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Catalonia’s independence referendum turns violent as Spanish police unleash brutality on unarmed voters

Published: October 1, 2017
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Source: The Duran

As Catalans go to the polls to vote in an independence referendum, the fears of many independence activists have been confirmed as Spanish police unleash violence on voters.

Spanish police have been videoed firing rubber bullets and unarmed civilians and a further video emerged of a Spanish police officer in a riot uniform slamming a young women to the ground.





The leader of Catalonia, Carles Puigdemont has stated,

“The unjustified, disproportionate and irresponsible violence of the Spanish state today has not only failed to stop Catalans’ desire to vote … but has helped to clarify all the doubts we had to resolve today”.



The Catalan government has directly blamed Spanish leader Mariano Rajoy for being responsible for the acts of police brutality.





Wikileaks founder and anti-war activist Julian Assange has condemned the violence. He previously stated that the Spanish regime’s attempts to shut down websites and social media accounts from Catalonia amounted to a cyber-war.




As further images of Spanish brutality against Catalans emerge, it is not difficult to see why the Rajoy regime may indeed fall as a result of the protests. Objectively, people will not be convinced to remain part of Spain, if Spanish authorities savage their bodies in the streets for expressing a different democratic opinion.



The vote continues through the day, in spite of the violent attempts by Spain to stop the election from peacefully proceeding.



Further video emerged of Spanish police destroy a polling station as Catalans tried to vote.

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