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Trending Articles:

The Munich Massacre Is A Complete Coverup. The Munich Shooter’s Facebook Including His Family Background Shows He Is NOT Iranian But A Syrian Islamist Pro Turkey

Photo caption of Ali Sonboly’s Facebook page created by him with the Turkish flag (update July 23rd 2015) hovering in the background They initially introduced his name as a western name “David S”. Then his name changed to Ali David Sonboly (which sounds western) when his real name is Ali Daud Sonboly/Sunbuli which is an Arabic name (better pronounced Sunbuli) and has an exclusively Arabic meaning: ‘from the wheat kernel’

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Chicago Police Cost Taxpayers $18.6 Million in Police Brutality Lawsuits So Far This Year

One year after the city of Chicago fired a police review investigator for finding several police shootings unjustified, the city continues to dish out millions of dollars in police brutality settlements, including $18.6 million so far this year. The most recent settlements were approved last week; three cases totaling $4.72 million, including the last of 25 lawsuits stemming for a rogue cop named Jerome Finnigan. But Finnigan, who is now serving time in prison, is hardly the only dirty cop responsible for the slew of lawsuits that have cost Chicago taxpayers more than $500 million over the past decade.

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Here are the new tactics police are preparing to roll out in your community

Following the recent events in the United States, which have resulted in armed civilians taking on police officers—namely in Dallas, Baton Rouge, and most recently in Kansas City, Kansas — police forces across the country are set to adjust their strategies and tactics. An interesting detail to note is that on July 11, 2016 — following the first deadly attacks on police officers that occurred in Dallas — Reuters reported police were set to rethink their tactics in nearly half of America’s 30 largest cities. They evidently didn’t act swiftly enough (a number of deadly attacks followed shortly after). It’s either that or the suggested police tactics were never going to address the root causes of the problem we are facing.

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Sign Of The Times: Riot Control Gear Sales Are Soaring Globally

If you pay attention to the news at all, it probably seems like the world has been fraying at the edges lately. In South America, Brazil’s economy is crumbling and Venezuela is on the verge of collapse. In the United States, riots are expectedat political conventions. In Europe, the Brexit vote is threatening to tear apart the EU and the UK. And all over the world, people are becoming sick and tired of the status quo. In nearly every single country, people are losing their faith in major institutions and, in increasing numbers, they are losing their trust in the financial and political elitists who run those institutions.

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French Government orders destruction of CCTV videos in Nice Attacks

A report in 21st of July edition of Le Figaro newspaper states that France’s anti-terrorist executive ( sous-direction anti-terroriste- SDAT) has ordered Nice’s urban surveillance authorities to destroy all CCTV footage of the Nice Attacks on Bastille Day that rocked the city on the 14th of July 2016.

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Former Saudi General Visits Israel, Calls Palestinians ‘Terrorists’

A former senior Saudi military general traveled to Israel and met with government officials this week in Saudi Arabia’s latest move to forge relations and ties with Israel despite appearing to be one of its main public critics and branding itself as the defender of Palestine and its people.

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Clinton Running Mate Tim Kaine Supported TPP, Offshore Drilling and Anti-Union, Right-to-Work Measures

As the Democratic National Convention begins in Philadelphia, tension is rising between supporters of Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders.

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Texas sheriffs raid raw milk exchanges… real country FOOD from a cow is now illegal in Texas

Buying milk about as close to nature as it gets – directly from the cow – is still a punishable offense in many areas of the U.S., and residents of the Houston, Texas, suburb of Katy were reminded of this recently, after being paid a visit by police officers for the “crime” of buying and selling raw dairy products on private property.

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Whether Or Not Russians Hacked DNC Means Nothing Concerning How Newsworthy The Details Are

As you almost certainly know by now, on Friday Wikileaks released a bunch of hacked DNC emails just before the Democratic Presidential convention kicked off. While Wikileaks hasn't quite said where it got the emails, speculation among many quickly pointed to Russian state sponsored hackers. That's because of the revelation last month of two sets of hackers breaching the DNC's computer system and swiping (at the very least) opposition research on Donald Trump. Various cybersecurity research firms, stating with CrowdStrike, who was hired by the DNC to investigate, pointed the fingerat the Russians.

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The Internet has thrown up some downright stupid social media crazes in its time – from the iron liver challenge to the condom challenge – but we’ve officially reached peak idiocy now that people are actually pointing guns at their own faces. Yes, that’s right – a shocking new Facebook and YouTube video shows the moment a man willingly shoots himself through his own cheek, swallows the bullet, and then laughs it off.

