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Actor Mark Ruffalo Just Added To Terror Watch List Before Anti-Fracking Documentary Screening

Published: January 16, 2017
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Actor Mark Ruffalo has just reportedly been added to a US terror advisory list after campaigning in support of a documentary that focuses on the alleged dangers of natural gas drilling.

Ruffalo recently drew the attention of Pennsylvania’s Office of Homeland Security after organizing screenings for the documentary Gasland, according to the Guardian.

The Telegraph confirmed that Ruffalo was added to the list, as far back as 2010.

That documentary recently won the special jury prize at this year’s Sundance film festival.

Ruffalo said he was “concerned about the impact of drilling on water supplies.”

For some time now, the well-known actor has addressed the subject, including in the latest edition of of the magazine GQ.

Gasland was directed by Josh Fox. The documentary follows the film-maker’s visits to communities in Pennsylvania where natural gas has been drilled with some clearly disturbing effects on the environment and community.

Fox documented his trip after a natural gas company wrote to him in 2008 with an offer to lease his family’s land in Milanville, Pennsylvania for $100,000.

The documentary has attracted attention for one particular scene where a local man shows that he is able to set his tapwater on fire.

Others claim they are suffering from numerous health issues due to their water having been contaminated.

Gasland has been fiercely opposed by the natural gas industry, and many are saying that this is the reason why Ruffalo has now been targeted by the FBI.

While Ruffalo was added to the Terror Watch List, he confirmed that he was still allowed to fly. While most are unaware, the reality is that most people are the No Fly List are actually permitted to fly after being subjected to additional screening requirements and the FBI being contacted.

From 2004-2007, I was on the No-Fly List as well, for anti-war activism, and interfaith work between Jewish and Muslim communities. While I was permitted to fly, the FBI was contacted by the airline each time I did, and local law enforcement were brought to follow me from check in to the terminal of departure. While the airlines themselves informed me that I was on the list, initially, I later confirmed this directly with the FBI.

It would seem that this is the layer of “No Fly” Terror Watch List that Ruffalo was added to as well, which the FBI informs us is what most on that list are subjected to.

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