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Activist Interrupts War Propaganda ‘What About the Innocent People WE Are Killing With OUR Drone Strikes?’

Published: May 9, 2012
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Source: Activist Post

Peace Activist Medea Benjamin of Code Pink interrupted White House counterterrorism adviser John Brennan during a press conference about the progress of the war in Afghanistan last week.

When Brennan was espousing the notion that Al Qaeda’s image is badly tarnished around the Muslim world because he claims they’re killing mostly “innocent men, women and children,” Benjamin stood up and challenged him.

Benjamin shouted “What about the hundreds of innocent people we are killing with our drone strikes in Pakistan, Yemen and Somalia?”

The CIA admits that at most there are only 50-100 active Al Qaeda members in Afghanistan, about the average number of innocent civilians killed by U.S. drone attacks every month. And that number doesn’t include the number of innocents kill teams extinguished before snapping photos of andurinating on them.

Unfortunately, the war propagandists have the bully pulpit and Benjamin was dragged away by a large thug so Brennan could continue vomiting his lies.

That very same weekend, Brennan appeared ABC News’ This Week to further defend the U.S. murder of innocent civilians with drone strikes:

‘Unfortunately, in war, there are casualties, including among the civilian population,’ Brennan said on ABC News ‘This Week,’ answering a question about the covert drone program. U.S. missile attacks in Pakistan, Yemen and elsewhere are not officially acknowledged by the administration but are frequently discussed indirectly.

‘We’ve done everything possible in Afghanistan and other areas to reduce any risk to that civilian population,’ he continued. ‘Unfortunately, Al Qaeda burrows within these areas, you know, safe havens as well as areas where there are civilians, but we’ve been very, very judicious in working with our partners to try to be surgical in terms of addressing those terrorist threats.

‘Sometimes you have to take life to save lives,’ Brennan added, ‘and that’s what we’ve been able to do to prevent these individual terrorists from carrying out their murderous attacks.’ (Source)

Is there anyone still confused about who’s responsible for killing innocent civilians in the Muslim world? The Muslim population certainly is not.

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