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King of Spain's daughter may be named as a suspect in multimillion euro fraud case as her husband faces court quiz

Published: February 23, 2013
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Source: Daily Mai

The daughter of Spain's King Juan Carlos may be formally named as a suspect in a  multimillion fraud case, it was reported today.

Princess Cristina faces a possible indictment as her husband Inaki Urdangarin - the Duke of Palma - appeared in court  to be questioned about allegations of money-laundering.

Politicians are already calling for the abdication of her father after 37 years on the throne as anger grows over the corruption scandal engulfing the family.

The preliminary request by prosecutors to name the princess is likely to be made next week based on the evidence of Diego Torres, her husband's business partner.

Today on the Mediterranean island of in Palma de Mallorca, Urdangarin faced questions over allegations he and Torres funneled millions of euros to companies they controlled via a foundation on which Cristina served as a board member.


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