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The New World Order of Global Governance, It’s not just for Conspiracy Theorist Anymore

Published: September 24, 2010
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Global Governance 2025 Planned by US & EU Intelligence Agencies Document Obtained Thru FOIA

Yes, it is true.

You may read this September 2010 report, courtesy of our Freedom of Information Act, at

Since the bulk of what this report discusses apparently has to do with international cooperation, why then, did they not choose that apparently appropriate phrase, instead of “Global Governance?”

“Global Governance” – in case you need to recheck your eyes and mind.

Here is an interesting and self-conflicted disclaimer, from its “Introduction,” page 1:

The term “global governance” as used in this paper includes all the institutions, regimes, processes, partnerships, and networks that contribute to collective action and problem solving at the international level. This definition subsumes formal and informal arrangements as well as the role of nonstate actors in transnational settings. Regional cooperation may also be regarded as an element of global governance insofar as it contributes to broader efforts. Governance differs from government, which implies sovereign prerogatives and hierarchical authority. Global governance does not equate to world government, which would be virtually impossible for the foreseeable future, if ever.

Are you saying, under your breath, “‘Governance differs from government….  Global governance does not equate to world government….’  Who are they trying to kid?”

How can any set of people practice governance when there is no effort of government in effect? Clearly, they wish to establish dependable, and enforceable arrangements, coordinated and administered between nations, hence their admission to the word “governance,” even though they create the distinction without a difference, between that word and “government.”

It is a natural and logical fact that if “global governance” is coordinated effectively, it must be done through an coordinating entity of some kind.  But, we must not call that body any kind of “government” — is what they are saying.

And what is any difference again between the nouns-turned-adjectives, used in these terms?  How exactly does “globe” differ from “world,” o United States’ National Intelligence Council (NIC) and European Union’s Institute for Security Studies (EUISS)?  What color is the sky in your world, er, globe?


From a related story...

The other thing you  can count on is that the elite are steering the governments involved.

Nefarious orginizations funded by uber-elite like George Soros’s Center for American Progress are working tirelessly to promote this class rule form of Social Marxism disguised as Environmental Justice or Social Justice.  Soros funds his puppet projects through tools like Robert Johnson.  The Center For American Progress is a far left wing Marxist architectural framework building organization designed to make democracy look like a working political philosophy.

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