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Media Blackout on Ron Paul Debate Performance
Published on 2007-05-07 00:00:00
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Source: Rogue Government - Lee Rogers
The mainstream media which already had zero credibility now has less than zero credibility following their disgraceful coverage of the GOP debate. The clear winner in the debate was Ron Paul who won several Internet polls rating each candidateís debate performance. Ron Paul separated himself from the rest of the Republican field calling for an end to the income tax, abolishing the IRS, the restoration of honest money, a foreign policy of non-intervention and promises to actually follow whatís written in the U.S. Constitution. Ron Paulís popular support should have been the big story considering that a so called minor candidate ended up winning several Internet polls over the corporate approved and chosen GOP front runners. Instead, the corporate controlled media declared either Mitt Romney or John McCain the debate winner ignoring the real story which was clearly Ron Paul.

In the MSNBC poll, Ron Paul was leading in every positive category just hours after the debates conclusion. MSNBCís Keith Olbermann even had to admit this fact on air, as shown in the below clip. For anyone to say that the poll results were an anomaly due to Internet activism is misleading considering the poll wasnít up long enough for activists to encourage supporters to vote in the poll. Even after those first few hours, Ron Paul continued his dominance of the poll and still leads as the candidate with the most positive votes.

The censorship of Ron Paul is clear considering the fact that ABC declined to include him on their debate performance poll. Only after many complaints did they finally put him on the poll but not after deleting angry comments demanding answers from ABC as to why he was not included.

The fact that the mainstream media refers to Ron Paul as a minor candidate is also misleading. Currently, Ron Paul has raised the 2nd most amount of fundraising money in New Hampshire which means that he is certainly no minor candidate in what many consider to be the most important state primary in the nation. Combine that with the popular support Ron Paul has received on the Internet and we can only wonder how much longer the mainstream media can censor his success.

Concerned about the misleading mainstream media coverage of the GOP debate, I called up a national radio talk show called Beyond the Beltway that airs on approximately 60 radio stations this past Sunday to ask the host about the poor media coverage on Ron Paulís debate performance. They had discussed the GOP debate early in the show and didnít even mention Ron Paul which I found to be ridiculous. The showís host Bruce DuMont said that Ron Paul should have thanked MSNBC for even providing him with a platform in the debate. He went on to say that Ron Paul had no chance of winning the GOP nomination or the Presidency. I would consider both of these to be ridiculous statements considering the obvious support that he does have. It is clear that the censorship of Ron Paulís debate performance is due to establishment phonies that control nearly every facet of television and terrestrial radio. My call to Beyond the Beltway can be heard below.

The people are fed up with the status quo and what real change. What we are witnessing is the attempts of corporate fascists to stifle and censor Ron Paulís campaign. When you consider that the corporate controlled media spends more time talking about Fred Thompson who isnít even running than they do Ron Paul who is running and has tremendous support it is obvious as to what their agenda is.

Be sure to check out these other great articles which also go into detail regarding the mainstream mediaís censorship of Ron Paulís campaign and his popular support.