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AFRICOM: against China from Mali

Published: January 28, 2013
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Source: REDSOP

A new face that demon chasing, Belmokhtar-Mokhtar, head of al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb-hidden in a strategic territory to conquer, Mali. Too much like the fable of “Bin Laden in Afghanistan”!

Interestingly, this “dangerous” group never attack Western interests: was involved in kidnapping, looting and smuggling. Now, the perfect excuse to offer the new conquerors of Mali to militarize the Sahel, whose people suffered and were fighting a famine of magnitude.

Under the fraudulent guise of “fighting terrorism”, the spectacular military aggression of France, designed by the Pentagon, has more serious goals to beat four fundamentalists who cut hands. That’s what makes the aliadísima Saudi Arabia and what they plan to do the al-Qaedist that govern because of NATO’s “new and democratic Libya.” Charles de Gaulle said that “France has no friends, only interests.” And is that uranium supplies in this region the 54 French nuclear plants in the country, and China there is presented as a dangerous rival.

United States, its European allies and China fought a tough battle, but with different strategies, to expand its influence in Africa and ensure their access to resources and markets. This new round of wars started when China set foot in the area of influence of Western powers and becomes its “strategic depth”.

Mali, after Ivory Coast, Sudan (Dtrás the partition of Sudan) and Libya (Libya: a business round war) is the fourth African country invaded in 2007 following the creation of AFRICOM, the U.S. command for Africa which aims is to contain the growing presence of China and stifle the liberation struggles of African peoples. Their practices are similar those applied to U.S. Latin America in the 70s and 80s: conspiracy, kidnapping, torturing …

The military occupation, the return to the more sinister dimension of colonialism, is mainly due to the fragility of corrupt and incompetent governments allied to the West. This will ensure long-term access to the vast natural resources of the continent. The “soft colonization” China is practicing a new approach that gives these governments compelling competitive advantages: its raw materials in exchange for donations, soft loans and infrastructure construction. With this method, China has, since 2009, in the first trading partner of Africa.

In Mali operate twenty Chinese companies. Across Africa are present more than a million of its citizens, who do the same as Westerners, but hit shots.

Since the forum on China-Africa Cooperation (FOCAC), held in Beijing in 2000 and brought together fifty heads of state on the continent, had unnerved Washington. There are billionaires and investment contracts agreed to progress in depressed regions. Since then, China has offered loans to Africa have been more and more advantages than the World Bank, the IMF, the U.S. and Europe. Along with the other BRICS countries called, Beijing plans to create a development bank for the continent, thereby challenging the policies of the IMF and World Bank. Do you do it with the billions of dollars of U.S. debt stored in your box?

Too many and vital interests so they can avoid an armed clash. China has entered what was the European hinterland. After the United States forced him to leave Iraq, Sudan and Libya, its oil suppliers, and reduce its purchases of Iranian crude by UN sanctions, China has turned to Africa as a strategic depth.

AFRICOM plans to implement a central headquarters with branches all over the continent, in which the former colonialists, France, Britain, Portugal and Spain, will have responsibility and benefit, which contrasts with the fact that the Asian giant has no military bases off their land. Maintain global hegemony cost: U.S. Pentagon budget rose from 267,000 million in 2000 to 708,200 million in 2011.

Dangerously rich

In the decade of the 90 United States fought against France in Congo, in a proxy war-delegated to the tribes and without spilling the blood of the white man to take control of their diamonds, coltan and cobalt among other strategic minerals, and 1,000 million dollars his gold produced each year. Therefore, massacred hundreds of thousands of Congolese. In 2008 the U.S. nightmare had Asian features: China had signed some agreements with President Joseph Kabila in the amount of 9,000 million would pay the roads, railways, hospitals and dams in exchange for participating in the business of copper and coltan, which is exported to China for processing.

Today, China imports two million barrels of oil a day from Sudan, Angola and Congo, 30% of its total imports, also a quarter of oil and raw materials consumed by the United States come from these territories.

In the past decade China has invested 15.0000 million in Africa and has become its largest trading partner. Since 2006, trade between the two has tripled. Western companies lose contracts, and financial markets, claims that Africans solicited for funds from financial institutions

Beijing presents the alternative is attractive to African leaders, not for citizens who see their raw materials are depleted, in exchange for technology and products, sometimes, with all the quality of a hundred. It is unbalanced and unsustainable relationship, although it has not damaged the image of Asians or has caused feelings against him.

China and the United States amounts still uses the strategy of tension useless, that only benefits one of the main pillars of its economy: the military industry.

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