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Cops want Americans charged with a hate crime for criticizing police

Published: January 24, 2017
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Source: Mass Private I

Police across the country are trying to make it a hate crime, to criticize first responders or to resist arrest even if a person is innocent! (first responders are police, firefighters and EMS personnel.)
According to Louisiana's new law, citizens who criticize first responders can be sentenced to prison for up to six months and given a $500 penalty. If convicted of a felony, they can receive an additional five years and fines up to $5,000.
What if a cop grabs a protester’s arm and they make a movement the cop considers aggressive, a minor disturbing the peace charge could be bumped up to a hate crime! Once a person is charged with a hate crime, they'll be sentenced to an additional 5 years behind bars. (Lawmakers in eight states are trying to criminalize protesting).
A newly enacted Oklahoma law makes any “assault” on an off-duty cop a felony even if they're acting in self-defense against a drunken off-duty cop. Any physical contact with the cop is considered a felony. 
Still doubt this is really happening? 
Yesterday, an Oklahoma woman was charged with inciting violence because she called police "pigs".
"We don't think it was very nice of her to threaten the lives and safety of our clients," Attorney David Kirk said.

Police also, want to arrest Americans based on 'sentiment analysis' of their Tweets.

According to professor Juan Manuel Corchado, law enforcement could use the tool to detect , threats and areas with concentrations of potentially dangerous people. “It’s based both on the semantic analysis of messages and historical data and their evolution.”

Arresting Americans for criticizing police is a mistake

America incarcerates more people than any other country in the world. Each year 636,000 people walk out of America's prisons while nearly half a million haven't even been convicted of committing a crime! Our justice system is one big money-making revolving door.

From coast to coast, police want citizens arrested for criticizing first responders:
 Colorado citizens aren't allowed to resist an unlawful arrest
“It is no defense to a prosecution under this section that the peace officer was attempting to make an arrest which in fact was unlawful, if he was acting under color of his official authority, and in attempting to make the arrest he was not resorting to unreasonable or excessive force giving rise to the right of self-defense."
 Law enforcement officers turned politicians want to arrest Americans for criticizing police
Last year, congressmen Ken Buck introduced H.R. 4760, which makes attacking a first responder a federal 'hate' crime. Buck worked as a prosecutor for 25 years, where he arrested and charged hundreds of people with hate crimes.

“I understand the concern about hate crime legislation,” Buck said, adding that he has used hate crimes laws himself when he was a prosecutor. When it was appropriate, I charged cases under the hate crimes laws,” Buck said.

Also last year, a former Massachusetts cop turned politician Alan Silvia, tried to make it a hate crime to criticize first responders.

“I was a police officer for 22 years in Fall River and no one knows better than I the danger faced by men and women who put their lives on the line everyday under dangerous circumstances,” Silvia said in an interview. “They deserve every protection possible.”

The Fraternal Order of Police and the International Association of Chiefs of Police both want to arrest citizens that criticize police.
This legislation would treat any perceived ‘crime’ against first responders an act of hate and add another 5 years to a person’s sentence because of it.
As I mentioned last year, the war on cops is a lie. The reality is, the average number of cop killings has been falling since the 1970's. The truth is, the deadliest time to be a cop in America was forty years ago!
image credit: NPR
 Police across the country make "value judgments" about hate crimes
“This is a new world for law enforcement. We have people that monitor social media particularly in and around the things that we think maybe related to hate crimes, and then we make value judgments based on the law” Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck said.
It's only a matter of time, before it will be illegal to criticize first responders in America.

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