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Credit Card Companies Specifically Target Less Educated And Less Sophisticated Americans

The big credit card companies don’t make much money off of those that pay their bills on time, and so they often specifically target less educated and less sophisticated consumers that don’t really understand the dangers of credit card debt. The goal is to find people that will carry credit card balances from month to month, because that is where the real money can be made. The average U.S. household that carries balances from month to month has approximately $15,310 in credit card debt right now. At an average interest rate of about 15 percent, the profits pile up very quickly for the big credit card companies. After all these years, so many of us still have not learned the truth about credit cards, and so credit card debt is absolutely crippling tens of millions of American families.

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Robert Kagan and Other Neocons Are Backing Hillary Clinton

As Hillary Clinton puts together what she hopes will be a winning coalition in November, many progressives remain wary — but she has the war-hawks firmly behind her. “I would say all Republican foreign policy professionals are anti-Trump,” leading neoconservative Robert Kagan told a group gathered around him, groupie-style, at a “foreign policy professionals for Hillary” fundraiser I attended last week. “I would say that a majority of people in my circle will vote for Hillary.”

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Democrats Build 8 Foot Wall Around Philadelphia Convention Site

After months spent criticising Donald Trump’s plan to build a border wall as fascist, ignorant and morally wrong, the Democratic National Committee has erected a four mile, eight foot high fence around the site of the convention in Philadelphia. With the explosive contested convention due to kick off at the Wells Fargo Center, it appears the DNC would rather be accused of hypocrisy than be forced to deal with the public – or Bernie Sanders supporters.

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"Bedlam" As Wasserman Schultz Boo'd, Heckled Off Stage By DNC Delegates

Not the greatest start to Hillary's homecoming week. Outgoing Democratic Party chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz was booed and heckled at a Florida delegate breakfast, with attendees shouting "shame."

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Julian Assange Claims New Leaks Will Send Hillary Clinton To Prison Over Campaign To Destroy Bernie Sanders

Julian Assange has made an incredible statement in an interview with ITV. Assange says that Wikileaks, the infamous whistle-blowing website, will soon be publishing documents that contain “enough evidence” for the Department of Justice to indict Hillary Clinton, the expected Democratic nominee.

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Lion’s share of pedophile Jimmy Savile’s estate goes to lawyers... not to his victims

Victims of notorious serial pedophile Jimmy Savile are set to receive just a fraction of the sum that lawyers working on the case have claimed from the late BBC DJ’s estate. Lawyers have claimed a total of £2.6 million (US$3.4 million), with Osborne and Clark, the firm representing the estate’s executor NatWest, claiming £1.8 million, and £689,000 going to lawyers working for the claimants, court documents reveal.

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Munich Shooting: So Many Odd Facts Surrounding New Mass Casualty Event

A reporter from Munich who describes the scene as looking like “something out of a bad action movie” just happens to be the same guy who just happened to be filming off his balcony when the truck drove by in Nice a couple weeks ago. His name is Richard Gutjahr. He’s a reporter wonder-kid celebrity from Germany who also happens to have a Youtube video showing people how to use their Iphone to shoot videos off their balconies. I’m not kidding.

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Japan’s “Helicopter Money” Play: Road to Hyperinflation or Cure for Debt Deflation?

Fifteen years after embarking on its largely ineffective quantitative easing program, Japan appears poised to try the form recommended by Ben Bernanke in his notorious “helicopter money” speech in 2002. The Japanese test case could finally resolve a longstanding dispute between monetarists and money reformers over the economic effects of government-issued money. When then-Fed Governor Ben Bernanke gave his famous helicopter money speech to the Japanese in 2002, he wastalking about something quite different from the quantitative easing they actually got and other central banks later mimicked. Quoting Milton Friedman, he said the government could reverse a deflation simply by printing money and dropping it from helicopters. A gift of free money with no strings attached, it would find its way into the real economy and trigger the demand needed to power productivity and employment.

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Three Florida Men Charged In Undercover FBI Operation With Trying To Join ISIS

In February this year, Gregory Hubbard, also known as “Jibreel,” told an FBI informant that he wanted to bring America to its knees, and that it would make a “big splash” if the “soccer team” attacked the Pentagon.

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Hillary Hires Debbie Wasserman Schultz After Resignation Because F*ck You

Though many progressives immediately responded by saying her ouster would not be enough to undo the damage her leadership has done, Democratic National Committee Chairperson Debbie Wasserman Schultz announced her resignation on Sunday afternoon, saying she would relinquish her post immediately following the party’s national convention which begins Monday.

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