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Illinois County Looks to Balance Budget Through Gun Tax

Published: November 11, 2012
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Illinois has a history of taking a strong stance against guns, and remains the only state which does not allow concealed carry in some form. With such strict measures, one would assume it to be the safest state in the union.

However, a disarmed populace offers little resistance to criminals, so Illinois actually comes in at #35 on the 2012 U.S. Peace Index. Even corporate media has had to admit that murder rates remain the same even in tough gun law states.

In a new tax scheme covered in the video below, gun buyers in Cook County, IL will have to pay an additional $25 per purchase in what is of course being dubbed "the violence tax." Citing a massive 25% spike in gun-related violence in the Chicago area, the county feels that this new tax "properly reflects the values and priorities" of the administration.

This new tax should more properly be called "the survival tax," as it only penalizes those who might seek out a proven way to defend oneself against rising crime. By calling it a "violence tax" it implies that gun buyers are overwhelmingly violent people. The Second Amendment to the Constitution does not draw this conclusion.

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