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WIN: NV Energy customers can opt for ‘refurbished’ old-style meters

Published: January 10, 2013
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Source: Las Vegas Sun

Facing pressure from state officials and customers, NV Energy will let ratepayers continue using old-style meters instead of switching to new digital ones.

The power company, which serves about 90 percent of Nevada’s population, said Wednesday it will offer an analog meter to customers who do not want a digital “smart meter,” which transmits power-usage data from a home or business directly to the utility.

Customers critical of smart meters have said they would rather keep their existing analog reader. But under NV Energy’s plan, those meters will be replaced with “refurbished” ones to ensure that all company readers meet industry standards for accuracy, the utility said.

NV Energy is advising customers not to call to schedule an installation, as the company must still file more paperwork with the state Public Utilities Commission. Once approved, the company said, it will contact people who have said they do not want a smart meter and set up an appointment for the new analog one.


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