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11 Arrested In Sweden As Migrants Riot, Hurl Rocks At Police

Published: March 8, 2017
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Source: Zero Hedge

As the European Union continues to threaten member states with fines for "falling short" of fulfilling their duties to help international refugees (see "EU Threatens Member States With Fines Over Failure To Accept Refugees"), the daily reminders of why a wave of nationalism is sweeping over Europe in defiance of Merkel's open border policies continue to mount.

The latest example comes from Hallsberg, Sweden where police were called in to stop a brawl at the Alléskolan school that erupted between some 30 people and ultimately resulted in 11 migrants being arrested as they hurled stones at police.  Per RT


A total of 30 people took part in the brawl, which occurred on Monday, Sveriges Radio reported, citing police. They were all wearing hoods and threw stones at the officers, who were called to the scene of the Alléskolan school after reports of a disturbance.


"We have sent a number of police patrols there, and I believe we have dispelled the large gang into smaller groups. [The rioters] disguised themselves, armed themselves with stones they threw at the police. It has been described as a riot-like situation,” the news outlet said, citing Hallsberg Police spokesman Stefan Dangardt.


Meanwhile, local media in Hallsberg reported that the brawl was the result of a dispute between two immigrant groups that are new to the area and most of whom are not even students at the school. 


According to police and school authorities, most of the rioters were not pupils of the school.


“There are many speculations and rumors, but what we know is that most of those who came here last Friday do not belong to the school. They are not the school’s pupils, nor are those who were here [on Monday],” Marie Kilk, director of education at Alléskolan, said.


Media reports claim the rioters were migrants. Swedish SVT reported that the brawl initially broke out between two different immigrant groups, who then started attacking police after they arrived at the scene, as well as reporters from SVT.


“Something must have happened on Friday that became the basis for what was going on [on Monday],” Dangardt told the press.


Fria Tider news outlet also reported that the rioters were migrants, citing 54-year-old Hallsberg resident Claes Marten, who was an eyewitness to Monday’s brawl.


“What lies behind the incident is a brawl between different immigrant groups that have emerged here in Hallsberg. They came [to Hallsberg] relatively recently. Some of them go to Alléskolan school,” he told the press.


“Normally, nothing happens in Hallsberg, it is a very quiet community. We are not accustomed to this kind of problem, this is all new to us. Sweden is about to be rented, it is a very sad development,” he said.


If you don't like your open borders...too bad, you have to keep your open borders.

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