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Americans have PRISM, and the Russians have SORM and PAK.

Published: November 10, 2013
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Rough translation

If Edward Snowden actually is an enemy of the ubiquitous wiretaps, that the place of asylum could not have chosen a worse country. Putin’s Russia is a world leader in surveillance of its own citizens and restricting freedom of speech. In addition to advanced technology has special services are still nourishing the spirit of totalitarian predecessors. SORM, PAK, internet filtering – from one year to the Russian Big Brother sees more and more.

World media live revelations about the scale of surveillance own and foreign citizens by the American services. The perpetrator of this storm Edward Snowden found refuge in Russia. The place is quite unusual for whistleblowers giant surveillance, for example, as ranked by Freedom House assessment level of freedom on the internet, Russia has fallen in the last year of the 30th at 41 Next year will probably be even lower – because the authorities intend to further strengthen control of the internet and mobile telephony.

Big Brother of the Lubyanka

It will be a big step toward “kitaizacji” – as they say the Russians (“Kitai” is in Russian, China – ed) – the Internet. The Federal Security Service (FSB) will get access to the user data of most e-mail services and mobile users, such as: telephone numbers, IP addresses, account names, activity on social networks, e-mail addresses. Importantly, this data will be available for service 12 hours from the time of their capture.

This is the result of a draft ordinance of the Ministry of Communications and Mass Communications of operational-investigative activities on the internet that a few days ago approved the FSB in the public consultation.

Practical surveillance is to affect users of the Russian services mail:,,,,, and ICQ. But the FSB will also gain access to e-mail members of foreign mail service Gmail and Yahoo!

The draft regulation was established in the Ministry of Communications in the spring of this year. Requires the ISP to connect its network to a special software, which will be managed by the FSB. By this software will pass all traffic on the network by the Internet, the FSB will receive technical ability to store all data packets and keep them for 12 hours. This period will be extended, of course, if you serve in the captured data will find something suspicious.

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