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Man stitches computer into his arm, becomes DIY cyborg

Published: November 1, 2013
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Source: DVice

Credit: Motherboard

There's a guy out there with a computer embedded in his forearm. The time of the cyborgs has officially begun. What's more, this isn't some highly-classified military program bent on the creation of super soldiers. The dude just kinda wanted a computer in his arm, so he hired a body-modification expert to cut him open and slap the bit of electronics inside.

The entire "operation" was completed entirely without anesthesia, because there's not a single doctor in the world who would have done it. That said, self-proclaimed biohacker Tim Cannon has now successfully become the world's first human computer housing — er, cyborg. He had to travel to Essen, Germany to find another human being who was both willing and capable of completing the installation.

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