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Alabama State Rep's move to castrate child molesters and rapists is a sh*tty idea and here's why:

Published: March 7, 2016
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There’s one question that disturbingly seems to be missing from the internet’s discourse about Alabama State Representative Steve Hurst’s recent introduction of a bill mandating forced surgical, permanent, castration administered upon child sex offenders at release from prison: Is the government even remotely qualified to be doling out forced life-changing body-altering procedures to anyone let alone child rapists?


So while many are locked in a binary discussion regarding the nature of the harsh punishment or of the crime very few people seem to recognize the precedent the hypothetical law would present; that the Alabama justice system convicts no innocent person of sexual assault or rape and so flawless is their system that it is qualified to divorce body parts from a human being as a form of judicial punishment.

In an editorial written for Community of The Wrongly Accused Dr. Bruce Gross defined just how nebulous the realm of ‘unfounded’ or falsified rape accusations stating: “The term "unfounded" is not a homogeneous classification and, to date, there is not a formalized, accepted definition of "false rape allegations." Certainly, the designation of false accusation should not include those situations in which the accuser was raped but unintentionally identified the wrong person as the alleged perpetrator. The definition of false allegation of rape cannot be limited to the situation in which the victim recants the accusation. There are women who were truly raped but for any number of reasons choose to recant. On the other hand, there are women who were not raped but do not recant their accusation.”. Moreover, the system as it currently stands is not designed with the proper checks and balances to ensure that the proper people are both prosecuted or exonerated cannot be guaranteed leaving the eventuality of the wrong penis getting the knife pretty certain.
Lest we forget that both falsely accusing people of rape and murdering them AND sex offenses are already both Alabama pastimes and turn the state into the prototypical example of ‘a state not to be given the power to cut anyone’s dick off even if they rape kids’. Though the chances of the bill being fully passed into law are somewhat slim it is still an opportunity to bring issues of concern into public discussion. Simply put, state and federal justice systems belong in courtrooms not in operating rooms and people need to be talking about it. How different is this really from lopping off hands for shoplifting?

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