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DHS is masquerading as Medicare/Medicaid to collect employee fingerprints

Published: January 17, 2015
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Source: Mass Private I

A pilot venture called the Kentucky Applicant Registry and Employment Screening program, or KARES. kicked off last May, with 24 long-term care facilities across the state sending applicants to 35 fingerprint collection sites. Kentucky is one of 25 states to receive a $4 million grant from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services to fund the program.
The new high-tech background check program is a pre-hiring fingerprint-supported state and FBI Web portal available to long-term care facilities and employers. The portal was created to support the Kentucky National Background Check Program, a state effort intended to help reduce the potential for abuse — including financial exploitation — of elderly and vulnerable adults.
The LiveScan electronic fingerprint units, provided by Virginia-based biometic and identity solution company MorphoTrak, are kept at three dozen employment training centers. The fingerprint scanning process takes about 30 minutes, after which applicant data is transmitted to local police and FBI offices. Results come back within 24 to 72 hours.
This is a terrible idea... giving your fingerprints to private corporations, the FBI & DHS, are you f***ing kidding me?
If you're scratching your head and asking where all this money is coming from, look no further than DHS.
DHS is masquerading as Medicare/Medicaid, collecting fingerprints and conducting background checks. Click here for proof, DHS is behind this pre-hiring surveillance program. Here's more proof  DHS has infiltrated Medicare, in 2013 DHS claimed they needed to investigate prescription drug abuse in Medicare.
Click here to see the DHS organizational chart which show's how they've infiltrated much more than Medicare/Medicaid.

Below is a pic. of the kind of people that will have access to all your personal info:

Is that the kind of people you'd entrust with all your personal info? Will they 'KARE' when someone commits a crime or a murder using your fingerprint ?
Before KARES, state law required caregivers to use only name-based background checks conducted by state police or the Administrative Office of the Courts. A semblance of change in this procedure came in 2011 with the reinvigoration of a state-sponsored elder abuse prevention task force, initially created to strengthen support of a care facility system wracked by stories of neglect and ill treatment of patients. In 2007, the Kentucky Department for Community Based Services received 45,048 reports of adult abuse, 9,660 of which were for persons ages 60 and older, according to CHFS.
Discussions about adding a comprehensive fingerprint-based vetting system began in 2011 when the state Office of Inspector General (OIG) applied for grant funding. It took several years of development to integrate KARES into state employment centers. Ervin reports that the technology has been well received by participants since the pilot launched in spring 2014.

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