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Army to Assign Reserve Units to NORTHCOM, Other Regional Commands

Published: October 24, 2012
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Source: HS Today

The US Army plans to increase integration of active duty and Reserve forces and to align reserve units to regional commands to better meet their needs.

After 11 years of war since 9/11, the Army is going to have to meet its obligations with a smaller force, Army Secretary John McHugh said during the annual meeting of the Association of the United States Army Monday.

"I believe very strongly we can and in fact we already have started [to do so]," McHugh said.

To adjust force structure, equipment and training, McHugh seeks to integrate reserve forces and to continue to make use of the operational reserve built by the Army since Sept. 11, 2001, McHugh said. The capabilities of the Army Reserve and National Guard as a trained and ready force are "paramount" to national security and stability, McHugh said.

To that end, McHugh signed a directive for a "total force policy," he announced Monday. The directive calls for the Army to man, train and equip active and reserve components in an integrated force with the goal of setting predictable, recurring and sustainable capabilities

The Army will develop and implement unified personnel management, foster procurement programs for the total force and facilitate opportunities for soldiers to move between different military components, McHugh said.

In a panel later in the day, Maj. Gen. James Young, chief of staff of the US Army Reserve Command, said the Army Reserve in particular has been too fragmented in the past.

Six years ago, the Army reorganized the Army Reserve so that all units of a particular function aligned under unified command and control, Young said.

Now the Army must assign its reserve units to regional areas of the world to fully provide combatant commands with capabilities they require.


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