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How the US & British Banking Cartels Funded Hitler *video*

Published: November 8, 2012
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We found this site quite fascinating although very complicated to chronologically navigate. The videos are interesting in themselves! The blogger has devoted a great deal of diligent research on its content. Good place to spend your afternoon carousing. 

Will it some day be reported how the banking cartel funded US presidents' wars on the world?

Here's a video teaser to start you off:

In 1939, Czechoslovakia had an accumulated 6,000,000 million pounds of gold deposited in the Central BANK OF ENGLAND that had its account in the BANK FOR INTERNATIONAL SETTLEMENTS ( BIS ) transfer $6,000,000 million pounds of gold into the REICHSBANK of Germany.

Bank Of International Settlements ( BIS ), Bern, Switzerland, Schweiz, Suisse, Swiss, Franc, Schacht, Schacht & Company, Reichsbank, Berlin, Germany, Dresner Bank, Wehrlibank, Marc, Austria, Bank Of England ( BOE ), London, England, Montague Norman, Westminster Bank, Barclay's Bank, Pound, Sterling, Federal Reserve Board, Federal Reserve Bank, Washington, D.C., United States Of America, Central Bank, U.S. Treasury Department, Department Of The U.S. Treasury, Dollar, Morgenthau, Ostrander, Mikesell, JP Morgan, Chase Bank, Bank Of Japan ( BOJ ), France, Madrid, Spain, Bretton Woods, McKittrick ( U.S. lawyer ), Butterworth, Gold, Bullion, Intelligence, Agents, 22, Tons, Tonnes, Metric, 290,000,000 million, Butterworth, Basel.
Central Bank Gold Bullion War Reallocations Part 2 of 5

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