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Trending Articles:

Lawmakers Want to Ban Tide Pods From Looking Delicious af — Yes, Really

 A pair of New York politicians has introduced legislation that would force consumer goods corporation Procter & Gamble to make their Tide Pod product less appetizing to human beings. State Senator Brad Hoylman and Assemblywoman Aravella Simotas, both Democrats, revealed their proposal at a joint press conference in New York’s capital city of Albany on Tuesday.

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Pentagon Expects Afghan War to Cost $45 Billion in 2018 — 16 Years After It Started

Speaking to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Assistant Secretary of Defense Randall Schriver on Tuesday revealed that the Pentagon expects the cost of the Afghan War in 2018 to come to $45 billion.

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Israel Launches Attack On Syrian Military Facility After Unverified Gas Attack Claims

Overnight Tuesday Israel again launched a major attack on Syrian government locations near Damascus in what seems a monthly exercise that many analysts now openly recognize as an Israeli attempt to provoke war with Syria. For at least the third time since the start of the 7-year long war in Syria, Israeli jets attacked a site just outside of Syria's capital city called Jamraya - believed to be a military research facility related to chemical weapons. 

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Boston Police used social media surveillance for years without informing city council

In December 2016, the Boston City Council held a hearing to discuss the Boston Police Department’s plan to spend $1.4 million on a social media surveillance system. Police Superintendent Paul Fitzgerald and Boston Regional Intelligence Center (BRIC) director David Carabin spoke of their commitment to transparency but did not provide any specific details about the software. After news of the plans became public, Boston Police Commissioner William Evans explained, “We’re not going after ordinary people. It’s a necessary tool of law enforcement and helps in keeping our neighborhoods safe from violence, as well as terrorism, human trafficking, and young kids who might be the victim of a pedophile.”

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Sweden: 55yo Man Fined Over Facebook Post Saying Muslims 'Behind Many Rapes'

A 55-year-old Swedish man was put on trial and fined $1,265 for committing a "crime of opinion" by writing on Facebook that Sunni Muslims "account for a lot of gang crime in Sweden and other violent stuff like rapes," Fria Tider reports.

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DHS: Russia "Penetrated" Voter Rolls In 21 States, "No Evidence" Of Alterations

The Department of Homeland Security's top cybersecurity official, Jeanette Manfra, has told NBC News that Russia targeted the voter registration rolls of 21 states before the 2016 presidential election, successfully penetrating systems in "an exceptionally small number" of them.

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FDA releases kratom death data, undermining its own claims about drug's deadly harms

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is escalating its campaign against kratom with the release of new information describing a series of deaths involving the popular herbal drug.

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Man Who Sold America The Iraq War Just Warned Iran Is Next... But Is Anyone Listening?

Fifteen years after the calamitous U.S. invasion of Iraq, an architect of the propaganda used to drum up support for the war is warning that it’s happening again — this time with Iran.

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Israeli police recommend indicting Netanyahu for corruption: report

Israeli police chiefs will recommend to the country's attorney general that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu be indicted on corruption charges, according to reports in local media.

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A Houston company dumped cancer-causing chemicals into a neighborhood storm drain

Houston, Texas is home to the largest petrochemical complex in the US. Often nestled within residential neighborhoods, chemical plants, oil refineries, and the myriad businesses that support them often operate with little oversight. Now one, Wright Containers—a company that deals in used industrial plastic containers meant to hold 330 gallons of hazardous liquid at a time—is facing felony charges that could land its managers in prison for 10 years. Prosecutors say they hope the case will spark a new era of making companies accountable for environmental crimes in a city where that’s unusual, the Houston Chronicle reports.

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US eyes partitioning of Syria, gave up on promise that fighting ISIS ‘only goal’ – Lavrov

The US appears to be aiming at dividing Syria, as US troops still linger in the country even after its promise to end the mission after driving out Islamic State fighters, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said.

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Mariah Carey's sister exposes their Satanic ritual upbringing

Mariah Carey participated in bizarre sex rituals and animal sacrifices conducted by a satanic cult! has learned exclusively the Grammy Award-winning singer’s mother, Patricia, led her daughters and other black-cloaked cult members in the creepy rites!

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Is Washington Nuts? Increasing Spending AND Cutting Taxes Will EXPLODE The Size Of The National Debt

Our national debt is rapidly approaching 21 trillion dollars, and yet Congress wants to follow up a large tax cut bill with a massive increase in federal spending.  This is absolute madness, and it is going to make our long-term financial problems as a nation far worse.  After passing the tax bill, the appropriate thing to do would have been to cut federal spending.  Yes, that would have not been a positive thing for the economy in the short-term, but we must start addressing our long-term priorities.  If we do not do something about this exploding national debt, it could potentially destroy our republic all by itself.

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Your Guide to Top Anti-Russia Think Tanks in US & Who Funds Them

Countering Russia has become a lucrative industry in Washington. In recent years, the think tank business has exploded. But who funds these organizations, who works for them and what are the real agendas at play? From the start, let’s be clear, the term "think tank" essentially amounts to a more polite way of saying "lobby group." Bar a few exceptions, they exist to serve – and promote – the agendas of their funders.

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25 years ago, a mutant American crayfish turned to asexual reproduction, and all of Europe's lakes are filling up with its clones

The marbled crayfish (Procambarus virginalis) is a mutant slough crayfish (Procambarus fallax) an American species; the mutation that allowed slough crayfish to reproduce asexually by cloning itself occurred a mere 25 years ago, and it came to Germany as an aquarium pet in 1995, sold as "Texas crayfish."

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New texts between FBI’s Strzok, Page show Obama wanted updates on Clinton investigation

A new batch of text messages between FBI officials Peter Strzok and Lisa Page revealed President Barack Obama wanted updates on the bureau’s investigation into Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server, according to a report released Wednesday.

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FDA declares popular alt-medicine kratom an opioid

The Food and Drug Administration declared kratom — a plant-based stimulant with growing popularity — to be an opioid on Tuesday, opening a new front in its battle to get people to stop using the herbal supplement.

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Cops Shoot, Kill Special Needs Teen With the Mental Capacity of a 7-Year-Old—On a Bicycle

In San Antonio, Texas a heartbroken mother is speaking out after her disabled teenage son was shot and killed by police, and she is questioning why the three officers who confronted the boy decided to use lethal force against him. Dustin Castillo, 19, was killed after a confrontation with police officers who accused him of stealing a BMX bicycle from a local Target.

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Twilio Demonstrates Why Courts Should Review Every National Security Letter

The list of companies who exercise their right to ask for judicial review when handed national security letter gag orders from the FBI is growing. Last week, the communications platform Twilio posted two NSLs after the FBI backed down from its gag orders. As Twilio’s accompanying blog post documents, the FBI simply couldn’t or didn’t want to justify its nondisclosure requirements in court. This might be the starkest public example yet of why courts should be involved in reviewing NSL gag orders in all cases.

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Angry Protesters Burn Taliban Buildings in Pakistan

Angry protesters in Pakistan’s Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province on Tuesday stormed the offices of a militant group that allegedly killed a university student from South Waziristan region.Protesters attacked at least two buildings believed to be occupied by Taliban militants in Shaikh Yousef village of Dera Ismail Khan District in northwestern Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province. In addition to burning the buildings, protesters also reportedly set several vehicles on fire that belonged to the militant group. Militants residing in the buildings managed to escape.

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