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Russian billionaire 'loses half his fortune' after 'divorcing Vladimir Putin's daughter'

When 32-year businessman Kirill Shamalov wed Vladimir Putin's daughter in 2013, he suddenly found his fortunes on the rise - to the tune of $2 billion in shares and a lucrative post at a petrochemical giant.

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Police Raid Moscow Theater That Screened Banned 'Death of Stalin'

On Friday, police raided the Moscow movie theater Pioner, which screened Armando Iannucci's movie The Death of Stalin, banned in Russia by the culture ministry, news agency TASS reported.

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Israel Forcibly Injected African Immigrants with Birth Control, Report Claims

This weekend, a report revealing that African women immigrating to Israel were subjected to mandatory contraceptive injections, effectively amounting to forced (if temporary) sterilization made global headlines.

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Stormy Daniels On Inside Edition: "Trump Chased Me Around His Hotel Room In Tightie-Whities"

When the Wall Street Journal reported two weeks ago that Trump lawyer Michael Cohen had arranged a $130,000 payment to former adult film actress Stormy Daniels to stop her from sharing the story of a brief affair she had with Trump, many speculated that the story would quickly be overshadowed by the unceasing White House news cycle.

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Papers Please: “Daily Citizenship Checks” on Buses Across Maine Highlight Constitution-Free Zone

Still unknown to much of the U.S. population is the fact that they reside within a “Constitution-Free Zone,” as it has been dubbed by the ACLU for many years. In fact, it is estimated that 200 million people (2/3 of the populace) are likely to have their 4th Amendment protections completely disregarded by border patrol, as well as to encounter other routine violations unbecoming to a land of the free.

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Newly Declassified CIA Report Exposes Over 25 Years Of U.S. Plans To Destabilize Syria

While the nearly seven-year-long sectarian “civil war” in Syria is widely believed to have started in 2011, revelations in recent years have shown that the sectarian war that has sunk Syria into chaos actually precedes the “official” start of the conflict. In 2010, Wikileaks published hundreds of thousands of classified State Department cables, including a 2006 cable showing that destabilizing the Syrian government was a primary goal of U.S. policy in the Middle East. The ultimate intention was to topple Iran, one of Syria’s closest allies. The cable revealed that the U.S.’ goal at the time was to undermine the Syrian government by any means available.

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Trump Ups Defense Budget By 13% - "Can't Have World's Best Military On An Obama Budget"

With Washington having seemingly turned its turret away from 'terror' and back to "revisionist, authoritarian" regimes like 'Russia and China', the Military-Industrial Complex is 'gonna need a bigger budget' - a 13% bigger $716 billion one by 2019.

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Florida Lawmakers Introduce HPV Vaccine MANDATE Bill

Florida lawmakers are now pushing a totalitarian medical police state law that would deny a public education to children who aren’t injected with the extremely toxic and risky HPV vaccine. SB 1551, also being deceptively called the “Women’s Cancer Prevention Act,” mandates HPV (human papillomavirus) vaccines in school-aged children, revoking medical choice rights from parents and invoking state-sponsored coercion to force children to be subjected to extremely risky medical interventions, even against the wishes of their parents.

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Downtime of a top cloud service provider could cost U.S. economy $15 billion

Businesses in the United States could lose $15 billion if a leading cloud service provider would experience a downtime of at least three days. A new study finds that if a top cloud provider went down, manufacturing would see direct economic losses of $8.6 billion; wholesale and retail trade sectors would see economic losses of $3.6 billion; information sectors would see economic losses of $847 million; finance and insurance sectors would see economic losses of $447 million; and transportation and warehousing sectors would see economic losses of $439 million.

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Secure the Internet of Things now or Risk a Dystopian Future, Experts Warn

In its current form, the Internet of Things (IoT) represents a considerable threat to consumers due to inadequate regulations regarding security and privacy, say experts interviewed by the Cyber Security Research Institute for the new report “Internet of Things: Pinning down the IoT” sponsored by F-Secure. Swift action is recommended to avoid a predictable descent into a dystopian future.

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China unveils huge plans for the Arctic, with ‘Polar Silk Road’ on the way

Beijing has announced plans to extend the ambitious Belt and Road Initiative to the Arctic by developing shipping routes. In a white paper released on Friday, the country said it expects to have a “major role in expanding the network of shipping routes” and noted that “as a result of global warming, the Arctic shipping routes are likely to become important transport routes for international trade.”

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Whitefish Spent $150K Lobbying Congress After Puerto Rico Disaster

The small Montana energy company that botched the critical rebuilding of Puerto Rico in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria spent $150,000 lobbying Congress last quarter amid investigations, a disclosure report filed Friday shows. The fourth quarter lobbying report shows that Whitefish paid the law firm Foley & Lardner to have five representatives lobby the Senate and House on the company's behalf. What the firm was specifically hired to accomplish is unclear.

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Online Vendors Try to Make a Quick Buck as Cape Town Runs Out of Water

The City of Cape Town in South Africa is currently predicted to run out of water on April 12 according to local officials. Cape Town has been dealing with ongoing drought for three years now because of a host of factors, including poor government planning, all aggravated by climate change. The dams and reservoirs that supply the city of an estimated 4 million people are running dangerously low. Already under water use restrictions, residents will soon have to collect rations of water piped into the city at centralized points, protected by armed guards.

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Growing number of young children dying from flu

The family of a 12-year-old boy in Florida is grieving after flu is suspected in causing his death on Tuesday. Dylan Winnik had sniffles and was exhausted, symptoms his family initially thought were a cold. Now, they believe it was flu. Health officials aren't sure yet, but Dylan may be the latest in a growing number of young children dying this year from influenza.

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"Biggest Theft In Crypto History": Over $400 Million Stolen From Hacked Japanese Cryptocurrency Exchange

Earlier today we reported that cryptocurrencies tumbled overnight after one of the most popular - if unlicensed - Japanese exchanges, Coincheck, halted withdrawals of funds and cryptos amid broad confusion as to what prompted the halt. Additionally, Coincheck said it had stopped deposits into NEM coins, a hint that something was very wrong with what until last night was the 10th-largest cryptocurrency by market value, and which tumbled nearly 20% overnight, dragging the rest of the sector lower as news of the Coincheck fiasco spread.

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Whistling at women & asking for phone number could cost men €350 in France

Men in France could be fined €350 (US$435) if they follow women in the street, whistle at them, make loud comments about their appearance or ask for their phone numbers, according to a draft proposal to combat “sexual contempt.”

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Twitter user sentenced to 10 years in Kuwait for insulting Gulf States

A criminal court in Kuwait has issued a new ruling in absentia to imprison Kuwaiti Twitter user Abdullah Al-Saleh for 10 years for insulting the Gulf States. The ruling is part of a string of prosecutions against Al-Saleh, who was sentenced to five years in prison on Sunday for publishing insulting articles against Saudi Arabia and endangering the two countries’ brotherly ties.

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Vermont high school to fly Black Lives Matter flag for Black History Month

A high school in Vermont’s capital city will hoist the flag of Black Lives Matter in honor of February’s Black History Month. The Burlington Free Press reports Montpelier High School will be raising the BLM banner after the Montpelier School Board gave its unanimous approval. The board’s decision follows made a presentation made at last week’s school board meeting by the student group Racial Justice Alliance.

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