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Big Brother wants to create 17.5 million spying motorists

Published: July 12, 2016
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Source: Mass Private I

image credit: Surveillance OZ

Big Brother and auto insurance companies have devised a devious new way to encourage Americans to spy on each other. They're offering motorists an insurance discount, if they purchase and install dashcams in their own vehicles!

New York Assembly member Alicia Hyndman and NY Senator Jose Peralta have introduced a bill that would give New York drivers a 5% auto insurance discount for having a dash camera installed in their car. Fyi, insurance companies are also secretly identifying motorists and passengers using facial biometrics.

Big Brother to use dashcams to monitor the public

They (gov't officials) say the video drivers provide is invaluable to law enforcement in solving many situations.

“Plus if motorists feel that they’re being taped by a dash cam, then maybe, just maybe they will think twice before engaging in reckless driving or leaving the scene of an accident,” Peralta said.

What they're really saying is, dashcams will be used to monitor and silence the public, if they know they're being spied on everywhere they go.

Police say they spy on motorists because criminals drive cars

Denver police Commander Paul Pazen claims they're spying on motorists because criminals typically use cars when committing crimes. DDACT's capture information about every vehicle and also collects info. about innocent car owners.  When Pazen is asked if he works for the NSA he just laughed.

AAA to see if dashcams would be a cost effective way to create a nation of spies

“We need more data. We need to be able to quantify it better as to whether a discount at all would be merited,” AAA Spokesman Robert Sinclair explained.

He said like seatbelts, airbags, and backup cameras, dash cams might become standard in the future.

Big Brother wants to create 17.5 million spies

According to Oregon Live, there are close to 17.5 million cars in America, which means Big Brother wants to create a nation of spying motorists.

U.S. auto sales hit a record high of 17.47 million in 2015, topping the old record of 17.35 million set in 2000.  Analysts expect sales could go even higher this year as unemployment continues to decline and more young buyers enter the market.

Garbage trucks and trucking companies use dashcams to spy on the public

"Waste Management's trucks are on your streets every day. Our drivers are familiar with their routes, so they’re often the first to notice when something is amiss.

As your community partner, we assist local police and fire departments by acting as extra eyes and ears on local streets."

How bad is commercial truck spying?

A search for "trucking companies installing dash cams" returned over 630,000 hits. According to Trucking Truth, "Many trucking companies have installed, or are going to install, in-cab cameras that face both the road and the driver." 

What is Bill A10392?

Bill A10392, would let law enforcement and insurance companies view dashcam images.

The bill would allow dashcam evidence to be used in civil and criminal proceedings and allows the insurer to review any images. According to the bill, motorists are responsible for making sure their dashcams are always recording.

Dashcams to become part of safety inspections

Senator Peralta spent nearly a decade trying to get NY to adopt DHS ID's

In 2005, DHS said it was aware of the problem and was working with law enforcement to prevent false documents from aiding terrorists. State Sen. Jose Peralta (D-Jackson Heights) has spent nearly a decade trying to remedy the dangerous situation.

"He [Sen. Greg Ball]  also seems unaware that all immigrant driver’s licenses, including the one I have proposed in New York and those already in place in 11 states and Washington D.C., must be clearly distinguishable and meet with the approval of the Department of Homeland Security."

Think about what's happening to America, police are using public CCTV cameras to spy on the public and now this? Do you want every car to spy on us? Do you feel safer knowing our gov't. is spying on us everywhere we go?

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