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Is the Latest FEMA Failure the Result of Failure to “Believe in Government”?

Published: November 4, 2012
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Bill Anderson
LRC Blog

After the 2005 Katrina debacle in New Orleans, Paul Krugman wrote the incompetence and mismanagement by the Federal Emergency Management Agency came about because the George W. Bush administration did not have the requisite “belief” in the wonder and majesty of government.

However, given the FEMA and government-induced chaos in the wake of Hurricane Sandy, Krugman’s dictum that belief in government equates to effective and competent government does not seem to be true. One would be interested in Krugman’s response, but, alas, he has chosen to write on other things, such as claiming in the next term, Barack Obama will “vastly expand” availability of medical care for everyone. Krugman may be an economist, but he ignores the tragic results that have come about because of “price gouging” laws that are resulting in gigantic shortages, leading to chaos and outright violence. I cover all of these things in my latest post on Krugman-in-Wonderland.

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