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Beyond The Phantom Of Terror: Five Real Ways America Is Under Attack

Published: December 1, 2012
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Source: Saman Mohammadi

1. Economic Warfare: Big Banks, Imaginary Cliffs, And Genocidal Austerity.

America’s economic life has been deliberately brought to a halt by the psychopathic international oligarchy that controls the Federal Reserve, corporate America, and the U.S. political system. The systematic destruction of the American economy began in the 1970s and it continues to accelerate. There is no question that the deindustrialization of America was preventable. But sine the globalists in Washington abandoned America and its people, they saw to it that America’s core industries were destroyed.

The big event that advanced this covert economic policy was 9/11, which marked the beginning of a politically transformative global war on terror that has drained much of the economic resources of the nation. Trillions of dollars were wasted in Iraq and Afghanistan by the military-industrial-congressional complex.

The other major event that further enabled the looting of the American public treasury by the global financial oligarchy was the 2008 financial crash. The bailout of the criminal big banks was done at the expense of the economic security of the American people. The U.S. political elite was faced with a key decision in the fall of 2008 – defend the American people, or bail out the predatory international bankers – they went with the bankers.

And now the bankers are back for more money. The term “fiscal cliff” has been introduced into the public psyche to pave the way for the continued looting of the American people by the big banks. Key government programs that provide a basic safety net for millions of people will be cut under the rogue Obama regime. Dr. Webster Tarpley has the right term for this bipartisan policy: genocidal austerity.

For more information, see: 1) Webster Tarpley’s “Emergency Call for a United Front Against Austerity,” 2) “Why the Fiscal Cliff is a Scam,” by The Real News, and 3) Alex Jones - The Destruction of America: Brought to You By JP Morgan Chase.

2. Psychological Warfare: Media Propaganda, Mass Mind Control, And Cultural Programming.

The reality that America is under an information siege could not be any clearer. This siege is part of a larger psychological war on the American public mind. The music and film industries are actively engaged in this diabolical war. Stalinist tactics are being used by the U.S. government, mainstream media, and Hollywood. Ninety-five percent of films is social and cultural programming.

The upcoming propaganda film “Zero Dark Thirty” was made to reinforce the mythic narrative that Bin Laden attacked America and that Obama ordered his death while he was hiding out in Pakistan. Both claims are false. The film itself is most likely a Pentagon black opthat has the aim of further brainwashing the American people.

3. Total Global Warfare: Torture, Indefinite Detention, Killer Drones, And Presidential Assassinations.

Americans are being tortured by their own government. This is an indisputable fact. Read Glenn Greenwald’s article about the vicious and cruel treatment of free speech hero Bradley Manning by the military called, “Bradley Manning: a tale of liberty lost in America.”

Also, go here to read what Glenn Greenwald has to say about the idea of there being a “global battlefield,” and what this means. In the annals of history, no empire has had the technological capabilities, the arrogance, and the determination to wage war against the entire Earth.

In our time, the idea of a global battlefield, which is really spiritual in nature, has been utilized by the murderous totalitarian fascists in the U.S. government to basically declare any member of the human species to be a potential terrorist that can be killed without being given a trial in a U.S. court or an international court.

If person X opposes Obama’s policies then he is killed by his army of drones. That is U.S. foreign policy in a nutshell. Obama likes to kill defenseless citizens of the global village from the sky like a coward. A person would be mad to follow such a cruel and heartless leader.

For more analysis, read, “Everyone Is On Satan’s Kill List: The Rise of The Antichrist And The Death of Mankind.”

4. Intellectual Warfare: Dissent As Conspiracy Theories And The Weapon of Ridicule.

I’ve written so much about this topic that it is unnecessary to write anything new here. I’ll refer you to these articles: 1) “Why People Reject Conspiracy Theories,” 2) “Destroying Freedom, Truth And Justice With The Power of Words,” and 3) “Freedom of Speech In The West Is Constrained By The “Conspiracy Theory” Label.”

5. Political Warfare: Destruction of The Bill of Rights And Gradual Implementation of Covert Policies.

The core principles and laws of America have been systematically attacked by Republican and Democratic administrations. Obama is finishing what his predecessors in office started. Read, “President Obama Kills The Bill of Rights, Hands Americans A Bill of Lies.”

Republican and Democratic leaders, in league with the international banking cartel, have uprooted America under the cover of darkness, dug up its proud national soil, and scattered it to the winds of history.

The process of destroying the integrity of America’s legal and political structures has gone for decades. Post-Kennedy U.S. presidents have done violence to the American people in secrecy while falsely presenting themselves in public as their protectors. Their betrayal is generational and bipartisan. As creators of a fascist totalitarian world state, they deem America their worst enemy. They have done more to destroy America than the combined forces of radical Islam ever will.

The threat of terrorism is a misty and shadowy demon outside the gates. It is a phantom enemy. The real enemies of America made the country their home in 1913 with the establishment of the private Federal Reserve banking system. Bankers, not terrorists, present the greatest threat to America and modern Western civilization.

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