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Economic Crisis Fuels Military Intervention As The Chemical Weapons ‘Threat’ Becomes The New Pretext

Published: December 9, 2012
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USS Eisenhower 2Durban, South Africa: The US economy is sluggish with fears of a new recession. The Democrats and Republicans once more cannot agree on what to do about the alleged “fiscal cliff” that threatens to further unravel the economy, even as analysts say that the whole notion of going over the “cliff “ has been fabricated by the right to force more cuts in social benefits.

Consumer confidence is dipping in this festive season of global shopping–not a good sign, since consumption and spending at the malls is an economic driver with 70% of economic activity based on getting consumers to buy even when it means they must go deeper and deeper in debt using credit cards and loans.

What can the Obama government do? The political stalemate has blocked new jobs and stimulus programs so reliance on Federal Reserve Bank interventions has grown, but they are not printing enough money to turn things around.

This is what’s behind the pressure for new wars that primes the spending pump with national security always used as the pretext. Largely unreported has been a quite escalation of selling arms and advanced weaponry, using threats from terrorists and Iran as the way to get a nervous public on board.

The White House has dipped into the Bush Administration Iraq playbook to seek out a new threat that can justify intervention. Non-Existent WMDs were used then o prepare the political/psychological conditions for the taking on Saddam Hussein. Now, the danger of Syria’s alleged use of  “chemical weapons” is being trotted out and reinforced daily in briefings happily carried on our media.

Buried in the press is a related but unspoken memory: Washington supplied chemical weapons to Saddam Hussein, weapons he later used against civilians challenging his regime and in the Iraq-Iran war.


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