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72 Types Of Americans That Are Considered “Potential Terrorists” In Official Government Documents

Are you a conservative, a libertarian, a Christian or a gun owner? Are you opposed to abortion, globalism, Communism, illegal immigration, the United Nations or the New World Order? Do you believe in conspiracy theories, do you believe that we are living in the “end times” or do you ever visit alternative news websites (such as this one)? If you answered yes to any of those questions, you are a “potential terrorist” according to official U.S. government documents.

Britney Spears Music Used To Scare Off Somali Pirates

Whoever believes that Britney Spears’ music isn’t powerful, need think again. Chart toppers like “Hit Me Baby One More Time” and “Oops I Did it Again” have proven to be effective weapons when blasted at approaching Somali Pirates who reportedly retreat at the mere sound of the songstress.

Even the Author of the Patriot Act Is Trying to Stop the NSA

According to the Guardian, who saw a draft of the USA Freedom Act, Section 215 would be worded so surveillance could only be done on judge-approved “specific suspects”—essentially meaning no more bulk data collection. The USA Freedom Act would also allow Internet and phone companies to report on these judge-approved surveillance targets and prevent the government from using loopholes to rebuild “its metadata dragnet using different authorities.”

The Gathering Storm

Doing more of what failed spectacularly will not save the day a second time, as the scale required to create yet more phantom collateral and more asset bubbles will collapse the system.

Israel’s Killer Robots

Israel is the world’s biggest exporter of military drones, used around the world for everything from surveillance to precision rocket attacks on speeding cars in remote locales. Israel’s drone program hasn’t stirred as much controversy as its American counterpart, but not because their targeted killings are any less fatal. VICE sent Simon Ostrovsky to a drone testing airfield in Israel to find out what their latest eye-in-the-sky can see.

Obamacare Website Might Have To Be Rebuilt From Scratch

The chairman of the House Intelligence Committee said ObamaCare’s Web site, already a tangled mess, might need to be rebuilt from scratch to to protect against cyber-thieves because he fears it’s not a safe place right now for health-care consumers to deposit their personal information

Blacklisted Radio Podcast - 10.27.2013

The Blacklisted Radio Studio (and my family and I) are moving, and so this is one of several upcoming 1hr podcast’s we are doing as we transit to our new home-base local. Topics include a breaking down of the viral Russell Brand video, and the following calls for Eco-fascist revolution, taxing our black box’s by the mile, and how the interstate highways are the true firewall to Anarchy. The BBC’s conspiracy of truth and other show updates are thrown into the mix as well. More updates and media announcements will follow!

29 Incredible Facts Which Prove That Poverty In America Is Absolutely Exploding

Did you know that the number of Americans on welfare is higher than the number of Americans that have full-time jobs? Did you know that 1.2 million public school students in the U.S. are currently homeless? Anyone that uses the term "economic recovery" to describe what is happening in the United States today is being deeply insulting to the nearly 150 million Americans that are considered to be either "poor" or "low income" at this point.

Naval bases could become nuclear dumps

Fears that two major naval bases sited near large British cities could become nuclear waste storage facilities “by default” have grown after it was revealed the Ministry of Defence proposes to remove low-level radioactive waste from the UK’s nuclear submarine fleet

San Francisco Area SWAT Teams and Stone Cold Israeli Killers

Last night, I hit the streets of San Francisco and stopped off at a few favorite watering holes, looking for interesting women and/or interesting conversation. The female crowd was a bit weak. I suspect many had headed off to Halloween parties, something I don't do. But I did have an interesting conversation with a salesman who sold night vision goggles to police SWAT teams.

The next food stamp crisis is about to hit

The coming benefit cut is the perverse result of the fiscal stimulus legislation of 2009, followed by a couple of other stimulus measures enacted later. The 2009 stimulus measure increased monthly food stamp benefits by about $20 to $25 per month as a spur to economic recovery. For an eligible family of four, the increase of just over $80 a month raised the maximum benefit to $668, from $584.

Saudi Restores Libyan Spy Chief’s Role as Global Shadow Broker

Until two months ago, Saudi Arabia considered Moussa Koussa, the most prominent Libyan intelligence chief under Muammar Gaddafi, a major threat to its security. But it seems that Bandar bin Sultan’s return as Saudi’s spy chief helped reset Koussa’s record and recruit him for his team.

Report: "A Brave New Transatlantic Partnership"

When negotiations on the proposed Trans-Atlantic Free Trade Agreement (TAFTA) took a hiatus during the government shutdown, corporate groups urged the Obama administration to push forward with the sweeping deal. U.S. and EU officials now plan to restart closed-door TAFTA talks in Washington in December.

