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Election Fraud, it is Destroying America Institutionalizing Corruption and Tyranny.

Published: November 6, 2012
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´╗┐Election fraud is very serious. Today the leaders will not be chosen. The ruling elite already selected our masters. These elections are just Democracy Theater to sell the illusion of our vote really counting. The fix is in. Do you see the game rigged? If you look at the major cities, especially cities like Chicago. Election fraud is a way to keep the corrupt political machines going. Cheating on election day is a way of life in the Windy City.

Election fraud is treason. It is high crime. If the American people are supposed to be the government being the real sovereigns. If it’s true as our Constitution says. Then election fraud is overthrowing the government circumventing the will of the people. All just powers derive from the consent of the governed. That is what Thomas Jefferson said when he written the Declaration of Independence. Then why are the sovereign people who are the real government being ignored?

Election fraud has derived unjust powers the people never consented too. We have to take back our elections from the corrupt political machine. We have the technology and communication systems at our disposal. We can take back control of the elections. If we have paper ballots with public interest groups keeping watch. It would be hard to commit election fraud if many groups networked. It is sad technology is being used to carry out election fraud as a weapon to be used against us. Something needs to change. Election fraud has been a cancer on our democratic institutions and our way of life for a long time.

Here are reasons why election fraud harms our nation institutionalizing corruption:

1. Election fraud keeps us in illegal wars.

2. Election fraud keeps leaders in who create international tensions around the world with phony enemies and phantom threats.

3. Stealing the elections has allowed the authoritarians to stay in power using their offices as a platform guarantee their reelection as .

4. Election fraud has kept the size of government bloated.

5. Election fraud has allowed the rule of law to break down for special interest.

6. Election fraud has kept the politicians who work for the banking cartel keeping the people under debt slavery. We never voted for more debt we do not owe to cover the losses of the Money Junkies.

7. Election fraud brought us a police state.

8. Election fraud keeps counterproductive regulations in place to hold back the economy.

9. Election fraud keeps high taxes in place to steal from those who produce.

10. Election fraud keeps the welfare state in place so politicians can buy votes.

11. Election fraud keeps the Military industrial complex intact so there are new wars to fight so they keep making money.

12. Election fraud keeps the real criminals in government, fat cat political donors, the bankers and Wall Street crooks from being brought to justice.

13. Election fraud allows the people who we allegedly send to Washington DC or the State capitals to ignore the will of the people with impunity.

14. Election fraud attacks economic liberty crushing any free market competition.

15. This fraud keeps a debt based monetary system in place.

16. Stolen elections keep bad draconian laws in place making it impossible to repeal.

17. This high crime thwarts the will of the people keeping good laws from being passed that restore our Bill of Rights.

18. This act of treason has allowed foreign influence and entangling alliances to undermine our national sovereignty.

19. Our right to keep and bear arms is under attack no matter who is in office.

20. The TSA and Homeland security keeps expanding no matter what person is in the oval office.

21. State rights are always being circumvented.

22. Our Bill of Rights has been shredded.

23. The two-party monopoly system shuts out third-party candidates.

24. The government keeps grabbing more power outside the confines of the Constitution.

25. We have the selective enforcement of laws where the innocent are under attack and the guilty run free.

26. Election fraud has merged corporate powers with government force so the monopolies reign so the free market economy diminishes.

27. Election fraud has allowed treason to flourish and our national greatness to be undermined. Now criminals in government and in corporations cheat to stay in power.

28. Election fraud has kept the globalist in place so our jobs and factories are moved off shore. It does not matter who is in office; the politicians still shake hands with the Chinese and Israel selling us out always.

29. Treason at the ballot box has allowed our nation to be under Israel’s thumb sending our children into battle,

30. These fraudulent elections have undermined our decentralized intuitions that make our nation great.

31.  Election fraud has created an entrenched political class that will wield power to oppress the people.

32. Stolen elections keep an entrenched bureaucracy that is unelected and uncountable.

33. Election fraud has institutionalized corruption. Stolen elections over time set up a system that protects itself from the people who want justice.

