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Adelson's Call For A Nuclear Strike On Iran Shows Need To Remove All Zionists From Positions Of Power

Published: October 26, 2013
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Source: Lee Rogers, Blacklisted News

During a panel at the Jewish based Yeshiva University, Sheldon Adelson the Zionist billionaire casino mogul stated that the United States should drop an atomic bomb on Iran.  The rhetoric towards Iran from Zionist Jews like Adelson is becoming so incredibly insane it is hard to believe that these people have any credibility left.  The Zionists have claimed for years that Iran is developing a nuclear weapon and that this alone provides justification for attacking them militarily.  This is despite the fact that there is no proof that Iran’s nuclear program is for anything but peaceful purposes.  This type of comment from Adelson and others of his ilk has more to do with Iran’s increasing role in the world as a regional power.  The last thing the Zionists want to see is a strong Islamic country like Iran that can counter balance Zionist power in the Middle East.  Another factor is the American people’s increased awareness of a misguided foreign policy that has been largely influenced by Zionist war mongers. 

Since September 11th 2001, American foreign policy has largely been dictated by Zionist Jews most notably through a group of neoconservatives which previously held important positions within the Bush 43 regime.  These policies which resulted in American led wars in Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya have primarily served the interests of Israel and special interests tied to the war industry.  These wars have been a disaster for the American people costing an untold amount of blood and treasure while at the same time further radicalizing the Muslim world against the United States.  Instead of decreasing terrorism in the world, these wars have actually helped increase America’s enemies throughout the region.  Specifically, American drone strikes which have increased substantially during the Obama regime’s reign have resulted in numerous civilian casualties.  These war crimes do nothing but fuel a desire for revenge against the United States.

With this pitiful foreign policy track record it is amazing that Zionist Jews continue to have as much influence as they do within the United States government.  The number of Zionist Jews that have held critical positions in the Obama regime is staggering especially considering that Jews only represent a small percentage of the American population.  Fortunately, the American public is beginning to understand how this foreign policy largely serves the interests of Israel and not America.  Proof of this is seen with Obama’s failed attempt to start another war in Syria.  His plan for war was met with no real international support and widespread disapproval from the American people.

Iran has also begun to emerge as a significant power in the Middle East.  American economic sanctions and empty propaganda targeting their nuclear program have failed to slow their emerging influence.  Iran has become more self-sufficient on a number of fronts proven by their development of a space program and production of military technologies including drones.  There is no question that Iran’s rise as a regional power represents a major counter balance to Zionist interests which have historically sought to dominate the region.    

This is why the Zionists are starting to panic and why their remarks are becoming increasingly bizarre and crazy.  The Israeli military is really nothing more than a paper tiger proven by their defeat at the hands of Hezbollah fighters during the 33 day war back in 2006.  Without American help the Israelis would have a very difficult time achieving victory against an opponent with modern military weaponry like Syria or Iran.  This is why the Zionists have continued to push for American military intervention against their enemies in the region.

Adelson’s remarks should be a wakeup call to anyone who is pro-Israel because it shows how unbelievably insane the Zionists are.  Iran for many decades has been a peaceful nation and unlike both the United States and Israel they have not launched unprovoked attacks against sovereign nations and peoples.  Iran has actually been the victim of Western aggression for well over half a century.  Back in the 1950s, the CIA launched a coup to over throw their democratically elected government.  The West also provided vast material support to Iraq’s leader Saddam Hussein during the Iran-Iraq war which lasted throughout the 1980s.  This war was started by Iraq when Hussein preemptively launched attacks against Iran following the 1979 Iranian revolution.  The United States even helped supply Hussein with chemical weapons that would eventually be used against the Iranians and the Kurdish people within his own country. 

The Zionists should really be the last people complaining about Iran’s nuclear program.  Israel is confirmed to have a fairly significant stockpile of nuclear weapons yet they are complaining about a country that they think might be developing a nuclear weapon.  It is even more absurd considering the fact that Israel has not signed on to the nuclear non-proliferation treaty.  It makes the 2012 UN speech delivered by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu all the more embarrassing.  It is hard to know how he managed to keep a straight face after he brought out the infamous bomb diagram when referring to Iran’s nuclear program.   

It is also worth noting that Obama’s highly questionable removal of several military generals has resulted in a Jew taking over command of America’s nuclear arsenal.  Major General Jack Weinstein recently replaced Major General Michael Carey following what has been described as personal misbehavior on his part.  This is all highly suspicious since Obama has failed to fire or replace many other people who have been either blatantly incompetent or responsible for all sorts of high crimes within his regime.  Weinstein’s appointment to this post seems to be political in nature which makes Adelson’s remarks even more important to understand.  It is doubtful Weinstein would have been appointed to this very important post unless he was willing to go along with whatever plans the people in power have.      

To conclude, Adelson’s remarks represent yet another piece of evidence that all Zionists be they Jewish or not should be removed from positions of power within the United States government.  Zionists have steered American foreign policy for far too long and it is time for a drastic change. 

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