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IRS Witch-Hunt Congressional Hearing Begins - Live Webcast

Published: May 17, 2013
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Source: Zero Hedge

While unlikley to have the kind of fireworks of Holder and Issa, we suspect President Obama will be biting his nails a little at the inability to control the questions asked here as IRS ex-top-man Steve Miller faces an entirely "bipartisan" questioning into the IRS witchhunts of select political groups.

Witness List

Steve Miller
Acting Commissioner of the
Internal Revenue Service

J. Russell George
Inspector General for Tax Administration

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From Ways & Means Committee Chairman Dave Camp:

This hearing provides an opportunity to hear from the private sector about the potential benefits and challenges of these negotiations.  In particular, I hope that we will learn more from our witnesses about the following issues:

1. Addressing traditional barriers to trade, including eliminating tariffs and liberalizing tariff rate quotas.

2. Resolving services and investment barriers and establishing strong rules in these areas that can be jointly promoted in our engagement with other countries.

3. Creating specific commitments and an ongoing agenda to identify and eliminate unnecessary regulatory barriers, including sanitary and phytosanitary barriers to U.S. agriculture exports.  The EU regulatory process is often non-transparent, prevents U.S. stakeholders from participating, and is unpredictable.  An agreement should address the EU’s practices on a comprehensive, horizontal basis.

4. Exploring opportunities for regulatory cooperation and coherence by eliminating redundancy and inefficiency without weakening our respective high standards.

5. Developing and strengthening cooperation regarding our shared concerns with trade and investment policies in third countries, such as anticompetitive behavior from subsidized state-owned enterprises and policies that undermine intellectual property rights.

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