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Aaron Swartz: Cannon Fodder in the War on Internet Freedom

Published: January 20, 2013
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Have no doubt, Aaron Swartz’ leadership in the anti-SOPA effort was what drove the overzealous pursuit of a grandstanding federal prosecutor. Never let the controllers take the Internet. Never. 

(From The Guardian)

What has happened, in fact, is that governments which since 9/11 have presided over the morphing of their democracies into national security states have realised that the internet represents a truly radical challenge to their authority, and they are absolutely determined to control it. They don’t declare this as their intention, of course, but instead talk up “grave” threats – cybercrime, piracy and (of course) child pornography – as rationales for their action. But, in the end, this is now all about control. And if a few eggheads and hackers get crushed on the way well, that’s too bad.

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