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FBI Agents Raid A GOP Fundraising Firm In Annapolis

Published: May 11, 2017
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Source: Zero Hedge

Update: The company whose offices are being raided is the Strategic Campaign Group in Annapolis..per @dcollinsWBAL Agents executed search warrant at firm

According to the company's website, here are the key executives at the company:

  • Kelley Rogers - President

Kelley Rogers has worked in Republican politics across the country for over two decades and has owned and operated his own political consulting firm for more than 10 years. After serving as the National Political Director for the National Federation of Independent Business, Mr. Rogers founded his first Republican political consulting firm, Political Solutions, with a former member of his staff at NFIB.
Political Solutions served numerous Republican campaigns and conservative organizations through the next eight years. Rogers’ work at Political Solutions was recognized on numerous occasions by the American Association of Campaign Consultants. The firm was dissolved prior to the 2008 election cycle…more

  • Chip O'Neil - Vice President

Chip O’Neil joined Strategic Campaign Group in 2011. Prior to joining SCG, Chip served in various staff positions in the United States House of Representatives.
Prior to working on Capitol Hill, Chip gained valuable hands on campaign experience while working on various campaigns where he assisted with the management of campaigns, scheduling, fundraising, canvassing, and get out the vote efforts.
Chip’s interest in political campaigns ultimately led him to leave Capitol Hill and join the Strategic Campaign Group team. Chip assists with campaign planning, vendor…more

  • Dennis Whitfield - Senior Advisor

Dennis Whitfield has more than thirty-five years of experience working within the highest levels of the Washington, DC business, political and government circles.
Over the course of his career, Whitfield has worked extensively with members of Congress, senior executive branch officials and private sector companies on a wide range of legislative, regulatory and political issues. Whitfield served in both of President Ronald Reagan’s Administrations, initially as Chief of Staff for the United States Trade Representative and then as Deputy Secretary

* * *

While details are scarce, moments ago WBALTV reported that the FBI has confirmed its agents are executing a search warrant at an office of a GOP fundraiser/consulting firm in Annapolis. The TV station adds that the investigation is being run out of Washington, not locally.

According to WBAL-TV reporter, Jaybe Miller, the Annapolis firm targeted by FBI is touted for pioneering the use of technology in political campaigns, and represents GOP candidates nationwide.

For now it is unclear if the timing of the raid is a coincidence in light of the recent events that have taken place between President Trump and the GOP.


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