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Fire Sale: Greece sells 110 of its best beaches in the name of “development”

Published: May 22, 2014
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Source: Keep Talking Greece

One hundred and ten of Greece’s best beaches are on sale by Greece’s privatization agency,  the Hellenic Republic Asset Development Fund (TAIPED) in the name of supposed “development” and “utilization of public assets”. In fact a sale off of Greece best beaches for cash so that the debt-ridden country can pay back its lenders.

The beaches plots are to be on sale with “50 years of utilization by the new owners.”In the list of TAIPED are featured among others Myrto Beach in Kato Achaia, Vasiliki Beach in Lefkada, Kalmitsi beach in Chalkidiki  and – what a shame – two beaches in Elafonisos, the small island between Peloponnese and Kythira, famous for its blue-green waters and light colored sandy beaches.From the list of 110 beachesMyrtoula beach, Kato Achaia area, West Achaia Municipality, AchaiaKorfoxylia, Magouliana area, Municipality of Gortynia, ArcadiaAgioi Anargyroi area, Municipality of Ermioni, Argolida, PeloponneseKoronissia area, ArtaKalamitsi, Municipality of Sithonia, ChalkidikiNea Propontida, Nea Irakleia, ChalkidikiNea Fokea area, Kassandra Municipality, ChalkidikiPorto Koufo area, Toroni, Sithonia Municipality, ChalkidikiFilizi area, near Naousa, Paros island, CycladesApokofto or Agia Kyriaki, Agios Ioannis area, Tinos island, CycladesIxia,

Rhodes island, Dodecanese (via

Breathtaking Sarakino beach and Simos beach in Elafonisos are furthermore under the protection of European Program “Natura 2000″.elafonissos

For sale is a 175,000 sq m plot of Sarakino beach. While TAIPED warns the future buyers of Forestry, Enviromental and Legal restrictions, it notes that the investor could build Hotel and/or vacation homes.

The Guardian on Elafonisos“Elafonisos has the best beach in Greece. So said more than one local during our stay nearby. It’s quite a claim given the reputation of the country’s islands, and you might imagine it would be hard for the beach to live up to expectations. But catching sight of it for the first time I found myself saying, “Wow!” Here was the fine sand and clear aquamarine water you rarely see outside of adverts for the Caribbean. The banner flapping gently over the entrance to Simos beach said it all: “Welcome to Paradise.”

However after the outcry in Greece and the fierce opposition by residents and local officials in Elafonisos, TAIPED announced the island beaches will not be for sale “now” but on a later point.As the new draft bill for the ‘regulation of seashores’ foresees that the sold beaches must allow a small space for the public to use for free, it is really hilarious to see the plot of Sarakino beach for sale: it is marked with red ink. A tiny strip of beach is foreseen for free access for the public. The free beach is so small that it will allow swimmers to enjoy sun bathing most probably standing on their feet.As I could not copy paste the picture of Sarakino beach, please, click in TAIPED list here in pdfand go to page 31/.

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