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Report Shows Leftist Media AVOIDS Covering Socialist Crisis in Venezuela

Published: June 1, 2017
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There’s lots going down in Venezuela right now. Namely mass starvation and government shootings. You’d think these things newsworthy, but leftist media disagrees. Liberal networks avoid the word Venezuela like fat pride activists avoid vegetables. Take a look at this study…

Just this year alone, more than 50 people have been killed protesting Venezuela’s socialist dictatorship. According to the IMF, inflation will surpass 700% this year, while unemployment will hit 25%. Yet the Big Three evening newscasts have tried to pretend this crisis does not exist, offering virtually no coverage.

A new study by Media Research Center found that from March 2013 through May 29, 2017, the ABC, CBS and NBC evening news shows have aired a mere 25 stories, totaling 28 minutes, 39 seconds of coverage – barely 30 seconds per month – to the rapidly worsening situation in Venezuela. In this same time period, approximately 50,000 individual news stories on other topics aired on these broadcasts.

The networks have also been reluctant to attach the “socialist” label to Venezuela’s government.

In case you need a quick refresher, here be the happenings in Venezuela…

Suffice it to say, there’s lots to cover. Venezuela is undergoing a tragic lesson the rest of the globe should study. Mainly: socialism is not a bastion of freedom, hope, dreams, or free ice cream. Socialism is the dystopia first world Tweens read about for fun. Except no network is volunteering as tribute here.

Leftist networks would rather spend their air time offering viewers 24/7/365 coverage of Donald Trump tweets and Russia conspiracies. “Stories” that further a liberal narrative take priority over stories that make liberal socialism look sh1tty. Conflict of interests being what they are.


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