A 140-Acre Forest Is About to Materialize in the Middle of Detroit

After nearly five years of planning, a large-scale attempt to turn a big chunk of Detroit into an urban forest is now underway. The purchase of more than 1,500 vacant city-owned lots on the city’s lower east side – a total of more than 140 acres – got final approval from Detroit Emergency Manager Kevyn Orr and Michigan Governor Rick Snyder last week.

Bank Born Out of Black Death Struggles to Survive

Siena, the medieval city renowned for its Palio horse races, is home to the world’s oldest bank. Within its aging walls lies a distinctly 21st-century tale of devastation wrought by local politicians and global financiers.Banca Monte dei Paschi di Siena SpA, Italy’s third-largest lender, is struggling to survive as it seeks to repay a second bailout or face nationalization.

Ten Explosive U.S. Government Secrets about Israel

“Unknown knowns” are the paradigm-shifting bits of information known only by a select few in government but kept from their fellow American citizens because they would reveal indefensible, secret policies and institution-level corruption that favor a special interest.

DARPA Is Developing an Implant that Can Read Brain Signals in Real-Time

The latest project from the futurists at DARPA takes a detour from the agency's typical dabblings in autonomous robots and artificially intelligent computers to focus on the health of actual humans. The agency announced its latest moonshot initiative today, a $70 million project to develop a new implantable electronic device that can be used to treat some of the mental disorders plaguing the US military.

'Spy Rocks' Could Be the Military's New Secret Weapon

This week at the annual AUSA Army meeting in Washington, D.C., Lockheed Martin showcased developments in their surveillance technology called SPAN (Self-Powered Ad-hoc Network), a “covert, perpetually self-powered wireless sensor network” that can provide “unobtrusive, continuous surveillance” in units so small they can fit in a rock.

Video: What NATO global wars will look like

NATO and partner nations will conduct Exercise Steadfast Jazz 2013 in Latvia and in Poland from 2 – 9 November 2013. The event will mark the culmination of a series of dynamic and demanding exercises designed to train and test troops and commanders from the NATO Response Force (NRF).

Nobody Should Shed a Tear for JP Morgan Chase

This is exactly what Bernie Madoff did, it's what Charles Ponzi did, and it's what Allen Stanford did – using cash from new investors to pay off the old investors. The supermarket-bank version of this game was just more elaborate, involved more moving parts and threatened indescribably greater damage.

Up in Smoke: A Timeline of Marijuana Use in the U.S.

The political discussion regarding decriminalizing marijuana use is centuries old, yet remains a hot-button issue even today. Where did it all start? Are we heading for a full legalization of marijuana throughout the country? Let's explore some of these questions, as well as a quick look at the increase of its use in the U.S.

ADL: 100 Years of Hate

TODAY MARKS THE 100th anniversary of the largest and most-well funded hate and defamation group in the history of mankind: the Anti-Defamation League, or “ADL.” The organization was originally called the “Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith” after its parent group, the Jewish fraternal order B’nai B’rith (meaning “Sons of the Covenant,” or, literally, “Sons of the Cut” — referring to circumcision).

Trade Agreements Are Designed To Give Companies Corporate Sovereignty

One of the difficulties of making people aware of the huge impact that investor-state dispute settlement (ISDS) clauses in TPP and TAFTA/TTIP are likely to have on their lives, is that the name is so boring, and so they tend to assume that what it describes is also boring and not worth worrying about.

Sandy Hook Elementary School Demolition Begins

The work site is shielded from public view to prevent anyone from taking photos or videos. Contractors taking down the school where 20 schoolchildren and six adult staff members were killed Dec. 14 have signed confidentiality agreements.

“Great Job Opportunities” – 52% Of Walmart Workers Make Under $25,000 A Year, But There’s More…

On Tuesday, the BLS engrossed in the same frenzy of openly making up data like the Dept of Labor has been with the initial claims data ever since early September when it started upgrading its California “systems” and never finished, announced that while only 140K or so jobs were created in September, nearly 700K full-time jobs were added as over 500K part-time jobs were converted into full-timers.

Japanese scientists successfully test asteroid-blasting space cannon

Japanese scientists have successfully tested a space cannon that will be used to blast a hole in an asteroid as part of an upcoming mission. The Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) will use the weapon to gather extensive data about the composition of asteroid 1999JU3 that could not be obtained by simply scanning the undisturbed surface.

The Doomcast ep.13 - 10.24.2013

Doomcast 13 is a conversational trip all over the map. Charlie McGrath and Doug Owen talk current events, the injection of political correctness and political agendas into sports, Bitcoin's return to the world stage, amongst a range of other topics.

IMF Pushes Plan to Plunder Global Wealth

A controversial report released this month by the International Monetary Fund outlines schemes to have big-spending governments with out-of-control debts plunder humanity’s wealth using a mix of much higher taxes and outright confiscation.

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