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As Americans Argue Over Russia, US Gov’t Quietly Allows ‘Dark Money’ Groups to Keep Donors Secret

While politicians and mainstream media outlets obsess over President Trump’s recent press conference with Russian President Putin, the United State Treasury quietly announced that it will no longer force “dark-money” groups or certain tax-exempt organizations to disclose their financial donors.

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Commandos Sans Frontières: The Global Growth Of U.S. Special Operations Forces

Unless they end in disaster, most missions remain in the shadows, unknown to all but a few Americans.

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"Guns, Sex, Spycraft" - Court Filing Unveils Shocking New Details In Russian Spy Case

Another interesting twist in the investigation of Maria Butina, the alleged Russian spy who tried to infiltrate the NRA and tried to arrange meetings between then-candidate Trump and Russian President Putin, has just been revealed in a new filing by the DOJ in its case against Butina, who is presently sitting in federal custody as she battles to be freed on bail.

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Gamer faces new charges in Kansas fatal ‘swatting’ case

One of the online gamers accused in a video game dispute that led police to fatally shoot a Kansas man is facing new charges. KWCH-TV reports that Shane Gaskill was charged Tuesday with more counts of wire fraud and making a false statement. Gaskill previously pleaded not guilty to federal counts including obstruction of justice.

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How a Judge Came to the Aid of Prosecutors Over a Billboard for NSA Whistleblower Reality Winner

When a loosely knit group, the Whistleblower Support Network, put up a billboard in Augusta, Georgia, for NSA whistleblower Reality Winner, it did not take long for a federal judge hearing the case to scold defense attorneys. However, Winner’s defense had absolutely nothing to do with the billboard, which went up on June 6, before Winner accepted a plea agreement from the United States government. It was put up by activists, who did not coordinate at all with her attorneys.

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Bill to Block Feds' Personal Email, Social Media Access Advances

The House Oversight Committee forwarded a bill Tuesday that would give federal agency leaders broad authority to block employees’ access to personal email accounts and social media without consulting employee unions. The bill’s goal is to allow agency leaders to act quickly to counter cyber threats coming from web-based email and social media, both of which are common vectors for phishing attacks, the bill’s sponsor, Rep. Gary Palmer, R-Ala., said.

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When fake news kills: India’s top court and WhatsApp aim to fight mob violence over false rumors

At least 25 people have been lynched in recent months in India after false rumors were posted on WhatsApp and social media. The Supreme Court is calling for anti-lynching laws, while the app launched a campaign against fake news. Acts of brutal ‘vigilante justice’ have spiked over the last few months. Enraged mobs across India ambush and kill people suspected of various things, ranging from rape and abduction of children to the slaughtering of cows. All rumors emerge in and are disseminated through messaging services, mainly via WhatsApp, and on social media. Some mobs are reported to have hundreds and thousands of participants involved.

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Sheriff Accused of Holding Cocaine Parties for Fellow Cops to Rape Underage Girls

Etowah County Sheriff Todd Entrekin is under investigation for allegedly hosting cocaine parties with underage girls, after Mary Elizabeth Cross came forward with claims that she had sex with Entrekin on four separate occasions in the early 90’s; when she was 15 and he was 29.

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Green Groups Sue EPA to Reverse Pruitt’s Last Act

Environmental groups filed a lawsuit Tuesday in an attempt to block Scott Pruitt's last act as head of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), an act they say his replacement Andrew Wheeler declined to undo despite requests. On July 6, the EPA wrote two memos saying the makers of super-polluting "glider trucks," new truck bodies using old engines, could ignore an Obama-era rule limiting the number of these vehicles to 300 per manufacturer per year.

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One of the Secret Service agents protecting U.S. President Donald Trump during his trip to Scotland died yesterday from a severe stroke. In a statement released Tuesday, the Secret Service confirmed the death “with great sadness and regret” and revealed the agent died surrounded by his family and “extended Secret Service family.” His identity was not released to protect the privacy of his grieving loved ones and to allow time to notify other relatives.

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Winklevoss Twins Donate $130K To Cuomo Before Winning NY 'Bitlicense'

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, a political scion and erstwhile contender for the 2020 Democratic nomination, is fighting for his political future as simmering public outrage over the NYC subway has bolstered a celebrity primary challenger who is attacking Cuomo from the left. And in the latest revelation about corruption - or at least the appearance of corruption - in Albany, the New York Post has published a story about how Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss donated a total of $130,000 to Cuomo's reelection campaign weeks before New York State issued their firm, the Gemini Trust Company, a license to trade bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies.

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Ex-FBI chief James Comey urges Americans to vote for Democrats in midterm elections

Former FBI director and long-time Republican supporter James Comeyis urging American voters to support Democrats in the upcoming midterm elections.

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EU Slaps Google With Record $5 Billion Fine For Android Antitrust Violations

Shares of Google parent Alphabet are in the red on Wednesday morning as European Union antitrust regulators unveiled a record €4.3 billion ($5 billion) fine against the tech giant for allegedly anti-competitive practices related to Google's Android operating system. The wide-ranging probes into Alphabet have been a primary focus of Margrethe Vestager, the bloc's famously aggressive competition commissioner, since she was first appointed to the role in 2014.

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Ladies Professional Golf Association using facial recognition technology to surveill fans and spectators

Golf fans will be happy to know that the LPGA considers every fan a potential terrorist. Last week an article in Sport Techie revealed that the LPGA is using NEC’s biometric NeoFace facial recognition technology to identify every fan. Why would the LGPA use facial recognition to spy on fans?

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UK: Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse fined £200,000 for revealing identities of possible abuse victims in mass email

The Inquiry, set up in 2014 to investigate the extent to which institutions failed to protect children from sexual abuse, did not keep confidential and sensitive personal information secure. This is a breach of the Data Protection Act 1998.

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Russian woman charged with acting as Kremlin agent, 'infiltrating organizations'

A Russian woman living in D.C. has been charged for conspiring to work for the Russian government by establishing relationships and infiltrating organizations that have influence in U.S. politics, the Department of Justice (DOJ) announced Monday. Federal authorities on Sunday arrested Maria Butina, a 29-year-old Russian citizen, and charged her “with conspiracy to act as an agent of the Russian Federation within the United States without prior notification to the Attorney General,” according to a DOJ press release.

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Papa John Accuses PR Firm Of Blackmailing Him For $6 Million; Refused To Work With Kanye Over "N" Word

Papa John's founder John Schnatter is punching back after resigning from his company's board last week in disgrace over racially insensitive comments he made during a "diversity media training" conference call with marketing firm Laundry Service. In a Saturday letter to the board of directors, Schnatter claims that Laundry Service tried to blackmail the pizza chain for $6 million to keep quiet about his use of the N-word during an answer to a question over whether he's a racist. He also says that he refused to work with Kanye West over the artist's use of the N-word. 

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Former Health agency's top attorney charged after OSBI determines she sent threats to herself

The former top lawyer at the Oklahoma Health Department was accused Tuesday in a criminal charge of sending threatening emails to herself in an attention-seeking ploy.

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China expands surveillance of sewage to police illegal drug use

Dozens of cities across China are applying an unusual forensic technique to monitor illegal drug use: chemically analysing sewage for traces of drugs, or their telltale metabolites, excreted in urine. One southern city, Zhongshan, a drug hotspot, is also monitoring waste water to evaluate the effectiveness of its drug-reduction programmes, says Li Xiqing, an environmental chemist at Peking University in Beijing who is working with police in these cities.

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