by Judge Neil Gorsuch is always known for his strong opinions. He recently let the increasingly militarized and Constitution-ignoring police have it in the ruling on United States v. Denson, which addresses the use a Doppler radar device to determine if residents are present within a home to be searched or raided. The case involved a home entry and arrest of a suspect.
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