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Barack Obama, North American Union, and You

Published: February 3, 2009
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By Dana Gabriel - 

Recently I read several articles where the whole idea of a North American Union was labelled a conspiracy theory and called some sort of modern rumour. Now I commend those who blog and write articles on issues they feel strongly about, but these articles appear to be a clear attempt at disinformation. It shows the level of desperation that those trying to implement it must feel. Unfortunately, the dumbed-down public will read these articles and believe the lies without checking it out for themselves. I'm not asking people to believe me, but do a little research and come to your own conclusions. One of these articles cited proof that there was no plan to create a NAU because of a quote by Robert Pastor, who is regarded by many as the “Father of the North American Union.” He has written a book entitled “Towards a North American Community” and vice-chaired the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) report, “Building a North American Community.” One must understand that the NAU is not just some made up idea or something proposed on paper— the further merging of Canada, the U.S., and Mexico into a North American Union is already taking place.

Since its inception in 1921, the CFR has pushed for a one-world government and has set out to destroy American sovereignty. It is made up of top U.S. politician's, corporate elites, and some in the media, and has sought to overthrow the U.S. constitution. Many refer to it as the shadow government. A recently published CFR essay, “The End of National Currency,” called for nations to abandon unwanted currencies and replace them with multinational or regional ones. This would obviously further advance the New World Order and benefit the global elite. Many feel that a common currency will be needed in North America to compete against the euro, and an economic collapse could lead to a new one being offered as a solution. Cue in the “Amero” the proposed currency for a NAU. Some might say they've never heard of the “Amero“, much less the NAU, the reason being that it has been for the most part shielded from the public's attention. Secret meetings in Banff, Alberta, Canada in September 2006 discussed how the NAU was to be created and implemented using “evolution by stealth.” There is little doubt that the CFR is one of the driving forces behind the NAU.

Dr. Robert Pastor is one of the leading advocates for a North American Community. He is a former Carter Administration official and now teaches at the American University in Washington D.C. He directs the Center for North American Studies and teaches the course, “North America: A Union, A Community, or just Three Nations?” He is also on the board of the American Forum On Integration which holds an annual “North American Model Parliament” for selected university students from across the U.S., Canada, and Mexico. Pastor doesn't reject the idea of an NAU, but feels that the timing for political integration isn't right because of the fear it would create. His idea of a North American Community is one where people view themselves as citizens of North America. He is on record as saying another 9/11 attack could create the right climate and said, “A crisis is an event which can force democratic governments to make difficult decisions like those that would be required to create a North American Community.” Is a North American Community a play on words to deceive, or is it a reference to the early stages of integration? One must understand that the European Union was only openly announced about 10 years ago and it took close to 50 years before holding any type of referendums. Even though the NAU process has been fast tracked, it is still being done incrementally, much like the EU was.

Here is a brief history of some of Robert Pastor's activities in trying to further advance the NAU. In November of 2002 he presented “A North American Community, A Modest Proposal” to the Trilateral Commission. Many of theses ideas and proposals were later adopted in the “Building a North American Community” report. In October of 2003, he testified in front of the House of Representatives and several committees where he recommended the formation of a North American Community. In early 2004, the CFR published his paper, “North America's Second Decade, ”where he advocates even further integration. In that particular paper speaking on national sovereignty he states, “Countries benefit when they change these policies, and evidence suggests that North Americans are ready for a new relationship that renders this old definition of sovereignty obsolete.” One minute he is saying that we're not ready, and the next he is saying that we are. He went on to say in his paper that, “ The U.S., Mexican, and Canadian governments remain zealous defenders of an outdated conception of sovereignty even though their citizens are ready for a new approach.” If we are ready, why is there such secrecy surrounding the NAU? He knows that most are never going to read his book, papers, or reports, therefore he can claim that there is no proposed NAU. This is the same man who calls NAFTA a success, but try telling that to the millions who've lost good paying jobs as a result. From his standpoint, it has been a success because it has furthered his goals, and those of a NAU.

In late 2004, The Independent Task Force on the Future of North America was created and co-sponsored by the CFR with Pastor as a member. In March of 2005, it released “Creating a North American Community” which called for an economic and security community by 2010. Pastor also published the article, “The Paramount Challenge for North America: Closing the Development Gap.” On March 23, 2005, the leaders of Canada, the United States, and Mexico signed the Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP) of North America which is essentially the framework for a NAU. In May of that same year, the CFR published the report, “Building a North American Community,” with Pastor as one of the vice-chairs. It is considered to be the blueprint for the SPP. It is easy to see why he is called the “Father of the NAU.” The truth is, Dr. Pastor, that most will resist the NAU!

One can deny something's existence all they want, but there is a difference between being wilfully ignorant and knowingly lying to influence others. To deny that there isn't a plan to create a NAU is simply ludicrous. There is more than enough evidence in the form of documentation released through the Freedom of Information Act, along with other published reports. It is up to us to catapult the NAU to mainstream America and force the corporate media chills to at least engage the subject. They may call us crazy and deny it's existence, but their lies will be exposed and the truth will prevail. The NAU is real-- the only question is how far along it is. If fully enacted, the North American Union will radically alter our lives, and Canada, the United States, and Mexico will cease to exist as sovereign nations.

About the writer:

Dana Gabriel writes about trade, globalization, sovereignty, and other issues. You can Contact Dana Directly:

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