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"Friends of Syria" to meet in the Netherlands to proceed with Globalist Plans

Published: July 20, 2012
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By Quoriana - Mathaba The so-called

The so-called "Friends of Syria" themselves embody Syria's real problem

On a yet unknown date in September, the Netherlands will host the next and fourth meeting of the so-called "Friends of Syria" group, a coalition of Western and Arab countries which support the armed terrorists who seek to replace president Assad's government with a puppet regime. The Dutch Foreign Ministry announced the meeting on Friday, adding its purpose will be "a further improvement of the sanctions against the Syrian regime."

"Heavy pressure on Syria is now more necessary than ever", declared Dutch FM Rosenthal in a statement on the Foreign Ministry’s website.

Rosenthal, who will be the president of the meeting which is hosted in his country on the request of Qatar, stated that further sanctions against Syria should be taken "to stop the violence and to initiate a political process". Other ways to achieve this are "providing support to the [Syrian] opposition" and "providing humanitarian aid", Rosenthal said.

Approximately 50 so-called Friends a.k.a. members of the global elite from Western nations and their Arab allies will attend the meeting in the Netherlands. Previous meetings were held in Tunisia, Istanbul and Paris after the group was initiated by then-French president Nicolas Sarkozy, who last year also stood at the cradle of a similar terrorists supporting group named "Friends of Libya". As last year in Libya, the "Friends of Syria" have been quick to recognize the killer gangs, united in the Istanbul-based Syrian National Council, as "the sole representatives of the Syrian people".

The European Union currently enacts new and stricter sanctions on the Syrian government, including the inspection of ships and aircraft which possibly transport weapons to Syria - weapons used by the Syrian government to protect the people against the Western-backed terrorist gangs. Such sanctions should result in stopping the Syrian-unrest-gone-civil-war, a definition the "Friends" prefer to use for their self-manufactured crisis in the Arab country.

Even the mainstream media have not been silent on the public secret that the Syrian rebels receive arms from Western and Arab powers like Saudi Arabia and Qatar, which are mostly smuggled into the country via the borders with Turkey. Terrorists who fought in Libya last year openly admit to now have joined armed groups in Syria and in this Arabic-language July 20 video a terrorist-supporting Sheikh urges all Syrians to arm themselves in order to overthrow the Assad government. These are the very people and groups who can count on the "friendship" of the NATO governments and its proxies who only aim to unarm everyone and everything that interrupts their globalist agenda and corporate-financier interests.

However, as aptly pointed out by Tony Cartalucci, Syria's problem is not violence, armed insurrection or political upheaval, neither is it the so-called Free Syrian Army, the Syrian National Council or anything else on the "Friends of Syria"'s list. These are but symptoms, many purposefully induced from abroad, of Syria's real problem, and therefore any solution - especially solutions brought by imperialist bodies such as the "Friends of Syria" - aimed treating only these symptoms will provide only but the most superficial and temporary relief.

The "Friends of Syria" themselves embody Syria's real problem because they are the ones who placed the Arab country on their agenda as a crucial factor in their aspirations for global hegemony years ago - in more concrete terms, as a key obstacle on their way to also destroy Iran and to march on to China and Russia. These "Friends" are the friends of the corporate-financiers which are the very powers that cause destabilization, death and mass-destruction around the globe.

Only when the Syrian government, the Syrian people and all true freedom-loving peoples around the world become fully aware of this and unite against the global elite, the disease named "Friends of Syria" can become part of Syria's - and the world's - cure.

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