Fukushima Fallout Reached California Waters

September 22, 2011

Source: ABC News

Samples gathered between March 16 and March 26 showed abnormally high levels of radioactive elements.

The radioactive fallout from Japan's Fukushima nuclear plant accident has spread as far as California waters, according to scientists from the University of California, Berkeley. March disaster events compromised the nuclear plant, causing radioactive material to run into the surrounding waters. Researchers subsequently found some of that same material in rainwater collected from the San Francisco Bay area.

Source: UPI

Radioactive fallout from the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant damaged in Japan's March earthquake and tsunami reached the San Francisco area, researchers said.

Radioactive material was found in the water in many areas near the nuclear plant after the March 11 disaster, but the global extent of the contamination had been unknown, a Public Library of Science release said Wednesday.

Researchers writing in the journal PLoS One say they collected rainwater samples in Berkeley, Oakland, and Albany, Calif., from March 16 to March 26 and examined them for the presence of above-normal amounts of radioactivity.

Measurable levels of radioactive isotopes of cesium, iodine and tellurium were found in the sample collected March 18, with levels peaking March 24 before returning to normal, they said.

The levels, though measurable, were nonetheless very low and posed no health risk to the public.

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