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Amazon & Microsoft use appliances and toys to spy on families worldwide

Published: January 10, 2017
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Say goodbye to privacy and hello to Big Brother, soon every home appliance you purchase will spy on us. The list of home appliances that use Amazon's Alexa, Google Home, Samsung's 'SmartThings hub' and Amazon's Fire TV is growing at a disturbing pace.

Private companies are using our refrigerator, dishwasheroven, toasterwater heater, air conditioner, ceiling fan, washer and dryer, electrical outlets, light bulbs and lamps to spy on us inside our homes. (LG's 'Instaview' refrigerators have Alexa installed in them.)

General Electric (GE) and Alexa, think consumers will find it amusing that Amazon will control every appliance in our homes.

“Integrating our connected appliances with Alexa will help make consumers’ lives easier, more productive and a little more fun” Liz VerSchure, vice president responsible for GE Appliances connected strategy said.

GE's 'Monogram' appliances come installed with "Geneva" which means they allow Alexa to control your appliances. Don't forget GE just unveiled it's spying hairbrush, which is sure to become a staple in every household.

Motor vehicles equipped with Alexa

Ford's 'Sync3'  infotainment system uses Alexa in all their new cars, trucks and crossovers. It's only a matter of time before every new vehicle comes equipped with Alexa. Chrysler's new 'Portal' minivan comes equipped with facial recognition, soon every car will want your biometrics as well.

 Facial recognition TV's
(click here to find out more about Panasonic's facial recognition TV)

Soon every appliance will spy on you

“We’re excited to work with GE Appliances to bring hands-free voice control to major appliances like refrigerators, ranges, dishwashers and more for the first time,” said Charlie Kindel, Director, Amazon Alexa Smart Home. “One of our goals with Alexa is to enable voice control on every device within the home, and this collaboration gets us one step closer to achieving that. We can’t wait for our Alexa customers to try it out.”

What they're really saying is, they can't wait to spy on households across the country.
Amazon and Google surveillance
According to an article in Gizomdo, the FBI can neither confirm nor deny wiretapping Amazon Echo.

Matt Novak said, "I filed a Freedom of Information request with the FBI asking if the agency had ever wiretapped an Amazon Echo. This week I got a response: “We can neither confirm nor deny...”

Last year, I warned everyone that 'Google Home' was spying on everyone and last month police in Arkansas asked Amazon for all the information 'Echo' captured to help solve a murder.

 NSA Microsoft to teach kids "good manners" while recording everything

Mattel's 'Aristotle' (Amazon's 'Echo' for kids) records everything it hears – including questions from children and forwards it to the developers.

"Aristotle delivers more enhanced AI capabilities that enable it to do more specialized functions autonomously, including helping sooth a crying baby, purchase diapers or find online deals, reinforce good manners in kids, and even help kids learn a foreign language." 

What parent wouldn't want the NSA Microsoft teaching their kids "good manners"?
Microsoft and the NSA spy on babies and children

"Aristotle uses Microsoft Cognitive Services – and soon Cortana Intelligence – for custom built AI with baby-centric features. It also includes search capabilities tied to parenting questions around baby and child care, powered by Bing." 

"Aristotle was specifically designed to grow up with a child and therefore provide and perform skills and functions based on their changing needs."

Four years ago, the UK Guardian revealed that Microsoft was collaborating with the NSA. (click here & here to learn more.)
Mattel uses kids toys to spy on families worldwide

"Mattel is taking advantage of some of the newest and most exciting technologies from Qualcomm Technologies, like deep learning, voice recognition, audio, display camera and connectivity, to bring the benefits of the IoT to the home," said Raj Talluri, senior vice president, Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.  (Mattel operates in 40 countries and sells products to more than 150 nations.)

What Qualcomm is really saying is, DHS is using Mattel toys to spy on families worldwide!
(A Google search of Qualcomm Technologies and Homeland Security returned over 2.3 million hits.)

Things have gotten so bad, even TV remotes are spying on us.

XFINITY's new voice activated TV remote listens to everyone and their home security package allows you to open doors, turn on lights and activate your thermostat via your smartphone. If you can use your smartphone to see what's happening in your home, don't you think Comcast can too?

2017: Spying trash cans

Simplehuman has designed a voice activated, Wi-Fi connected trash can. Why make a voice activated trash can, that can spy on everyone? What happened to the Bill of Rights?

This is the world DHS, the NSA and private corporations want. A world where everyone's home is being spied on and NOTHING is secret.

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