34. Election fraud gives aid and comfort to our enemies both foreign and domestic.

35, It has eroded our checks and balances.

36. It has brought a form of government alien to our Constitution.

37. Election fraud caused the people to fund their own enslavement through unjust taxes.

38, Stolen elections created a political oligarchy that enriched themselves at the expense of the people.

39.  Stolen elections created a machine with NGOs and Labor Unions who aid and abet in the stealing of the votes for political favors.

40. Election fraud is made our very own government more of a threat to the people’s safety, security and well-being. It is the government that is our biggest threat, not Muslims living in caves in the Middle East.

41. Election fraud has made our election system the laughing-stock of the world.

42. Election fraud makes our government illegitimate, its authority illegitimate because it is based on fraud and deceit. Most people who hold office because stolen elections. That mean they have unlawful powers. Therefore, not legitimate.

No matter how much treason, fraud, theft and abuse of power we expose that is destroying our republican form of government because of election fraud. Crime pays when there is election fraud because the system is rigged. The deck is stacked against the people.

There is no statute of limitations on fraud. We must not accept the outcome no matter who wins office. The whole election needs to be challenged and invalidated. I just hope there are enough good judges left who will apply the law to correct this injustice. Grand juries must indict those involved in election fraud, those candidates and politicians who are complicit be disqualified and indicted also. The punishment of election fraud should be harsh sending a message. Those who are found guilty of election fraud will hang.

We need to take back our elections from the corrupt politicians. Paper ballots and networking with various watchdog groups nationwide can minimize election fraud. We need open counting of the ballots the public can watch. No one shall be denied access watching the ballot count at all levels.

Election fraud is a miscarriage of justice. It is high treason. It is a high crime. It has injured America. People are hungry and homeless because of election fraud. We have no jobs because of election fraud. People are sitting in prison who are innocent because of election fraud. We have the highest prison population per capita in the world. People are sitting in prison over victimless crime thank to election fraud. The prison is now an industry for profit thanks to election fraud. The politicians own stock in the private prison system thanks to election fraud. People did not vote for this. But Diebold voting machines did.

We are forced to pay for the bankers while we live with less because of election fraud. Our homes are unjustly taken in foreclosures even when the bank does not own the note. Thanks to election fraud, the banks will not be punished because they are part of the election fraud scam. Election fraud benefits the corrupt and enslaves the innocent.

Did we vote for our crotches being grabbed at the airports? Did we consent to drones flying over our houses spying on us in our backyard. Did we consent to warrantless wiretaps of our phones. Did we vote for the censorship of the internet? Did we vote for checkpoints on the highways. Did we consent to the NDAA taking away our rights to due process of a speedy public trial and the assistance of counsel. Did we consent to the right of habeas corpus to be suspended. We never voted for all this nor never consented. Election fraud has rammed this authoritarian system down our throats. Did you vote for our rights to be taken away?

We cannot ignore election fraud anymore. Look around, can you see what it has done? It has impoverished us and robbed us our national dignity. It has reduced our republican form of government into a banana republic. Did we vote for our own enslavement? Did we vote for our own impoverishment? Did we consent bailing out the robber barons? Did we consent the government not prosecuting financial crimes on Wall Street after our life savings has been stolen? No, we never gave them any approval to do this. We never consented the government turn a blind eye when the people were being looted of their hard-earned money. It is just election fraud makes it possible to thwart our will at the ballot box. This is why the money junkies never see a jail cell.  Ask the people of Greece, they never voted for austerity to pay a debt they do not owe to the banks. Is anyone in Greece in jail?

It is my hope the government collapses with the dollar like the old Soviet Union did, We can wipe the table clean. Then we can have open and honest elections that may not be perfect. All I know is, it will be a better system than what we had before.

Election fraud must be dealt with now before we regret later knowing we could have done something and did nothing.

* To learn more about election fraud. Please visit Black box voting website.

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