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Sources: Jordan drill in preparation for Syria conflict

Published: May 29, 2013
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Source: YNET

Western sources claim international forces will stay in Jordan after joint military exercise ‘to prepare for possible intervention in Syria’

A joint military exercise scheduled to take place in Jordan next week is aimed among other things at readying forces for a possible intervention in Syria, Western officials told Ynet on Tuesday.

More than 15,000 soldiers from 18 different countries are set to take part in “Eager Lion 2013.”

The drill will include battlefield, logistics and humanitarian exercises for troops from Britain, Bahrain, Canada, Czech Republic, Israel will not take part in the drill but will continue its “red line” policy against arms shipments to Hezbollah.

According to one western official, forces will remain on the ground after the drill “in case the need will arise to intervene in Syria.” The maneuvers are set to run for two weeks in the Jordanian army’s training fields, schools and centers.”Without a doubt this year’s drill will prepare for a possible conflict with Syria,” a Jordanian official told Ynet. “Jordan must prepare for any abnormal development on this front.”

Jordan fears that Syria’s disintegration could threaten stability in the Hashemite Kingdom.Both Jerusalem and Amman fear that the hundreds of Syria that would be enforced by the US and other countries such as France and Britain The Daily Beast reported.

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