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Techitis: Constantly Using Smartphones Causing Widespread Health Problems

Published: May 20, 2016
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Source: CBS

Our relationships with our smartphones: for some, it’s attachment, for others, it’s addiction.

Several new studies show how the devices might be impacting our health.

Terms like ‘text-neck’ and ‘screen-sightedness’ didn’t exist several years ago.  But, the lingo is becoming more commonplace among medical professionals.  

Text-neck or tech-neck is a condition that results from constantly looking down at handheld technology.  One study, published in the National Library of Medicine, calls it an epidemic.

Chiropractor Dr. Bob Yakovac told KDKA’s Kym Gable our heads aren’t designed to be in that position for prolonged periods of time.

“It’s not the first time [you look down], it’s the 10,000th time you put your head down and all of a sudden, you say ‘Man, it’s killing me!’”

That’s exactly what happened to one of his patients, Michelle DeBlasi.

“My neck hurt in ways I couldn’t describe.  It was excruciating. I almost passed out, it was that painful,” she said.


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