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Cash-strapped Venezuela offers to pay for medicines with diamonds

With hospital shelves bare and the government stumped on how to settle $5 billion in arrears to pharmaceutical companies, cash-strapped Venezuela recently offered some foreign suppliers alternative compensation: diamonds, gold and coltan, the rare metal used to make cellphones and Playstations.

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An Officer's Path To Dissent: "The Truth Is, I Fought For Next To Nothing"

For a while there, I was a real star. High up in my class at West Point, tough combat deployments in two wars, a slew of glowing evaluations, even a teaching assignment back at the military academy. I inhabited a universe most only dream of: praised, patted and highly respected by everyone in my life system and viewed as a brave American soldier. It’s a safe, sensible spot. For most, that’s enough. Too bad it was all bunk. Absurdity incarnate.

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Oceans suffocating as huge dead zones quadruple since 1950, scientists warn

Ocean dead zones with zero oxygen have quadrupled in size since 1950, scientists have warned, while the number of very low oxygen sites near coasts have multiplied tenfold. Most sea creatures cannot survive in these zones and current trends would lead to mass extinction in the long run, risking dire consequences for the hundreds of millions of people who depend on the sea.

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Ex-U.S. NSA contractor to plead guilty to massive theft of secret data

A former U.S. National Security Agency contractor has agreed to plead guilty to stealing classified information, according to court filings on Wednesday, in what may have been the largest heist of U.S. government secrets in history.

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The FCC Says Consumer Backlash Will Protect Net Neutrality

More than three weeks after the Federal Communications Commission voted to repeal the regulations protecting net neutrality rules, the FCC has finally released the final version of its new regulations. Among the more infuriating provisions: Language that says “no-blocking and no-throttling rules are unnecessary to prevent the harms they were intended to thwart.”

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New measurement confirms: The ozone is coming back

The Montreal Protocol, which went into effect in 1989, is a rare instance of a global agreement to solve a global problem: the release of vast quantities of ozone-destroying chemicals into the atmosphere. In the decades since, however, changes in ozone have been small and variable, making it hard to tell whether the protocol is making any difference.

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Google says it can mitigate Spectre with "negligible" effect

Two days ago, an industry/academic team released a terrifying alert about a pair of CPU bugs called Spectre and Meltdown that allowed one program to steal data from another, even with the best memory-management and isolation techniques -- news that meant that virtually all the mission-critical computers in the world could no longer be trusted to handle sensitive data securely.

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Obstruction Evidence Mounts as Critics Say Trump Move to Stop Sessions Recusal 'Screams of Guilt'

In a revelation viewed by some lawmakers and legal experts as yet more evidence that President Donald Trump has obstructed justice, the New York Times reported on Thursday that Trump ordered White House counsel Donald McGahn to stop Attorney General Jeff Sessions from recusing himself from the FBI's Russia probe in a bid to maintain his "grip" on the investigation.

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Darpa: Going to the Source to Prevent Viral Disease Outbreaks

Avian influenza (H7N9). MERS coronavirus. Ebola. Hepatitis E. Yellow Fever. Lassa. Zika. When you consider the viral infectious diseases that emerged and reemerged around the world in 2017 alone, what many of them have in common is that they originated in animals and spilled over into humans after a series of mutations that enable the pathogens to jump species.

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Long Blockchain Sells 1.6 Million Shares, Will Buy 1,000 Bitcoin Mining Machines

Just two weeks after the company formerly known as Long Island Iced Tea was changing its name to Long Blockchain to capitalize on the all things related to Blockchain euphoria, sending its stock higher by 500%...

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Study shows adolescent smartphone addiction can lead to ADHD, Anxiety, Social Apathy and Depression

We have on our hands an epidemic. The emergence of a new species of human. If you’ve left the safety of your home recently, chances are, you’ve had to give way to an incoming zombie. If you haven’t, you’ve probably been infected.

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Homeland Security breach exposes data on 240,000 employees

A data breach at the Department of Homeland Security exposed the personally identifiable information on more than 240,000 current and former DHS employees, the department said Wednesday.

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Software Copyright Back Before Federal Circuit: Time for the Court to Get it Right

Should a company be able to shut down competition by asserting copyright in a collection of software commands? Tech giant Cisco Systems thinks so: it’s gone to court to try to prevent its competitor, Arista Networks, from building competing Ethernet switches that rely in part on commands Cisco argues it initially developed. Cisco lost the first round in a California district court, but it’s hoping for a better outcome from the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit.

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Arizona Man Sues Prosecutor for Wrongful Arrest that Kept him in Jail for Two Months

Imagine spending two months in jail for a robbery that you didn’t commit. Well, that is exactly what happened to an Iowa man after he was falsely charged with first-degree robbery.

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Trump legal action against publisher backfires, tell-all book gets early release

An explosive book on President Donald Trump’s first year in the White House is hitting the shelves early, after Trump’s legal team threatened to sue the publisher for defamation and libel.

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U.S. To Open Drilling In Previously Protected Zones

The U.S. Department of interior is set to replace the Obama administration’s five-year oil and gas leasing plan on key bodies of water with federal government jurisdiction, the Oil and Gas investor said.

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FCC issues final order dismantling net neutrality

The Federal Communications Commission released on Thursday the final text of its order repealing controversial Obama-era net neutrality regulations.

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Judge: School district’s ‘can’t kneel for National Anthem’ rule violates 1st Amendment

A U.S. district judge has issued an injunction against a California school district which had a policy requiring students participating in sporting events to stand for the National Anthem.

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City Tells Man to Stop Sheltering the Homeless from the Cold or They’ll Take His House

The city of Chicago would seemingly rather watch homeless people die than allow a good Samaritan to offer up his home that doesn't meet their specs.

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Donald Trump Blasts "Sloppy Steve" Bannon As Feud Escalates

Just before midnight on Thursday, as residents of the battered eastern US were heading to bad after a long day of coping with the bomb cyclone, President Donald Trump was awake and apparently still fuming over the excerpts from Michael Wolff's "Fire And Fury: Inside Trump's White House". And as Trump often does when he's frustrated, he decided to coin a new nickname for his erstwhile adviser and political ally, Steve Bannon - the source of many of the book's most jaw-dropping claims. Playing on Bannon's famously unkempt appearance, Trump labeled the Breitbart News chief "Sloppy Steve."

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