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Attack On Pussy Riot Members At McDonalds Appears To Have Been Staged

Published: March 9, 2014
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In previous articles I have covered how Pussy Riot the so-called Russian punk rock protest group is nothing more than a Western backed agitation and propaganda operation targeting Russia.  It is the only reason why these people have received such positive and widespread media coverage in America.  A couple of their members have even appeared on the Colbert Report and at an Amnesty International financed concert with Madonna.  As part of an effort to generate more attention for their cause they are now resorting to releasing staged videos which supposedly show them being victimized by either the Russian government or supporters of Vladimir Putin.

Just this past week Pussy Riot released a new video claiming to show a couple of their most prominent members Maria Alyokhina and Nadezhda Tolokonnikova being attacked at a Russian McDonalds by a group of young men wearing patriotic symbols.   The video is so obviously staged that it borders on the ridiculous.


In the video, the young men are seen yelling obscenities at the women while throwing garbage and assaulting them.  One of the men even unveil a sign.  All of this takes place in roughly around two minutes worth of time.  There are however, a number of questions surrounding what took place here.

First off, the person filming doesn’t even try to stop the men from attacking the women.  It seems as if whoever is filming is more concerned with documenting certain aspects of the incident instead of preventing the assault.

Secondly, the women don’t seem to resist the attack.  They just sit there looking as if they were waiting for this to happen.  Nadezhda even looks like she's about to start laughing when the young men start throwing garbage around.

Third, did this group of young men just randomly expect to find two of the most prominent members of Pussy Riot eating at McDonalds?  More importantly would they just be randomly equipped with paint and a protest sign?  None of it makes any sense unless the entire thing was pre-planned.

Fourth, the video doesn’t even show a clear shot of any of the men spraying green paint on the two Pussy Riot chicks.  They might have put the paint on themselves when they were covering their faces for all we know.  Maybe if other angles of the incident become available we’ll know for sure but it still raises some questions.

Fifth, they say that Maria had to get treatment due to alleged injuries sustained from the attack.  Assuming the injuries were even real to begin with, they couldn't have been that serious.  This is because she had time to shoot a video introduction with Nadezhda before going to the hospital.  It looks as if shooting the propaganda was more important than receiving treatment.

There is just no reason to believe that this was a spontaneous event.  Amazingly this stunt is actually worse than the one they did in Sochi with the Cossacks using horse whips on them.

It looks as if this was part of an effort to make people believe Pussy Riot is once again being victimized in Russia.  So not only are they being victimized by the Russian government, but they’re now also being victimized by average people who are pro-Putin.  This is at least the meme that they are trying to present.  It is just more anti-Putin, anti-Russian propaganda.

What’s scary is that we see clowns in the so-called alternative media like the Young Turks report this as a serious story.  Maybe they should have watched the video a little more closely before going on and on about Pussy Riot’s alleged victimization considering how ridiculously staged this video looks.

At this point it should be incredibly obvious that Pussy Riot is nothing more than a Western backed agitation operation.  Whoever is in charge of this crap needs to do a much better job with their anti-Russian propaganda because it has now become embarrassingly bad.

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