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Cameron: ‘Yes’ Vote Will Make Scottish ‘More Vulnerable to Islamic Terror’

Published: September 8, 2014
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It’s official: the UK are in full panic mode on Scottish independence.

As ubiquitous political tools go, nothing beats the old ‘terror threat’. Coming just one week after British PM David Cameron announced that due to the ISIS crisis in Iraq, the terror threat was being raised to SEVERE, Cameron seems to be threatening Scotland with a wave of “Islamic terror” if the Scottish dare to vote ‘Yes’ on independence from London.

CHANNELING HIS INNER BUSH: As Westminster paedophiles threaten public confidence in their ability to govern, Dave falls back on the terror widget (Photo: Coolness of Hind)

Clearly, Cameron was beaming with confidence from inside the Welsh castle fortified specially for NATO’s annual chest-puffing photo session and circle jerk, so much so that he’s allowing the public to see his true colours. According the PM,Scotland will be more vulnerable to terror attacks if it votes for independence on Sept. 18th. Cameron’s justification for this precarious position is that all of us now live in a “very dangerous and insecure world”.

Help us Dave. Tell us why would ISIS or al Qaeda would want to target the Scots? 

Is Scotland flooding the Middle East with arms? Is Scotland regularly lying its way into war after war? On the contrary, by separating itself from the Empire, Scotland’s Jihadi Threat Index would drop somewhere down near Ireland.

In his own divisive and overly confident way, the “big idea” that David is trying sell here is that being part of Great Britain somehow gives Scots the protective benefits of being a feather in London’s cap.

“With terrorist threats and other threats, isn’t it better to be part of a United Kingdom that has a top-five defense budget, some of the best intelligence and security services anywhere in the world, that is part of every single alliance that really matters in the world in terms of NATO, the G-8, the G-20, the European Union, a member of the security council of the UN?” Cameron said. 

With all due respect Dave, your proposition sounds just like a protection racket.

Yes Dave. The best defense, the best ‘intelligence’ and a full-blown police and surveillance state – yet, year in, year out, according to successive British governments, the UK is always the world’s number two target for terrorist attacks at home. That’s the narrative anyway.

“All those networks and abilities to work with allies to keep us safe. Isn’t it better to have those things than separate yourself from them?”

‘Be afraid!’, says Dave.

Desperate, very desperate. 

Scots should take note. This is the level of psychological, fear-based manipulation that Westminster has been using on its own population for years, but to weaponise it and target Scottish voters is beyond shameful. 

And to think, this man is meant to be in charge of things.

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