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Trending Articles:

Chemical In Plastic That Wreaks Havoc With Hormones May Be Impossible To Avoid, Study Finds

Avoiding a chemical suspected to disrupt people’s hormones may be easier said than done, new research published in BMJ Open suggests. Despite following guidelines meant to reduce the amount of bisphenol A (BPA) in a person’s diet, about 90 percent of the people in the study still had traces of the chemical in their urine.

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Steve Bannon 'doesn't plan to testify before Congress despite subpoena'

Former White House adviser Steve Bannon reportedly does not intend to testify before the House Intelligence committee, risking being held in contempt for refusing a subpoena to appear.

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France bans smartphone use in cars even when you pull over

Road deaths have been on the rise lately in France and with nothing much else to pin it on, authorities are going after scofflaw drivers who text or call. It's now illegal to hold your phone on public roads even when you're pulled over to the side of the road, whether you're blocking traffic or not, Le Figaro reports. The high court ruling means that taking what some consider to be a safe step -- pulling over to talk on the phone -- could still result in points and a fine of 135 euros.

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A 'gently used' SpaceX rocket is for sale on Craigslist. 'Bring your own tug boat'

In the market for a "gently used" SpaceX orbital rocket? Perhaps looking for a new lawn ornament? A real conversation starter? Planning ahead for Christmas? Oh boy, do I have the deal for you ... 

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Julian Assange arrest warrant still stands, court rules

A UK arrest warrant against Julian Assange is still valid, Westminster Magistrates' Court has ruled. Lawyers for the WikiLeaks founder asked the court to withdraw the warrant, saying it had "lost its purpose".

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FEMA Contract Called for 30 Million Meals for Puerto Ricans. 50,000 Were Delivered.

The mission of the Federal Emergency Management Agency was clear: Hurricane Maria had torn through Puerto Rico, and hungry people needed food. Thirty million meals needed to be delivered as soon as possible. By the time 18.5 million meals were due, Tribute had delivered only 50,000. And FEMA inspectors discovered a problem: The food had been packaged separately from the pouches used to heat them. FEMA’s solicitation required “self-heating meals.”

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Eight overdose deaths spur DEA investigation of south Tulsa doctor

Federal agents allege that eight overdose deaths since July 2011 are tied to one south Tulsa doctor. A Tulsa physician that was writing the equivalent of about seven prescriptions per hour.

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U.S. trade deficit rises to nine-year high on robust imports

The U.S. trade deficit widened more than expected in December to its highest level since 2008, as robust domestic demand pushed imports to a record high, potentially putting pressure on the Trump administration as it renegotiates trade deals.

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British court rules that the inhumane conditions in American prisons mean UK hacking suspect can't be legally extradited

Lauri Love is a British man on the autism spectrum who also has depression and severe eczema, who was facing extradition to America on charges of hacking US military and private agencies. A British appeals court has ruled that Love cannot be legally extradited to the US because the American prison system's methods of treating suicidal prisoners and people with mental illness are inhumane.

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Pirates lose control of Indian oil tanker as crew regains command

The crew of an Indian-owned oil tanker that vanished Thursday off the coast of the West African country of Benin has regained control of the ship after it was hijacked by pirates, the vessel's management company said Tuesday.

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Feds: Child-porn network operated in Fort Dix prison

When about a dozen men were sent to a South Jersey prison for separate child-pornography crimes, life behind bars didn’t stop them from viewing images of sexually assaulted children, authorities say. The men allegedly used contraband cellphones at Federal Correctional Institute Fort Dix to access child pornography on the “Dark Web,” a federal investigator says in a newly filed criminal complaint.

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Demolition Duterte: Philippines leader bulldozes luxury cars to send message (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

Philippines leader Rodrigo Duterte hammered home his new policy on car smuggling by overseeing the demolition of dozens of seized luxury vehicles worth almost $1.2 million. Some 29 smuggled high-end vehicles, including models of BMW, Jaguar, Mercedes Benz, and Corvette, were simultaneously crushed by road rollers at three of the country’s ports on Tuesday.

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Turkey Detains 449 People for Criticizing Invasion of Syria on Social Media

As Turkey’s invasion of northern Syria continues, so too does their policy of arresting anyone seen as even sort of opposed to the attack. The Turkish Interior Ministry now says 449 people have been detained for criticizing the war on social media, and 124 more detained for taking part in actual protests.

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After originally blaming anti-vaxxers for Mumps outbreaks, CDC backs down and effectively admits MMR vaccine doesn't work properly, advises adults to take another MMR during Mumps outbreaks, as immunity from the MMR vaccine wanes

In 2017, more than 5,600 people got mumps, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says. The year before, in 2016, 6,366 cases were reported. Studies have shown that vaccinating people during a mumps outbreak can help control it. Immunity from the MMR vaccine can wane over time in some people, and the booster dose brings it back up.

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Trump Creates 'National Vetting Center' For Immigrants, Refugees And Travelers

President Donald Trump is finally making good on his promise to implement "extreme vetting" practices for immigrants, refugees and anybody else trying to enter the US.

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Dengue Vaccine Pulled After It May Be Connected To The Deaths Of 14 Children

Sanofi the drug maker revealed in November that Dengvaxia – the world’s first dengue vaccine – might increase the risk of severe disease in people who had never been exposed to the virus. This news aroused an uproar in the Philippines, where more than 800,000 school-age children had been vaccinated with the drug in 2016 alone.

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Equifax compromised half of the country’s information, CFPB isn’t looking into it

Credit reporting agency Equifax in September revealed that a data breach had left the information of 145 million customers exposed. The company waited weeks before disclosing the incident to the public, during which time three executives sold nearly $2 million worth of the company’s shares.

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Pentagon agency can't account for $800 million in spending - report

The Pentagon's Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) is reportedly not able to document hundreds of millions of dollars of money it spent.

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Cryptos Are Suddenly Soaring

Just as the S&P plummeted into the abyss, tumbling to a low of 24,022 or over 1,500 points...

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