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China's Moon Landing Hoax Becoming Increasingly Obvious By The Day

Published: December 29, 2013
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A few weeks ago the Chinese supposedly landed an unmanned craft on the moon and launched a lunar rover to explore the surface.  Since that point in time there has been very little information released by the Chinese as to their scientific findings.  A simple Google News search reveals that there has been very little coverage of this event since the initial landing.  The little coverage there is seems to primarily focus on the political implications of this so-called lunar landing as it pertains to China emerging as a world power.  There are very little if any stories focusing on their exploration of the moon.  At this point, one would expect at minimum that we would be seeing droves of video clips and pictures taken from the lunar surface.  Instead we have seen almost nothing.  The lack of scientific findings, video and photos is just more evidence that the Chinese lunar landing is nothing more than a staged hoax.

The only video footage shown from the mission has been highly questionable to begin with.  So far we have only seen video of the craft’s alleged approach to the moon and the lunar rover supposedly rolling out on to the lunar surface.  There are significant issues with both video clips which suggest that they have been completely manufactured in a studio environment.  The anomalies are mentioned in my previous article which originally questioned the authenticity of this event. 

At this point it is highly questionable that this is the only available video footage originating from the mission.  This is despite the fact that the lunar rover should have been on the moon for over two weeks now.  There should be hours upon hours of video footage and thousands of photos taken from the moon's surface.  Surely if this were a legitimate moon landing the Chinese would be anxious to share their video and photos with the world.  This would go a long way to prove what a technological power China has become. 

It is also interesting to note that on Christmas Eve it was announced that the moon rover would be put to sleep because of the lunar night which lasts roughly around two weeks.  In other words, it looks like they won’t be accomplishing a whole lot for at least a little while.  It was also claimed that they had completed a number of scientific tests but few if any details about these particular tests have been provided.

What is amazing is how many people are merely accepting this event at face value when there is little if any evidence to suggest that the Chinese have actually landed anything on the moon.  This is important because it is helping shape a narrative suggesting that the Chinese are emerging as a power in space.  If this wasn’t the case than why is it that the focus of this story has primarily been on the political implications of this news instead of what they are trying to accomplish in terms of scientific exploration?

Here’s another question.  If the Chinese really have the capabilities to put a craft on the moon, why wouldn’t they roll their lunar rover past the sites of the alleged Apollo moon landings?  This would be a huge boost to the Chinese no matter what they find at these sites.  If they find nothing at these sites they could embarrass the United States by announcing to the world that the Americans faked the Apollo moon missions.   In the unlikely scenario that there is actually gear from the Apollo missions on the lunar surface, they would be able to provide the world with concrete evidence that they are on the moon.  Unfortunately for the United States government and NASA the chances of any equipment from the Apollo missions being found on the moon is virtually zero.  Anyone who has examined the Apollo missions carefully would agree that these missions were faked.  If they weren’t faked NASA would have had countless other successful missions to the moon in the past several decades considering the exponential increase in technological capabilities.  It is ridiculous to suggest otherwise.

It should be interesting to see how this story develops but the longer the Chinese hold out on releasing new information the more obvious the hoax becomes.  Perhaps it is just taking them longer than they originally anticipated to fake additional video and photos of the lunar surface.  After all, the amount of resources they put into creating the phony stuff they’ve released so far must have taken some time and effort. 


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