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Boston on Lock-Down

Published: April 19, 2013
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The city of Boston and the surrounding area has been transformed into a militarized police state.  It is absurdly ridiculous that a manhunt for a single 19 year old man has justified the lockdown of a major metropolitan city.  Even before the manhunt was under way you had Army National Guard, transit cops with ridiculous looking motorcycle helmets, Department of Homeland Security police, uniformed men with AR-15 styled machine guns and a myriad of other military and police roaming around Boston.  They even called in police from other cities and towns around Massachusetts to participate in these operations.  Now that this manhunt is underway, the government has ordered a total lockdown of Boston and surrounding towns are conducting warrantless door to door searches, have established no-fly zones and have militarized police units roaming around the entire Greater Boston area.  This is a total overreaction to the events that transpired on Monday and has more to do with the government attempting to condition people into accepting the deployment of a mass militarized police presence as a normal every day occurrence. 

There is no question that the events that took place this past Monday were horrific in nature.    The people watching the race were innocent bystanders who didn’t deserve to be killed or injured in that manner.  As awful as those events were, a militarized police presence is not going to stop an evil person or a group of evil people from committing horrific acts like this.  This is especially true considering that major terror attacks that have struck on American soil and even on foreign soil have been linked directly back to government involvement.  As a result, a larger police presence like what we are seeing in Boston will increase the chances of another terrorist attack occurring because the government seems to be habitually involved in executing these attacks and covering up what happened after the fact.  The September 11th attacks, the Oklahoma City bombings, the 7/7 London bombings and other events are just some examples people should research and look into.  They all indicate some sort of government involvement along with a massive cover up by shill media personalities and stooges in positions of governmental power.

To take it a step further, there was already an enormous amount of security personnel that was on-site at the Boston Marathon with bomb sniffing dogs, snipers, police and military.  Yet despite that, they were unable to stop these bombs from killing and maiming a large number of people.  Never mind the suspicious drills and the strange military type personnel that were hanging around the finish line that indicate government involvement and an on-going cover up.  Even if we were to assume that the official narrative unfolding is real with these two Russian immigrants being responsible, a police presence that was twice as large or even ten times as large would not have guaranteed that these bombings would have been stopped.  No police presence no matter how large is going to keep people safe 100% of the time.  This is just a risk you take by living as a free human being.

It is preferable that we face any alleged terrorists versus submitting to a militarized police state which is actually much more capable of terrorizing a population than some so-called Al-Qaeda terror cell.  We have seen the TSA terrorize millions of airline travelers with their naked scanning devices and passenger groping sessions for well over a decade following the September 11th attacks.  Even after implementing these policies for years they have still yet to catch a single terrorist.  With this in mind, does anyone actually believe that a militarized police presence, more close circuit TV cameras and random searches will keep them safer?  It actually makes you less safe because now you will have more criminal uniformed goons placed in positions of power who could abuse their authority.

We are already seeing the corporate media shills call for more closed circuit TV cameras, random searches of people in public places and other ridiculous restrictions on individual freedom.  They will probably even find a way to use this in order to go attack the second amendment and individual gun rights.  There is little doubt that this will be a narrative that will be pushed with great vigor by the establishment well after these events have come to their conclusion. 

As I’ve gone over in my previous articles, the official narrative unfolding is highly suspicious and should be questioned.  The FBI has yet to produce any solid evidence indicating that these two young men actually committed the crimes they are being accused of taking part in.  Releasing photos and a video of them being in the general area of where the bombings took place does not constitute 100% proof of guilt especially when there are numerous other individuals in photos taken before the bombing who look far more suspicious.  Where’s video of either of them placing a bag in the areas where these bombs blew up?   What other proof does the FBI have besides random accusations? 

The fact that there is no solid proof that has been presented to the public makes the implementation of this militarized police state and this lock down of a major metropolitan area an embarrassing joke.  Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick, Boston Mayor Thomas “Mumbles” Menino and the other individuals in government who are directing this operation should be embarrassed at what they are doing.  They should all be removed from public office for abusing their positions of authority and for misusing governmental resources.  They have green lit an unnecessary and disruptive operation that are violating people’s Constitutional rights in order to go on a fishing expedition to find a single 19 year old man.  This is despite not showing the public any real concrete proof that this young man was actually involved in the bombings or in the events that took place last night.
Why not at least show the public the security footage from last night of them robbing the 7-Eleven?  Or how about producing some eyewitnesses to the alleged robbery and the shootout that was said to have occurred after?  These are just simple questions that they seem to be incapable of answering and it makes what’s happening in Boston all the more comical the longer this goes on.

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